ESC to close 3.58 (by 817 users)baeknyeonui sinbu 백년의 신부
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized baeknyeonui sinbu
english Bride Of The Century
literal Bride Of The Hundred Years


genres romance, fantasy


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network CSTV


date 22 Feb, 2014 - 12 Apr, 2014
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 20:00 - 21:10
status released


avg. score 3.58 of 5 by 817 users
total users 1355
rating 2926
favorites 33



For hundred years there has been a curse in the Choe family, who runs the huge Taeyang Group, that the eldest son's first bride will always die. When Gang Ju is getting married to Jang I Gyeong, a wealthy heiress with a cold personality, she suddenly disappears. This is when sweet and innocent Na Du Rim, who looks just like the disappeared bride, will step in to take her place. Because of Du Rim's warm personality, Gang Ju finds himself sincerely falling in love with her. But as the wedding is getting near, it turns out that Gang Ju's and I Gyeong's mothers both have other plans.




Choe Gang Ju
Na Du Rim
Jang I Gyeong
O Jin Ju
Lee Ru Mi
Kim Myeong Hui




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05 Aug, 2014
So many bad guys! It's a toss-up to decide who to hate most!

The plot was interesting: romantic yet funny, mysterious yet not overly melodramatic. Mystery #1, The Curse, takes you through ep. 10. Then, it's Mystery #2, What will happen to the main characters? to carry you the next 6 episodes. I liked immensely that the look-alike girls were not long-lost sisters or cousins. I loved wondering how this switcharoo would play off of Gang Ju's untrusting nature. And, I loved the half-brother, I Hyeon, as the investigator and voice of reason; he was the glue that held this program together. If I have any complaint about the plot, it's that it was tied up too neatly at the end.

More than the plot, the actors were awesome, a true joy to watch. I could really believe Yang Jin Seong as the two different female leads. They were so different, though Na Du Rim was much better developed, which is to be expected since she got much more screen time. One complaint about Na Du Rim, though, is that she goes from tough girl to wimpy girl in the course of the series. I'm not sure how she forgot that she bragged about knowing karate and beat up 3 grown men, but then she transformed into a wimpy girl who lets herself be kidnapped and then choked by someone obviously weaker than her. IMO, it was a major oversight in continuity.

As for the technical details, the scenes were generally well-appointed. Also, I enjoyed the music and felt that it was usually appropriate and helped set the mood adequately, except when it was cut off during scene transitions. Speaking of transitions, my main issue was with transitions--were there any? Scene transitions were abrupt and jarring; a freeze or pause just does not suffice for a good transition between scenes. My second peeve was the lack of decent fill lighting. Often the back lighting was gorgeous, but the fill lighting was completely absent, ruining the picture. If all I see is a silhouette, I'm missing half of what's happening.

Overall, it was a satisfying series with plenty of laughs, some light mystery, and a good romance.
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28 Jun, 2015
These are both Korean dramas based around a poor young woman who replaces a rich girl in an arranged marriage.

19 May, 2014
In both, the protagonists are brought together by the supernatural. They both also have a mean, rich man who falls for a poor, innocent woman.


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danicrs1 25 Aug, 2017
I loved the storyline, the characters, the mysteries and how all was resolved and explained at the end. I really liked ep 16, it's happy and light compared to the others. Overall, it was a really good drama
laydii 02 Jun, 2017
I loved it it. deffo wasn't a waste of my time
irate 09 May, 2015
it's so silly and poorly written :)
ellenasabina 29 Dec, 2014
Awesome drama, great plot and acting!!! [2]
eliscn 29 Oct, 2014
é aquele dorama clichê que completa quem gosta dos atores, é meio bobo, mas é fofo :3
e eu amo Hong <3
jessicarose 23 Aug, 2014
After 9 episodes I just had to drop it. Too silly for me.
somiboo 08 Jun, 2014
The casting for this series was brilliant, couldn't have been better. Lee Hong Ki far surpassed any expectations. Yang Jin Seong did wonderfully as playing both women, I especially loved that you could always tell from expression alone and subtle things, who was who. The other actors were also so darn good that I can't wait to see them again..Seong Hyeok!!! Wow, main characters aside his character was by far my favorite (I can't wait to see him in something else).

There are really only 3 problems I had with this, and it had nothing to do with the acting at all...its was just

1. Na Doo Rim was never really trying to act as Jang I Gyeong. I guess this could be good or bad depending on how you view it, but for me sometimes it was very annoying. Like the time she saw the lady that stole the money at the mall and started screaming and yelling and chasing here.....she was in the worst place to do that, yet there she was running around like an idiot.

2. The explanation as to why both girls have the same face still throws me off. Since the first girl (the one who originally looked this way) was Kim Seo Ra's previous' self's daughter.......why then didn't her present daughter - Jang I Gyeong - originally look this way? It really should have been the other way around.

3. I really hated that Jang I Hyeon just got tossed to the side. I wish the writers had put more thought into his outcome. For all that he went through, he was the character with the most heart and who sacrificed and even suffered more than everyone else, yet he was dealt with so indifferently.
jocchi 23 May, 2014
I liked how Do Rim and Kang Ju fall in love, but when Kang Ju finds out about the truth the drama gets boring and repetitive. The last few episodes make no sense for me, a cliche already watched over and over again in many other korean dramas.
I mean, when the two protagonists finally decide to be together all the world goes against them. So annoying.
Anyway I liked the very last episode and how it all ended ♥
No more than 3 stars for me ~