ESC to close 3.73 (by 236 users)tazza: sinui son 타짜 - 신의 손
  • 2014
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized tazza: sinui son
english Tazza - The Hidden Card
aka tazza: god's hand, the high rollers, war of flower, tazza 2, 타짜-신의 손


genres action, drama, suspense, gambling


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 03 Sep, 2014
duration 147 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.73 of 5 by 236 users
total users 488
rating 880
favorites 7


2006 film kr


From a young age, Dae Gil shows talent for being a hustler. A series of unfortunate events in his hometown forces him to move to Seoul where he learns to be a hustler working at a gambling house. He falls in love and is betrayed by the people he thought he could trust. In search for his revenge, Dae Gil meets a mentor and his first love, Heo Mi Na. Together with her Dae Gil takes revenge for the unjust they have gone through. In the final game there is a lot more at stake than just money.




Dae Gil
Heo Mi Na
President U
Jang Dong Sik
Heo Gwang Cheol
A Gwi


director, screenwriter
original creator
makeup artist
art director
martial arts director


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15 Aug, 2018
Both films are about gambling and revenge. In both, the lead characters are betrayed, and learn to master their game in order to take revenge in a final game with a lot more at stake than money.


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tamayatz 22 May, 2017
The film was very good. There were a lot details to the story which made it so long but it was still very well done. If there was less in the film, it would be as shallow as so many Hollywood flicks. There's depth to this film and there's comedy too. Also I don't think there was a lot of blood compared to many other movies. The gambling world is brutal and I think they showed it well and with tact without having too much violence in the film.
carroline 03 Apr, 2017
It could have been a pretty amazing film... but they put in too much and make it too long, what a pity!
alleinr 20 Jun, 2015
Very, very enjoyable! Honestly, I expected average movie, but it turned on pretty good thing about gambling! The only part I didn't like about it, it's that they haven't explained all the tricks they performed (like Oceans Eleven, for example).
jangminhae 26 Apr, 2015
Ok, this movie could be so great if it wasn't for the so much blood around the ending.
The very ending was good though, better than what I was expecting. And the story was pretty good.
I would rate it 3/5 but at some point I really couldn't keep up with the blood scenes.
I was like "don't watch, don't listen" for so long that I finally got bored.
I enjoyed the movie actually. I just believe that all that blood and violence was ..well... unnecessary. =|
Average: 2/5
otike 07 Feb, 2015
Top is really good in this movie. I loved him. The movie is an emotional roller coaster, most of it really unnecessary.
mychun05 04 Sep, 2014
TOP is going to be shirtless in this movie. I'm going to watch this movie the plot...yeah the plot ;)
dagowa 21 Jan, 2014
I don't want to watch CSH acting with Se Kyung but okay... Tazza was a hit, hope this movie will do good as well.
alicbts 07 Jan, 2014
Se Kyung and TOP? I don't like this combination :/ +1 logo essa vadia aff