ESC to close 3.59 (by 550 users)jiu xiang lai zhe ni 就想賴著妳
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Taiwan

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romanized jiu xiang lai zhe ni
english Down With Love
literal Just Want To Depend On You
aka jau seung laai jue nei, 就想赖着你


genres comedy, family, romance


language Mandarin


country Taiwan
type real
format TV
network CTV


date 31 Jan, 2010 - 23 May, 2010
episodes 16
duration 120 minutes
air day Sunday
at 22:00
status released


avg. score 3.59 of 5 by 550 users
total users 962
rating 1976
favorites 40



Xiang Yu Ping is a successful lawyer who takes in his young niece and nephew following his older brother's death. Every nanny he's ever hired for them leaves in less than a week, either by falling in love with him or being scared off. Desperate to find someone who would stay, Yu Ping asks his secretary Yang Duo to find him one to meet his requirements. Faced with money problems, Yang Duo suggests her younger sister, Yang Guo, assuring him that her sister will not fall in love by stating she is not interested in men at all.


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Xiang Yu Ping
Yang Guo
Qi Ke Zhong
Yang Duo
Ding Hui Fan
Yang Bo Tong




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28 Apr, 2011
Both are a romantic stories with a nanny.

28 Mar, 2011
One mistakes the sexual orientation of the other, and over time they fall in love. Both are about the actions the couple takes during and after the time of misconception.


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nuotian 18 Sep, 2016
Actually I do not agree that Ella is annoying, I also do not like that kind of "childish" attitude, but Ella was kinda cute and not so childish. I think the most childish attitude from all dramas I have seen has Rainie Yang, especially in "ToGetHer".
Like this drama, finally happy because I can hear real Jerr Yan's voice (not like in Loving, never forgetting), the children are super cute and the plot of the story, despite being obvious, is well done. I like that characters are intelligent and not so simple-done. I have not seen the ending yet, so I cannot complain :D
mikomi0e 20 Jul, 2012
I'm used to the 'childish' acting of taiwanese dramas already, but this one beat me. Just endured 3 episodes, normally when I drop taiwanese drama - I drop them after 10 episodes, so yeah, this one was waay too absurd for me. Jerry Yan's hotness couldn't save this either. :/
I loved Manny, Let The Stars Pick and Oh! My Lady. I guess I expected too much because of the 3 dramas.
jessicalvs 15 May, 2012
"This drama would have gotten a "very good" rating if not for the dang ending! It was HORRIBLY done!" I couldn't agree more.
tuma91 12 May, 2012
What I loved most about this drama was the lead couple! Yang Guo and Yu Ping were the one of the cutest couples I've seen. I loved watching the two of them together. I also loved the side characters, especially Yang Guo's family , her sister and father. This drama would have gotten a "very good" rating if not for the dang ending! It was HORRIBLY done! The rest of the series was so well done and then to botch it up so much at the very very end was kind of unforgivable! :/
mokyulpwns 27 Mar, 2012
Yu Ping was awesome. I like this kind of character. They are not one-dimensional.
So lovely, so cute, so hateful, so exhausting, so charming. I even yelled at him because he was frustrating XD
It was really enjoyable to watch Jerry Yan.

I loved Yang Duo as well. She's not your regular spineless female character. She's the one I identified the most with and it's a shame she didn't have more screentime.
gerry 30 Dec, 2011
I thought the whole idea of the drama is really funny, but then I watched the first episode and really couldn't stand Yang Guo. She was way too annoying. Had to drop this drama.
momo 21 Nov, 2011
Jerry Yan was so adorable. I liked his face mimic and his smile was so beautiful. Ella did a great job, i love her acting and she was cute too. Main characters had a chemistry (what a beautiful couple they would be in reality). I really wnjoyed watching this drama
shiroko 18 Aug, 2011
Jerry Yan was so cute as Yu Ping^^