ESC to close 3.68 (by 492 users)gap dong i 갑동이
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized gap dong i
english Gap Dong

Based On

based on real story


genres crime, suspense, psycholog.


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 11 Apr, 2014 - 21 Jun, 2014
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 20:40 - 21:50
status released


avg. score 3.68 of 5 by 492 users
total users 1126
rating 1809
favorites 20


sarinui chueok
2003 film kr
alternative setting


Ha Mu Yeom's father killed himself after becoming a suspect in the Gap Dong serial murder case. This leads Mu Yeom to become a detective so he can find the real Gap Dong.

Once the statue of limitations is up on the case, the original detective returns to continue his investigation. New evidence appears in front of Mu Yeom. Now he's determined to find Gap Dong and close the case once and for all.


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Ha Mu Yeom
Yang Cheol Gon
O Maria
Ryu Tae O
Ma Ji Ul
Nam Gi Ri


singer, composer
singer, composer


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21 Aug, 2016
Both are dramas centring around solving murder cases, featuring the story of the Hwaseong serial murders as one of the cases.
Both series are about cops who attempt to find a murderer who ruined their lives when they were young.


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poice 15 Feb, 2019
It started well but after half way mark show went downhill really fast. Kim Min Jeong was annoying here. I barely could stand scenes with her. I rated this as "good" but only because of some intense and interesting few episodes.
r0lan 19 Jul, 2016
Started off really well, it was intriguing till about episode 13. Then it just felt like a chore to watch to just finish it imo hahaha
I knew 20 episodes would be too long for a crime/mystery series.
It's pretty decent if you're interested in the genre tho.

sillysym 22 Feb, 2016
oh maria was very annoying.
i hoped she would have died

The drama was nice and Lee Joon was a superb psychopath <3
nami24 11 Apr, 2015
yup this drama was awesome but it had few annoying moments
tbh i hated the ending.. why did he have to die.. or if he had to die.. its should be ji ul who was with him not that maria who didn't show concern for him until the end..
i shipped them :c I liked her the one who decided to change him instead of just using him... if he was alive they shouldve ended together.. somehow..
yeah he was a killer but he was also mentally ill who needed help not provoking from the doctor he trusted the most.. thats betrayal

it wouldve been better with a different ending
and i did thought they dragged it a bit ..
i liked kim ji won acting and lee joon the most here :")
nami24 10 Apr, 2015
I reached ep 11 its all good but i have one question...
why just WHY is everyone provoking the psychopath?
like they already know its him and they already know he is a psychopath
so why provoke him shouldnt they try to clam him instead..
i could understand detectives being like that but the doctor also...

but neverthless i still like this drama ^-^
alexadm81 29 Sep, 2014
Awesome drama, flawless acting, amazing OST, very interesting plot. 5/5.
yuukarin80 16 Aug, 2014
Overall, the drama is good
and I don't know if I have some kind of detective intelligence or watched too many mystery dramas but I knew who gap dong is before they revealed it lol and speaking of that, they revealed him so early which caused adding SO MANY unnecessary scenes and events to drag it to make it to 20 episodes! it should've been 16 which would've made it a lot more better! Ending was fairly good but it could've been better.
now the acting is great especially Lee Joon, this is the 1st time I watch him in a drama and was really amazed by his acting. Kim min Jeong however was not as great, she had basically the same expression in a lot of different scenes which is a bit annoying. Best acting of Kim Ji Won I've seen of her so far.
vanityfull 13 Jul, 2014
The acting in this one is absolutely superb! From both protagonists, villains and side characters!
If Lee Joon doesn't win a bag of awards for this one, I will kick them people who nominate.