ESC to close 3.87 (by 577 users)boku no ita jikan
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized boku no ita jikan
english The Hours Of My Life


genres drama, family, life


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 08 Jan, 2014 - 19 Mar, 2014
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Wednesday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.87 of 5 by 577 users
total users 1198
rating 2233
favorites 28



Sawada Takuto is your regular university student. He is soon to graduate, so like many other students, he applies to many companies. But even though he isn't really a bad student or a bad person, he somehow can't find a company that is willing to take him in. Adding to this kind of struggle comes that his family is only focused on his younger brother, who is supposed to get into a medical university to take over the hospital of the father in the future. But even though he feels like his life isn't at its peak, at least he has good friends and finds a cute girlfriend. Soon, though, he feels something is strange about his body. He's unable to properly move his left hand. With that he started to feel it: the hours of his life.




Sawada Takuto
Hongou Megumi
Mukai Shigeyuki
Murayama Hina
Sawada Rikuto
Doctor Tanimoto




23 Mar, 2014
After Takuto graduates university, he has to fight to find a job like many others. But not only that is giving him a hard time, also his home isn't what he would consider very warm, either. His younger brother is the precious son, since he prepares to study medicine and with that can take over the family hospital. And since he needs a lot of support, Takuto feels like he is invisible. Even after he finally finds work, his mother doesn't praise him. But he has good friends and by chance found a girlfriend while looking for work! Things turn for the worse, when he finds out he has a disease called ALS that will slowly take one thing after another from him and eventually take his life as well.

When I found this drama, I thought "One liter of tears, but with a male lead!". After watching the first episode, I was preparing myself, so that I won't cry later. But to be honest... It wasn't anything close to one liter of tears. I didn't cry as much, the measasge was a bit different and it wasn't as "nice" to watch, as I expected.

While I'm not quite sure what the drama was trying to tell us, I still thought it was nice to watch. There were many scenes that made me laugh, which is good. On the other hand, I wasn't all too fond of the drama starting from episode 6. The 5th episode was one of the best episodes, but after that it kept dragging.

So, actually my expectations were just really high which in the end resulted in utter disappointment. Trying to be fair, I still give it 3* because the acting wasn't bad and I liked to watch the story. Also, the humour was awesome.
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04 Apr, 2014
In both stories, the main character has an incurable disease that will gradually take away their ability to move their bodies. Both dramas describe how they find out about their disease, how they deal with it, and how the disease progresses.


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strawberryz 29 Feb, 2016
Omg that end ;_;
I wanna hug Takuto!!
dodi1d 18 Feb, 2015
Miura Haruma was good ugh I just love his face he's really handsome! Even though it's a sad drama, I didn't cry! I can tell that 1 litre of tears is much better.
kiyoshi 08 Jan, 2015
This drama only deals with human feelings, and not only with the way he will die, and that's why I really liked it. I've never been bored. And I cried a lot.
junho1582 30 Aug, 2014
Cute drama, it's sad but his attitude really makes you think about what you're doing with your life. So it's overall a very positive drama and not as sad as I expected. Personally I liked 1LOT better, but the main characters were so different anyway.
irate 14 Jun, 2014
this is way much better than 1 litre of tears.
danigomes 03 May, 2014
É um drama cheio de emoções, realmente souberam demonstrar os estágios dessa terrível doença. é tenso para quem ta sofrendo com ela, e junto carrega a familia para o sofrimento. Gostei do drama por ter expressado a realidade, linda interpretação do Haruma, além de lindo excelente ator, ele incorporou a doença. Foi tenso o final, mas.......... #milharesdelitrosdelagrimas.
alicia 24 Mar, 2014
This drama was so beautiful. It had both happy and sad moments. Very touching :')
I really thought the last scene would be Takuto dying. But, of course, I liked this ending more. We all know he will die someday in the future, so I'm glad they didn't show that to us now. It was heartbreaking even without that.
meakoo 23 Mar, 2014
Such a heartbreaking story :(
I felt like beating his family up in the first episodes, haha.