ESC to close 3.68 (by 1439 users)eunggeupnamnyeo 응급남녀
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized eunggeupnamnyeo
english Emergency Couple
literal ER Man And Woman
aka Emergency Man And Woman, ER Couple, May's Garden, O Wol's Jeong Won, owolui jeongwon, 오월의 정원


genres comedy, romance, medical


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 24 Jan, 2014 - 05 Apr, 2014
episodes 21
duration 70 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 20:40 - 21:50
status released


avg. score 3.68 of 5 by 1439 users
total users 2317
rating 5302
favorites 62



Jin Hui and Chang Min married impulsively at a young age, but their happiness was short lived, and their over the top arguments soon turned the marriage sour. Six years after they divorce, the two meet again as hospital interns both assigned to the toughest department, the emergency room. They're both desperate to prove themselves professionally and one up each other every chance they get, but their petty antics complicate things when lives are on the line. With old feelings simmering beneath the surface, Jin Hui and Chang Min must learn how to work together as a team -- and perhaps figure out what it was that made their partnership self destruct to begin with.




O Jin Hui
O Chang Min
Guk Cheon Su
Sim Ji Hye
Han A Reum
Kim Min Gi




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Both dramas are about a couple who married, divorce soon after, only to reunite again. The dramas share some of the same actors, and a story about love between what began as an incompatible match.

19 May, 2014
Both about a young, divorced couple who meet again after some time apart.


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kiyoshi 17 Feb, 2018
The beginning was quite suprising. Generally, dramas end with a wedding, but this was how they decided to start it. I liked the relationship between the two main characters. I laughed a lot. But then, it dragged on a lot. Especially the last 4 episodes. Some scenes were pointeless. Other ones were too clichés (flashback at the very end, death of a character, love triangles, the devil mother in law, the poor girl and the rich man). And I was very disappointed by Ji Hyo, she wasn't acting very well in this drama. I liked the few other characters, especially Ji Hyo's family. They also introduced some new kind of characters (single mothers, young couples having a baby without being married), and that was pretty cool.

About the end, :

1. They decided to break Guk Cheon Su's heart, they didn't have to do that. The scene of the bus station was so mean for Cheon Su T_T And why not chosing him, they would be a cute couple as well.

2. Why the mother in law changed suddenly her personality because of her husband's death ? It was tooo much. She should keep her positions, it would be more realistic. Everything can't be perfect.

Overall, it was a quite good movie. But it could be much better. I planned to give it 5 stars, finally I gave it only 3.
mad4u 03 May, 2016
It was fun but I felt like something was missing. They did learn and mature by the end of the drama but their idea of love and marriage was still pretty childish? Would've loved to see more of their after story. Personally I think this drama needed a timeskip at the end but oh well... All is well that ends well?
emmeline 17 Apr, 2016
The last 4 episodes were so adorable and i totally have a crush on oh chang min, his character really developed and he was such a perfect boyfriend/husband!
ryofanka 07 Jan, 2016
I was feeling sick and disgusted how the main couple treated each other in the first 10 episodes of the drama...I almost dropped the drama :(
O Chang Min was childish and annoying at the beginning but when he started to understand what he was doing wrong , his character started to grow that's when I started to like the drama as well.
O Jin Hui kind off annoyed me to the end, she always looked like she doesn't know what she wants :(
I liked that Guk aka Chief wasn't nasty and rude
in getting the girl he liked (so not like most of the Kdrama's)

My favorite character tho must be baby Gook, OMG he was so cute and his hair <3
Overall this drama was average for me.
kkaoru 22 Dec, 2015
I started watching this drama when it was still airing but somehow I dropped it after the 4th episode. Then, almost two years later, I gave it a chance again and I'm glad I did it!
I really like Choi Jin Hyuk's works and I also enjoy medical dramas, so it was worth watching for me. The main couple was cute as well as the supporting ones.
It's not perfect - some episodes were quite boring, too dramatic - but since I enjoyed this dram a lot, I gave it 5/5.

I just couldn't stand Chang Min's mom. Such a boring character.
sotiffany 09 Aug, 2015
I started watching this drama at the same time as Doctor Stranger and while I never got over epiosde three of Doctor Stranger, I loved every minute of this.
At times Changmin was quite annoying, seeing his childish behaviour, but in general the drama did not disappoint.
Song Jihyo once again proves that she is a great actress, beyond her weekly appearance on Running Man!
erzsy 10 Jun, 2015
I enjoyed it, it was fun! But Chang Min was so childish in the first part of the drama, I couldn't stand him and almost dropped the drama, but fortunatelly he developed a lot!!
My all time favorite is Gook! The sweetest, calest, cutest baby in the world! <3333
dashich 21 Feb, 2015
Dary <3