ESC to close 3.88 (by 1307 users)tumbling
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized tumbling


genres romance, school, sports, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 17 Apr, 2010 - 26 Jun, 2010
episodes 11
duration 58 minutes
air day Saturday
at 19:56 - 20:54
status released


avg. score 3.88 of 5 by 1307 users
total users 2372
rating 5068
favorites 153



As a result of having too few credits from his 2nd year, the school's yankee Azuma Wataru is told by his teacher that he has to join a club at school. However he can't seem to fit into any club he tries to join. Then a new girl transfers to his class, Satonaka Mari, who's the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. When he finds out she's in the Girls Rhythmic Gymnastics club, he insists on joining the boys equivalent. Can a yankee student like himself really do Rhythmic gymnastics? And what troubles will it bring letting a Yankee into the club?




Azuma Wataru
Takenaka Yuuta
Kiyama Ryuuichirou
Satonaka Mari
Tsukimori Ryousuke
Tsuchiya Satoshi




22 Mar, 2012
I absolutely adored this drama! Originally I just watched the first episode when it came out, and thought it was pretty good, but nothing too special. However, I came back to it, and I'm so so glad I did. The stories are lovely and all the characters have spectacular archs. It's all about working hard, and friendship, and how bonds between people can transform you. The drama leaves you inspired!

And the guys! They're obviously all adorable and the chemistry between the actors is amazing. Throughout the entire show I was squeaking in delight at some of the bromances.

Honestly when I started watching this show, I thought... "wow, a show about male gymnasts... how original, I'm sure this is going to be awful but the guys are pretty I'll stick around for a little." However I was so pleasantly surprised and I can honestly say this is now one of my favorite dramas ever. If you like shows like gokusen or other school dramas which are all about friendship and chemistry, then you'll love this show.
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27 Jan, 2014
Both dramas are about boys who play a sport that is more popular with women than with men.

24 Jan, 2013
Both are about a group of boys who want to make their dreams come true and decide to play a sport which is considered to be unmanly.


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alicia 16 Feb, 2015
this dramas was so beautiful :D their friendship is incredible :') ♥
miduhyo 25 May, 2014
Tumbling: this is going to be my favorite japanese drama so far,
it's amazing, their friendship is something magical. ♥(ノ´∀`)
This is really a great drama, totally loved it. Karako fight∼o ♥
ynaoblivious 14 Jan, 2014
I dropped this while it was airing because the first ep wasn't really special, but I picked it up again after all these years, and found that it's really good! I regret dropping it in the first place.

I love the characters and the story development too! And of course, all the boys did a great job training. They make gymnastics look so easy!
xapplecookie 08 Sep, 2013
One of the best dramas I watched in my entire life!!!! ♥♥♥
yuna 29 Jun, 2013
Omg, the poster looks so gay XDD
silentscream93 04 May, 2013
The friendship and togetherness between them really heartwarming. This drama will really miss for me!
myst 28 Apr, 2013
I seriously in love with this drama . I prefer this genre than romance . Its all about friendship , courage . It gives me a real meaning of a high school life . I wish I could live my high school life is them . Thank you Tumbling , thank you . Its from my perspective thank you .
lisyoukai 21 Feb, 2013
so fuckin amazing omg <3