ESC to close 3.58 (by 1082 users)doctor ibangin 닥터 이방인
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized doctor ibangin
english Doctor Stranger
literal Doctor Barbarian
aka doctor foreigner, dakteo ibangin


genres drama, romance, medical


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 05 May, 2014 - 08 Jul, 2014
episodes 20
duration 75 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.58 of 5 by 1082 users
total users 1926
rating 3878
favorites 56



In order to stop a war from occurring between North Korea and America, Park Hun and his father--a famed heart surgeon--are forced to North Korea. There Hun is trained by his father to be a doctor. He also falls in love with Song Jae Hui, a girl he believes to be the love of his life.

In a crazed turn of events Jae Hui is taken away from Hun, and he is taken to a North Korean facility where he furthers his abilities as a doctor and surgeon. When he finds Jae Hui, he saves her life only to have her torn away from him again-- just as he finds sanctuary in South Korea.

Hun works as a 'doctor' in South Korea. He performs a life saving surgery in a top hospital where he also manages to see a woman who looks exactly like Jae Hui. In order to make money, and bring Jae Hui to South Korea, he takes a job at Myeongu University Hospital.




Park Hun
Han Jae Jun
O Su Hyeon
Song Jae Hui
Lee Chang I
Jang Seok Ju


singer, composer


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20 Jul, 2014
The first thing I have to address in a review is the ending...because I loved it so much. I don't have one standard ending that I like to see with dramas, I just want to see one that is appropriate to that specific series, that's with that I couldn't be any happier.

Now as for the storyline...I loved it. I know there are reviews and comments around about how it's choppy or bad and it falls off...and seriously, I just shake my head at that because I realize while reading some of those comments that people really just wanted to see things unfold to suit them, and when that didn't happen exactly - they got fed up. Lol, if you want something like that you need to create your own story and have it televised.

There is nothing I would have changed about this story. It unfolded really well, and as far as how things developed....every single action made sense if not right away, then at some point later. If there is some confusion, its because the writers wanted you to be that way...its not because there is a fault with how things unfold.

Character wise...loved them all as well. From the adorable Park Hun to the disgusting Jang Seok Ju. They were all pretty well developed, not the least bit choppy. Most of ALL, EVERYONE was consistent. And when I say this I don't mean with sides to choose or anything but that for instance Hoon is not a fickle person and no matter what is thrown at him or how he deals with it.....he's not going to suddenly change character in order to do so and leave the viewers feeling as if they stumbled onto another drama. This can be said about every character and I loved it.

Actor wise, they all did darn good jobs, everyone. I'm so happy to see Park Hae Jin and Seok together especially. Then Gang So Ra and Jin Se Yeon who has really improved a lot. Bo Ra too did a job that was very suitable for the character she was given, as did everyone else.

This is a series that has a mind of its own. Its not going to unfold the way you always want it to, it doesn't carter to "popular opinion" THANK GOODNESS. I think its a real gem. Every single element is explained when its necessary to be so, everything falls in place in some way. I loved every episode.
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19 May, 2014
Both series involve doctors who are above average in the way they perform surgeries (i.e. they can visualize the anatomy of a person and know how the surgery should be performed). Though Good Doctor is more light-hearted, both series have doctors who face adversity in the pursuit of becoming a doctor.


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jeaudrey 24 Feb, 2017
this show itself was crap (beginning was exciting but getting boring later episodes)

but OST was great i must say! after seeing that it has same composer with Empress Ki, he did another epic soundtrack! [2]
karinchen 02 May, 2016
sorry to all jin se yeon fans - but that was ... ähm yeah bad ^^ i dont like her in the whole drama.
for me there was no feeling of love or emotion... :(

the story was very good and quack was so cool :)
leviathan 11 Mar, 2016
this show itself was crap (beginning was exciting but getting boring later episodes)

but OST was great i must say! after seeing that it has same composer with Empress Ki, he did another epic soundtrack!
ilate 20 Feb, 2016
Interesting, entertaining, adorable and nerve-wracking drama. Chemistry between all actors was so great, I felt like they were very comfortable around each other what resulted in a plausible acting. I agree with some of the comments below: Jae Jun was the most interesting character in the drama. A complex character, given a lot of thoughts from the writers.
I loved the fact that he did not get lost in his revenge and that he truly loved Soo Hyun
Also, great OST - a very big plus from me!

I used to have a problem figuring out if Jong Suk's acting was either horrible or very good, but this drama brought the final answer - he is a great actor!
yuki89 20 Dec, 2015
I have mixed feelings after watching this. I loved and I mean loved Jae Joon, great character, really complex and I rooted for him for the whole time
thus I was really happy at the ending when Soo Hyeon grabbed his hand, finally girl! you made up your mind at last!

I also liked Seo Hyeon's character, but I felt really bad
for Jae Joon when she decided to break up with him for Hun, who didn't even consider her.
All that indecisiveness was pretty much annoying.
Hun was just great, I may be biased but I totally liked him. Can't say the same about Jae Hee, she was annoying as hell and even though I enjoyed their story at the beginning I couldn't stand all that "I will die, no I will die" thing, there's definitely too much of it. I did have doubts about their love towards each other and I must say that I was pretty much disappointed with the
happy endindg for both of them. It would have been better for me with both of them really dead, I don't know why but this ending didn't feel right to me.

And there were so many totally unrealistic things that I I don't even want to count them all. Overall it wasn't a bad drama, but I expected someting better. Don't know how to rate actually, maybe 3/5.
xxmai 01 May, 2015
My score kept changing every freaking episode. What's with all the uncertainty???? Not to mention, that almost every episode feels like it is the end, and then you remember, "oh wait, there's going to be few more episodes left. What are they going to do with the rest of them?" And so on, and so on.
I feel like a lot of the characters needed better closure. It would have been better if the time lapse in the final episode was a bit longer, but darn... I gave it a high score now just because I could not phantom that the screenwriter and producer would have put
Quack and Hoon together
, for the sake of keeping it with the standards of all the dramas. Thank you God for that!
lovelyashley 02 Apr, 2015
as many dramas this one wasn't an exception - the beginning was great, but with the following episodes was worse and worse... I mean, many aspects were just upsetting me !
I really liked the first episodes and their story in North Korea - they were the best moments in that drama :)
I'm a fan of Lee Jong and his acting skills were good as always, but his apperance for this drama wasn't suitable, he was too young in my opinion
Jin Se Yeon - very pretty actress, I like her ( just her character was annoying sometimes )

with the 'sex' scenes, did they try to look like characters in Grey's Anatomy or what ? :P quite surprising since it's Korean drama :O

how many times Jae Hee "died" ? or how many times they had to be separated with Hoon ?
I don't get why QUACK ^^ was always in high heels ? o.O does that make sense that surgeon runs in heels..?
I was stressed all the time cause I thought that Hoon may pick Soo Hyun instead of Jae Hee! it would be a worse nightmare of mine and this drama if that happend! but luckily, they stayed together ( what was showed in the last minute of the last episode... I had to endure all 20 episodes to be sure of it! )
also, it wasn't funny with that all competition thing... seeing how human life may depend on someone's greedy decision... he will live or he won't, it's up to me - wtf
what else is there :P
ohh, they could show a little what was happening to Jae Hee for all this 7 years when she wasn't with Hoon...
endless scenes with guns pointed at Hoon's head!
Soo Hyun was a bitch too... she was so rude and mean to Han Jae! she said " you will forget fast about me " when after Hoon reected her she said " I can't stand it, I can't forget about it, I will go crazy if I won't see him " yyyyy... o.O
Soo Hyun's father... I hated him the most !

anyway, it was an okey drama 3/5 :)
alleinr 11 Jan, 2015
It was so good at te begin, and ended in such a bad way. What the heck I just saw...
ps: Gang So Ra is my personal saviour of korean cinematography ♥