ESC to close 2.76 (by 629 users)mendol: ikemen idol
  • 2008
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized mendol: ikemen idol
literal Mendol: Good Looking Men Idols


genres comedy, drama, life, friendship, music


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TV Tokyo (テレビ東京)


date 11 Oct, 2008 - 27 Dec, 2008
episodes 12
duration 41 minutes
air day Saturday
at 00:12 - 00:53
status released


avg. score 2.76 of 5 by 629 users
total users 1070
rating 1739
favorites 18



Asahi, Nami, and Hinata have always wanted to be idols. After failing literally dozens of auditions, the three are thinking of calling it quits. When Asahi and Nami witness a crime in progress and pick up a piece of evidence, they immediately become targets. After being rescued by Saeko, a music producer, they are offered the chance to become idols, and immediately agree. However, there's one catch -- their group, Persona, is a male one.


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Wakamatsu Asahi
Otawa Hinata
Kawachi Nami
Kamonohashi Saeko
Hamura Jirou




12 Jun, 2013
Jumping onto the trend of gender bender, Ikemen Idol tells the story of three girls, who want to become famous no matter what. After failing audition after audition, they get a strange offer from a strange lady. She promises to debut them and make them famous - if they disguise themself as boys. Following their dreams, they do what they are told and have to face not only one major problem...

Having AKB48 play the main girls, I expected something different. Having them play boys is just as wrong as it could be. The storyline sounds funny and stupid, so I didn't expect all too much. It was more sexual that I thought, especially with the AKB-girls in it, and it sometimes felt so off! The low budget and the good cast must've made the producer of the show rich? No matter how bad it is, a true fan would probably sit through this no matter what...

To be honest, I'm nowhere near a fan of any of the cast. But I found the story funny at parts. It's obvious that they are girls, even if they are wearing boys clothes. But the characters were cute, even though flat, the comedy was typical and good enough to keep me watching. However, it's nothing special and it was hard to actually finish the drama off. It took me ages, since it got so riddiculous at some points.

But to be honest, the story didn't miss anything! The final scene wasn't all that good, but before that, everything made sense and they cleared up all the problems they created and gave answers to the few questions I had. I liked that, it shows at least, that they gave some thought to the story.

Nothing more than 2*. Recommended for AKB48 fans. I really liked the songs they used for this.
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26 Feb, 2014
Both dramas center around the theme of gender bending, and Kojima Haruna appears in both of them.
Both of them have girls cross dressing as boys. In Hana Kimi, the main character is a girl who disguises herself as a boy and enters an all boys school in order to make her idol resume his passion and in Mendol, the girls, who failed countless audition, finally get a chance to become idols,but instead of female idols, they become ikemen idols.


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captenblack 23 Jun, 2013
Love it.i hate the ending which say danger is there season 2 or wat. perhaps they can make a season 2 showing on how they become a girl unit No3b now
yuna 13 Apr, 2013
How about no?
coldy001 30 Mar, 2013
This drama is really good for me <3
dutchviola 30 Sep, 2012
If you're into the gender bender genre like this drama, you might want to join the Gender benders ~ <3 group ^^!
roxysheyn 12 Mar, 2012
Not so cool as I thought and heard, but still not so bad to drop it.
sanchama 28 Dec, 2011
Dropped it, and I don't drop show's very fast.

yumichan86 25 Oct, 2011
i really liked it. It was not the best drama i have ever seen but it was quite entertaining and made me laugh all the time and i had really fun watching this.
chibippy 29 Aug, 2011
Very bad.