ESC to close 4 (by 402 users)wunnak raktemban วุ่นนัก รักเต็มบ้าน
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Thailand

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romanized wunnak raktemban
english Full House
aka woon nuk ruk tem barn


genres comedy, drama, romance


language Thai


country Thailand
type real
format TV
network True Vision


date 11 Jan, 2014 - 16 Mar, 2014
episodes 20
duration 60 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 20:00 - 21:00
status released


avg. score 4 of 5 by 402 users
total users 639
rating 1610
favorites 34


full house
2004 TV kr


Omaem loves Korean culture. On a trip to Korea, her sister and her sister's husband sells her childhood house. Omaem meets superstar Mike, and lies her way to get him to pay for her expenses home. When Omaem gets home, she discovers that her childhood house has been sold, and cannot contact her sister. The one who bought her house is Mike, the superstar she lied to. They both have some problems, which leads them to sign a marriage contract.








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06 Aug, 2014
Full House Thai shows what it takes to do a successful remake. You have the core concept and key scenes, but the characters are updated to suit the new times. And the show manages to add in Thai culture and traditions without forgoing some dedication to the source country.

So despite having seen the original Korean version and thinking it didn't age well a few years on, watching the Thai version shows you why the story is so well beloved. The hero isn't the most kind, but he shows enough hints of caring to let you understand why the heroine likes him. And the second leads are as annoying as ever, but not enough to be a determent to the core relationship.

If you want to see why Full House (the story) is such a hit I recommend starting with this version as opposed to the original.
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aoimuki 27 Mar, 2017
Okay, I finished it and she wasn't that annoying than in the 1st episode. I really liked the series, it was fun and sweet. :) It's a bit strange to compliment but I was so glad that the crying sceenes were so real, not that loud and annoying than in korean dramas.
aoimuki 24 Mar, 2017
I only saw 1 episode so far so it's just my first opinion, but the main girl's character is really annoyed me. Come on, a whole bottle of wine on an airplane?! She isn't a kid to not know what it will cause...
jd13 05 Dec, 2016
Everything about this drama is perfect! and so much different than everything i've seen
frannam 28 Sep, 2016
Maravilhoso! Todo a raiva que passei assistindo o k-drama, aqui transformou-se em felicidade! Realmente mil vezes melhor que a versão original, como a maioria dos comentários disse!
dangochan 20 Apr, 2016
8th episode was soooo sweet!!
alex3 13 Mar, 2016
This is my first drama from this country and I must say it's amazing! I haven't seen the korean version so I can't say if it's better, but the chemistry and comedy parts are strong in this one! And I like that the main focus is set on a main couple most of the time, no unnecessary dramatic stories imo... Perfect :D Idk if I should give it 5 stars but... I will!

PS. But product placement game is strong especially in first episodes lol
babo 25 Aug, 2015
SOOO much better than the original! I never really understood why the korean Full House was so hyped up. The chemistry between the leads was real and natural and it never got boring because the focus was centered on the main couple. This is the kind of drama which is hard to not watch in one go and as soon as it is completed you wish to see it like the first time again.
otike 19 May, 2015
i agree much better than the original. I really enjoyed it. :)