ESC to close 3.42 (by 302 users)triangle 트라이앵글
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized triangle
aka the triangle


genres drama, family


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 05 May, 2014 - 29 Jul, 2014
episodes 26
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.42 of 5 by 302 users
total users 807
rating 1033
favorites 8



A drama about three brothers who reunite twenty years after their parents' death. The oldest one has become a detective, the middle one is trying to become a boss of a gang, while the youngest one has turned into a cold person after being adopted by a rich family.


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Jang Dong Cheol
Jang Dong U
Jang Dong Su
O Jeong Hui
Hwang Sin Hye
Hwang Sin Hye (young)




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11 Nov, 2014
It started slow, but at some point it picked up and showed some promise. For a few episodes there, I was really excited seeing the drama improve and believing It Was Going To Places. Sadly, it didn't. It eventually got stuck, the same frustrated actions kept happening once and again, and the last few episodes were a chore to watch. Lee Bum Soo's character was forgotten by the writers and they couldn't find ways to Do Something with the plot. Such a disappointment.

However, there were good things, besides an already mentioned bunch of episodes that showed promise. Young Dal and Jung Hee's relationship was normal and realistic and it's refreshing seeing such a couple in dramaland. Seeing her stick with him, and seeing the writers avoid absurd conflict between them was really nice. They had chemistry too. The other good thing I get is Jaejoong's performance. Biased as I am towards him as a singer, I'm the first to admit he wasn't that good when he started acting in dramas, but damn, has he improved! It took him a few episodes to get into Young Dal, but he did so well after that! I only wish the writers would have done better, because he might have been able to improve even more.

So this is it. At least a few of our antiheroes were really endearing, we got a nice couple and Jaejoong did really great, because everything else went downhill really quickly.
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leylachan 01 Jun, 2015
Grosse déception! La fin est scandaleuse.
Malgré le jeu de Jae Joong plutôt bon ici, je ne suis pas emballée.
Je ne sais pas pourquoi je m'attendais à beaucoup mieux.
Je suis fan de Lee Beom Soo mais il choisit mal ses dramas.
déçue, déçue (-_-') trop de temps gaspillé sur cette série
vanityfull 13 Dec, 2014
I demand an alternative ending! LIKE, RIGHT NOW! if you know what i mean.
alexadm81 02 Nov, 2014
This was a really good drama, but that ending...

Why did they do that to Yang Ha's character? He was such a pitiful character from the very beginning, taken from his brothers since the age of 1, then he tried to end his life several times. He deserved being a happy person in the end.

The acting was awesome, Lee Beom Su acted amazing. I have to praise also Jaejoong's and Siwan's acting because they are mainly singers, not actors.
ellenasabina 25 Sep, 2014
★★★★★ . And I'll hate the scriptwritters for the rest of my life for what they did to Yang Ha in the end.
megs 16 Aug, 2014
I hate melodramas but then there was the fangirl inside me screaming "JAEJOONG OPPA!" ;D and I couldn't help myself... Although this has nothing to do with the genres I usually like, it was quite addictive.
And on top of that there was a great death at the end. It could've been even greater if Young Dal was the one who had died, but anyway.
The episodes could be cut in half but this wasn't half bad. I still hate melodramas though.
yamashita 30 Jul, 2014
Big Spoiler!
Those who didn't watch it's better not to read :D
I tought everything but dong u's DEAD! Come on what's problem with an full happy ending.?
What ever it was still nice I'm gonna miss them.
victorique 27 Jul, 2014
Ah, it's so exiting!! More and more with every single episode!! I love it :)
mari1901 18 Jun, 2014
it´s getting more interesting