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  • 2010
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized beck

Based On

based on manga
title beck (BECK)
author Harold Sakuishi (ハロルド作石)


genres drama, romance, friendship, music


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 04 Sep, 2010
duration 145 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.72 of 5 by 1550 users
total users 2709
rating 5763
favorites 83


beck: mongolian chop squad
2004 TV jp
same setting


Yukio, called by his friends 'Koyuki', is a normal highschool boy with no dreams or expectations of his life or whatsoever. This changes when he saves a strange looking dog, named Beck, from some gangsters. Beck's owner, Minami Ryuusuke, turns out to be an emerging rock musician and impressed by his guitar skills, soon Koyuki finds himself wanting to learn to play the guitar as well and this changes his life once and for all.


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Tanaka Yukio
Minami Ryuusuke
Chiba Tsunemi
Taira Yoshiyuki
Sakurai Yuuji
Minami Maho




06 Mar, 2011
Keeping in mind that I didn't read the manga or watch the anime: I loved it.

First thing: the music. The story is fluid and it caught my attention since the very first second, but the music is so wickedly pleasing. I don't know if they're actually originals but they are pretty convincing.

With that said, I have to say that both Mizushima Hiro (who plays Ryuusuke) and Kutsuna Shiori (who plays Maho, Ryuusuke's sister) spend more than half of the movie speaking VERY good English. To be honest, I was expecting it from Hiro since I saw him speaking English before and he studied abroad, but the girl surprised me in a very positive way. There was no Engrish in this movie. And Mizushima's acting fits his character so well; I loved him. Then Mukai Osamu... no words for him... I don't know how's the actual character in the manga, but in the movie he is so hot and cool. Almost fainted. Kiritani Kenta as Chiba gives that funny or comical touch to the whole thing, but also the willing of fighting for something someone wants and loves. And Sato Takeru... I don't like this guy at all and normally I think he looks as if he was scared all the time, but he plays the cutest Koyuki ever. He manages to have these honest, wide eyes that make you want to hug him all the time.

Another very good point, that I think gives the movie a beautiful touch, is that you never get to hear Koyuki's voice. He sings, but you don't hear his voice, so instead of focusing in Sato Takeru's singing you focus in the environment, the situation and the feelings he causes in people. I think it was a good decision and a wise move.

I highly recommend this movie, especially for its music. And... Did I said before that they're almost perfect?
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01 Apr, 2012
In both Beck and Gravitation, they start off from scratch, building up their band members and transforming themselves, to become professional musicians.

01 Apr, 2012
No music, no dream! Both movies deal with music, a band, and how music has transformed the characters as individuals.


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addy1884 29 Apr, 2015
had he sung at least once .. maybe at the end i woulda given it a 4/5 but the frustration from anticipating and not hearing him singing made me angry lol 3/5

omg i didnt realize this movie went for 2 and a half hours 0.o did not feel like it :]
granola 02 May, 2014
Me and my older brother are big fan of Beck (the manga). It's the first and only Manga that my brother have read and we decided to watch the movie. And OMG.
I'm really difficult when it comes to books or Manga adaptation. But this one... I didn't expect that much. I thought it would be kind of okay, kind of cliché but no.
I think it corresponds really well to the spirit of the Manga, with a powerful end.
Physically, all the actors looked really similar to the Manga's characters, it was really surprising.
My only -little- regret is that the love story of Kenichi Saitou wasn't included in the plot (but it wasn't necessary to the main part of the movie).
gazerocket 28 Mar, 2013
awesome movie, I totally love it♥♥ but Koyuki didn't sing :c
jeffsairon 19 Feb, 2013
*Gone to buy a guitar*
hielin 19 Jan, 2013
Absolutely amazing movie!
One could assume he didn't sing because some would start to protest that he isn't that good at all. But that mystery is what made the movie so great! Always anticipating to hear his voice, thinking maybe the last song, but no! It was so frustrating, but I love it nonetheless :)
wazeee 22 Sep, 2012
chullie 08 Sep, 2012
Great movie and ending! Although I haven't read Beck manga, it seems to be a good story about friend and partnership among bandmates. Also, I think that all the English dialogs helped to show the Rock feeling in the movie.
The only bad points that I think the movie has are that some things happen too fast (even if it's 2 hours and a half long), and that I wish they showed Koyuki's amazing singing voice... but still, I recommend it. :)
kureshi 29 Jul, 2012
I don't like this film... sorry...