ESC to close 2.71 (by 545 users)itazura na kiss
  • 1996
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized itazura na kiss
literal Mischievous Kiss

Based On

based on manga
title itazura na kiss (イタズラなKiss)
author Tada Kaoru (多田かおる)


genres comedy, romance, school


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)


date 14 Oct, 1996 - 14 Dec, 1996
episodes 9
duration 54 minutes
air day Monday
at 20:00 - 20:54
status released


avg. score 2.71 of 5 by 545 users
total users 890
rating 1475
favorites 7


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After an accidental kiss, clumsy Aihara Kotoko soon finds herself madly in love with her schoolmate, the cool and handsome Irie Naoki. However, it seems that her love is impossible to be reciprocated. Naoki is the brightest student of Class A, a place exclusively designed for the smartest brains of the school. Meanwhile, Kotoko is the student of Class F, which means she is one of the stupidest students at her grade. Things started to change when Kotoko's house is caught on fire, causing Kotoko and her dad to move to the house of his dad's friend. Apparently it is the Irie residence. Kotoko, feeling that the chance has finally come, struggles desperately to get Naoki's attention. Her sincerity slowly reaches Naoki's heart.




Aihara Kotoko
Irie Naoki
Yada Sonoko
Irie Machiko
Matsumoto Reiko
Aihara Shigeo


original creator


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01 Oct, 2010
They might be from two different countries and have not much in common, but in the end both are love stories about a girl who ends up in the house of the man. They go through different experiences together and develop their relationship and learn feelings and things they never knew before.


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curi 03 Apr, 2014
I just don't understand why the actress who played Kotoko had to constantly scream everything she said??? Her constant need to basically yell her lines made this drama almost unwatchable.
mikkuchan07 16 Jul, 2013
Great drama. It's old fasshioned and sometimes a bit noisy but I liked it <3

The ending was nice ^^
nyappychiyo 04 Apr, 2013
It's weird, but I don't care, I enjoyed it XD
locaxdrama 11 Jan, 2013
I didn't love or hate this version. The other versions are better, but they're also newer. It had some funny scenes, but it was nothing special. Kotoko is so LOUD, and what's up with her ears? Was this a cute trend in the 90s? I did like Naoki, but you must pay close attention to see his cute moments...

@reversesuicide I ditto your spoiler!! ^_~
vanityfull 18 May, 2012
omg. dropped this after two episodes. SIMPLY BORING !Remake is 100 times better. period.
9miho 09 Feb, 2012
Annoying character, she gave me a headache. I only watched to the end because the little brother was cute.
volchicasing 11 Oct, 2011
Забавная версия. Посмотрела всё очень быстро и даже не заметила как подошла до последней серии. Хорошая вещь, чтобы скоротать серый вечерок. Не напрягающая, забавная, местами с трогательными моментами. Наоки был милашкой >.< Мне действительно понравился данный персонаж. Котоко тоже понравилась. Хоть она и ушастенькая была, оченьььь шумная и в конце я от неё чуть устала, НО она мне понравилась больше корейской героини.
В общем, даю 7 из 10.
carolhiis 28 Sep, 2011
eu tinha que falar .... a Kotoko é estranha =S