ESC to close 3.06 (by 276 users)sang duya, hakgyo gaja 상두야, 학교 가자
  • 2003
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized sang duya, hakgyo gaja
english Let's Go To School, Sang Du (literal)
aka Sang Doo, Let's Go To School, Sang Doo! Let's Go To School


genres comedy, drama, romance, school


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 15 Sep, 2003 - 04 Nov, 2003
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:50 - 23:00
status released


avg. score 3.06 of 5 by 276 users
total users 555
rating 845
favorites 3



A gigolo enrolls himself in a local high school where his first love teaches mathematics in order to get as close to her as he once was before they had to be separated due to dire circumstances.


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Cha Sang Du
Chae Eun Hwan
Gang Min Seok
Han Se Ra
Cha Man Do
Chae Ji Hwan


assistant director
assistant director


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Both series are about a romance between a teacher and a student. Gong Hyo Jin plays the teacher in both of them.


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laydii 17 Jun, 2016
@blackgoten11 I'd like to live my life believing that... XD... Are you an optimist 0.0
laydii 17 Jun, 2016
You know... I'm such a bad person... I haven't even watched this goddam drama and I really wanted to but I COULDNT FIND ANYWHERE TO WATCH IT!!!! >0<)/ well... After looking at the reviews... And spoilers... I think I changed my mind... I dislike sad ending and I get depressed for like a year... T.T
tomoesama 28 Nov, 2014

What's with this writer's obsession on death?
In this drama they had no real reason to die (neither in a Love to Kill for that matter), nor a reason not to be together. Moreover, since Bori wasn't his biological daughter and Eun Hwan also had no biological connection with Se Ra.
Also I don't get why Eun Hwan had to be so pissed off when he chose Bori, he raised her for 7 years and his love for her was that for a father for his daughter.

What made me keep on watching this drama was the cuteness of Sang Du and Bori, the most touching scenes where when he tried to braid her hair and later on he and Min Seok came up with that excuse to shave her hair. And I shipped Min Seok and Song Du so much together XD

Se Ra was the most annoying character out of all of them, she abandoned Bori and left her with Song Du who believed she was his daughter. To raise her he had to sell himself, whereas Se Ra didn't do a thing for her. Okay, she didn't know he was a gigilo but she knew that Bori's medications were expensive and she never worked to pay her bills and yelled that she's her mother.
9miho 31 Aug, 2013
Maybe you can understand it in different ways but to me it's their 'afterlife' as instead of Sangdoo getting arrested (the first time) he came out to meet Eunhwan.

In general: I just finished watching this and this is one of my favourites but maybe only because it was one of my first. It has a lot of melodrama and I remember crying quite a bit when I first watched it. I only cried once this time. There's a few points that do annoy me though although a couple would relate to many asian dramas.

1) How pathetic and stereotypical the women characters appear to me. They all seem to 'rely' on men and not think for themselves. Although of course there is one exception (the mother) in this.
2) They seem to have this romanticized view on love... although that's the main point to a drama like this I guess... especially when that's the main storyline.

and this is my biggie:
3) At the end, the child who he had chosen over Eunhwan, Bori who he had spent 7 years raising, he didn't even see her. I know that she wasn't his real daughter but still. I think maybe they could have had him at least acknowledge the fact that she was there at the end before he saw Eunhwan running across the road.

All in all though I did enjoy (re)watching this drama. It is quite a typical drama if you watch this type a lot though.
blackgoten11 26 Sep, 2012
they did not die in the end, they moved somewhere else and had a baby
hiroyuki 29 Feb, 2012
Raiiiiiiiinnnnn~ >///< Have to watch it! :D
babu 20 Jun, 2011
I chose "Very good" rating because of the story plot and actors. But somehow I was a bit dissappointed at the end. The last part and the "finale" seemed really too much for me. I didn't like that ending. Not that I wouldn't like the way story ended, that was good, but I just didn't like how it was "made". Trying to be SO touching that it felt really not good. But the rest (except of few totally unnecessary moments) was really good I think. Doramas about hardships in life (I mean that kind of hardsip like lack of money, illness and such) can always touch my heart.
naath 28 Jan, 2011
Jura? Achei a sinopse meio boring mas minha religião me obriga a assistir pelo Bi.