ESC to close 4.25 (by 1743 users)gwaenchanha, sarangiya 괜찮아, 사랑이야
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized gwaenchanha, sarangiya
english It's Okay, That's Love (literal)
aka it's alright, it's love, it’s okay, it’s love


genres comedy, drama, romance, medical, psycholog.


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 23 Jul, 2014 - 11 Sep, 2014
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 4.25 of 5 by 1743 users
total users 2692
rating 7404
favorites 289



Jang Jae Yeol is a popular writer whose books can easily become bestsellers. But good fortune leaves him at a time when his girlfriend Lee Pul Ip commits plagiarism on his still unpublished novel. Lack of inspiration and growing family problems make Jang decide to write something that apparently seems to be completely not his style.

To achieve his goal, he decides to move to a modest apartment and soon becomes friends with new roommates, among which is also Ji Hae Su, a psychiatrist at a nearby hospital. However, it quickly turns out that those seemingly easier and harmless to live with residents are a bunch of sensational and colorful characters. In addition, a seemingly idyllic life slowly begins to become complicated by unfortunate events and trauma from the past of all roommates.

Can we find our other half in such a complex environment? And is it okay to love?




Jang Jae Yeol
Ji Hae Su
Han Gang U
Park Su Gwang
Jo Dong Min
O So Nyeo


producer, director


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24 Jul, 2016
It rarely happens that as soon as I finish watching a drama, I want to watch it all over again, but this drama managed to get me hooked on it since the first scenes. Sometimes I got the impression that some interactions were a bit forced and not completely natural, but that didn't spoil my perception of the plot or the characters. I loved how the writers dealt with such a thorny argument as mental disabilities with such delicacy, giving the audience so much hope that with the right combination of medicine and love it is possible to lead a fairly normal life (even if it depends on the gravity of the illness, of course). The interaction among all of the characters was incredible and the main leads are so in synch with each other to give the impression of actually being dating IRL.

And the music... I can't even begin to describe how good the OST was. Each song choice was perfect for the moment it accompanied and made me feel like buying the soundtrack CD.

To sum it up, this is a drama I strongly recommend.
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28 Jun, 2016
This drama was so extremely important, and it managed to touch me deeply.

This was the first drama I've seen about mental illnesses, and it made me feel very relieved and comfortable. It feels good to watch something that you can actually relate to, as I too, am someone with a mental illness that affects my every day life. Sometimes it allows me to live normally, sometimes it makes my life really difficult and unbearable, which is perfectly described here. Although I am not schizophrenic, and don't know how realistically the actual illness (or most illnesses in this drama) is presented, I think it's not disgracing the real illness in any way.

The drama mixes comedy, romance, and drama, which makes it realistic, light, and easy to feel like there's nothing wrong with mental problems. There can be found hope and happiness in the most darkest times, and vice versa. Everybody has issues, some thorough their lives, and some, most probably, at least once during their lives, just like you inevitably will catch a cold. The message lies in how these things can be curable, since they are real illnesses. There are many important lines in here which describe this.

I think this drama brings awareness of mental illnesses, offers support for those currently suffering from them, and encourages those who are ill, but might not admit it, to take a step to seek for help. Meanwhile, let's not forget this drama also has one of the greatest romances that makes you feel all giddy and happy inside!

I have lot of praises for the two mains, I don't think anyone else could've carried out such touching performances. Seen some of their previous works, I can only admire how much they have improved, and how capable they are in portraying different type of roles. The chemistry between the couple is A+, and from beginning till the end it is lovely to watch these two interract.

The pace of the drama is perfect, and it doesn't leave irrational plot holes that'd bother you afterwards. Every character here is necessary and important, so I don't want to give all the credits to the two mains - it is really enjoyable to see all of them on screen. The soundtrack was also one of my favorites, and for the first time ever I'm considering of buying the OST.

Please watch this drama. It was really, really good.
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04 Feb, 2015
Both are romantic dramas in which the male protagonist has a mental illness, while the female one is a psychiatrist.


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poice 11 Jun, 2019
There are so many overrated dramas that I was hesitant to start this one...but for once rating here and hype is real. I loved this drama from first to last episode. The chemistry between characters is unbelievable and so natural. Beautiful and meaningful story and wonderful acting. One of the best dramas out there.
doramamaniac 29 Mar, 2017
Best drama ever for me :) <3
frannam 07 Mar, 2017
2017 tá aí e essa continua sendo uma das histórias mais LINDAS e EMOCIONANTES que já vi na vida! Que saudades de surtar com esse drama e seus personagens maravilhosos! <3
sillysym 05 Feb, 2017
The best of the best of the best
frejho 20 Mar, 2016
very good!!! Веселая и одновременно грустная.
Кван Су просто душка))
Смотрела с удовольствием.
toru 02 Mar, 2016
i wanna rewatch it again and again. exceptional drama tbh
frannam 05 Feb, 2016
Um dorama excepcional e sem dúvidas o meu preferido! Toda a produção foi magnifica, me confirmando que, ao lado da TVN, a SBS é minha emissora coreana mais querida. Não posso por em palavras o quanto esse drama me marcou, amei do início ao fim. Todas as emoções e temas foram abordados de uma forma sensível e bela: a amizade entre os personagens, os problemas psicológicos-emocionais (que todos tinham, em maior ou menor escala), o amor entre os protagonistas... E o que falar desse elenco? Me apaixonei por todos! Assisti-lo apenas me confirmou o porquê Jo In Sung e Gong Hyo Jin estão entre meus atores preferidos, e me fez ficar ainda mais encantada pelo Kwang Soo (que já amava por conta de Running Man), além disso, ainda me deu a grata surpresa de descobrir um k-idol como D.O, o qual me surpreendeu com sua atuação brilhante! Outra maravilha no drama: a OST! Melhor OST da vida! Incrível o trabalho feito na escolha das músicas, se encaixaram perfeitamente. Nunca mais essa trilha sonora saiu da minha playlist. Enfim, são muitos anos de dorameira, e tenho certeza que mesmo após outros que virão, "It's Okay, That's Love" ainda continuará entre os melhores dramas que já assisti!
yuki89 13 Jan, 2016
One of the best dramas I've seen, definitely one of the best couples, they're so real... and the OST is great too. All to the actors did an awesome job and I really loved all the characters. The chemistry and relationships between each and every one of them felt real... And for once there were no chaebols (ok, he's rich, but he earned it and he actually comes from an average family), not so many clichés as in other dramas, I really love it.