ESC to close 3.09 (by 533 users)shitsuren chocolatier
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized shitsuren chocolatier
english Heartbroken Chocolatier (literal)
aka shitsuren shokoratie

Based On

based on manga
title shitsuren chocolatier
author Mizushiro Setona (水城せとな)


genres romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 13 Jan, 2014 - 24 Mar, 2014
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Monday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.09 of 5 by 533 users
total users 1040
rating 1647
favorites 7



After facing a rejection from his one-sided love, Souta leaves for Paris in order to become a famous chocolatier that will catch Saeko's attention. When he finally returns to Japan to open his own Chocolate shop with chocolates to capture her heart, he finds out that she is getting married. However, Saeko seems to still be leading Souta on causing him not to give up on her. Can Souta capture Saeko's heart or will he eventually move on?




Koyurugi Souta
Takahashi Saeko
Inoue Kaoruko
Koyurugi Matsuri
Katou Erena
Koyurugi Makoto




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27 Mar, 2014
Since he met Saeko in school for the first time, Souta loved her. To get noticed by her, he always stayed close, beared with all the relationships she had and finally, he thinks it's his turn. After years of waiting, she finally spends Christmas with him and even kisses him! But when it comes to spend Valentine together, he finds out she is back with her ex-boyfriend and to heal his broken heart, he ends up going to Paris, to learn how to make the thing he knows Saeko loves the most: Chocolate. After he comes back, his plan seems to work out: She loves his chocolate and immediately meets him. The only bad news is: She wants him to make her wedding cake...

This drama has many things that are different from other lovestories. First of all, it's an adult story. It's about relationships of adults. Then, the female lead character is not your pure, soft-hearted girl who is loved by everybody and everything. In this case, she is someone who would get called bad names in real life and for the first time while watching a drama, I thought the female lead feels real. Not in a very positive way, but very realistic. Especially how her character and way of thinking gets revealed step by step is what I enjoyed. In this drama, the male lead is more of the pure-hearted guy who is loved by everybody. He really is, even though the makers didn't let him be a virgin until he finds love, instead made him a bit more real by getting experience here and there.

Actually, until episode 10 this drama felt like a masterpiece. I enjoyed watching it, the characters were fun, the job-parts weren't boring at all and even the developement was made nicely. Some parts were ridiculous, but I enjoyed it nontheless. Especially the comedy parts were sweet. And then there comes the very generic ending and destroyes most of the enjoyment you felt during the whole series.

So, for me, the new type of female lead was really appealing, I enjoyed the humour and the characters. I also like the adult vibe it gives off. The ending took away one star, so it's a 4* rating, but it still gets a recommendation, if you want something that's not for teenagers and can get away from the imagination, that a female lead always has to have a good character. And if you're looking for a lot of romance, passion and cute moments, then you better look for another drama.
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vanelya10 01 Nov, 2014
erena and souta prrrrrrrrfect
eyeslikefirefly 17 Aug, 2014
The janken thing at the end was fun... in the end I lost to Matsujun, but I really lost because I watched this drama.
mylagliter 02 Aug, 2014
Oh My God!!!
I'm shipping Erena and Souta forever!
Erena rocks!!!
She's really funny and cool.♥
In the three first episodes I like Kaoruko, but she became so sad, envious and annoying...

Saeko is sucks.

Well, I'm at episode 06 now.
No matter what happens for me MatsuJun is one of the best japanese actors.
berrytm 04 May, 2014
The drama did a good job of making Saeko really pretty x'D I mean, she is already beautiful but wow it left a deep impression on me and I didn't mind Souta being with her at all.

Throughout the whole drama I couldn't imagine an ending with those two together and I guess it really didn't happen. No surprises there xD
watashiwachiaki 15 Apr, 2014
@beautifur hahaha I agree with everything you said

good drama until the finale ruined it... lol
well the only good thing in the finale was
timah 12 Apr, 2014
Loved it, except for the last episode, worst ending ever.
ynaoblivious 27 Mar, 2014
just finished watching the finale. I feel like my emotional investment was wasted. But it's a fitting end to the drama.
beautifur 27 Mar, 2014
The ending.... WHY. WHYYYYY.
Why did they have to ruin a good drama? It was great til ep 10 and then ep 11 happened. I'm so disappointed cause I truly enjoyed this and I was hoping for a different ending.

I'm happy Souta and Saeko didn't end up together cause seriously, she's one of the most selfish and annoying characters I've ever ecountered. And why did she come back to her violent husband anyway? Ugh. I was rooting for Erena but in the end she dumped Souta too. Kaoruko as well. Everyone dumped him lol I mean he kinda deserved it but yeah.