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  • 2002
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized aoi haru
english Blue Spring (literal)

Based On

based on manga
title aoi haru (青い春)
author Matsumoto Taiyou (松本大洋)


genres drama, school


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 29 Jun, 2002
duration 83 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.81 of 5 by 423 users
total users 697
rating 1611
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Kujou and Aoki are friends who go to an all boys high school called Asahi High, which mostly teenagers with not so bright futures visit, leading to delinquency. Observing how one of the teachers is daily caring for his flowers, Kujou, Aoki and a friend pay him a visit and so the teacher asks them if they want to plant a flower each of them and take care of them till they bloom. They agree, and plant one for each wondering whether they'd bloom or not. Will they bloom?






director, screenwriter
original creator


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18 Feb, 2011
This is a story about high school anarchy. It's the students the ones setting the rules while hallways are covered in black graffiti. Family life is never seen. Education and career prospects are non-existent.

This movie portrays a generation of 'don't-mess-with-me' kids, both in style and personality, and it certainly has attitude. Stories are told, characters are established and relationships are made clear. The director clearly knew the stuff he was working with, but the cast was a crucial thing to me. In a film like this, if the actors lack the ability and the presence to portray the roughness of the characters (plus their humanity) the director wouldn't be able to save the thing by himself. But despite their young age, and with Matsuda Ryuuhei's magnetic performance in front, the kids are completely convincing. Without showing the slightest effort, Ryuuhei commands every scene he's in with his boyish masculinity, confidence, charisma and presence. He's absolutely fascinating.

Although this movie is filled with fights, deaths and murder, I think the violence is kept subtly but resolutely off-screen. Also, I think is not a violent film for the sake of being a violent film; its characters are too well rounded and it has touches of dreamlike beauty too poetic. Not a pretentious bloodbath at all. It is actually a rather deep and dramatic exploration into the search for meaning in an environment full of despair, and what's more: it has a message of hope that provides a meaningful lesson to the audience.

I know there are many movies that involve high school violence, but there are not that many that actually have something to say to the audience. That's what I absolutely love about Aoi Haru.
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alicedreams 31 Aug, 2013
I only liked the ending.
Random chan 15 Jan, 2013
@japanfreak a lot less random than the original work built from separated stories which have very less in common ;P
japanfreak 14 Jun, 2012
i am the only one who thinks this movie is very random?
musicimmortalmelody 16 Jun, 2011
a very different movie that left an impression to me once it was is very sad actually and not so pleasent to watch cause it shows how suffocated these boys feel..matsuda ryuuhei is such an amazing actor!!his acting is so powerful when he is actually doing nothing!!he simple outshone everyone else!!!the soundtrack of this movie is great too and very well suited!!some might find this movie boring but i would recommend it to everyone!!
sixa 11 Feb, 2011
movie and OST are both awesome
thefreak 30 Nov, 2010
I agree with lustmord.^^
I liked Kujou and the teacher. Good acting but despite the ending the film was boring.
nanuklein 17 Nov, 2010
Well, in its slowpacedness it was touching, outlining the different paths of 7 students. going to an all boys high school for underscoring teenagers who will obviously not have a very bright future at all. Being confronted with this depressing thought day by day each of them commits several desperate acts, some acts are so desperate that they'll cost the life of someone. In its slight exaggeratedness it was still entertaining, and therefore I'd recommend it. ;)
guren 31 Oct, 2010
Yup, a great one..