ESC to close 2.79 (by 137 users)gaegwacheonseon 개과천선
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized gaegwacheonseon
english A New Leaf
aka repentance, reformation


genres drama, law


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 30 Apr, 2014 - 26 Jun, 2014
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 2.79 of 5 by 137 users
total users 313
rating 382



Kim Seok Ju is a lawyer, for whom only winning the case counts. Fraud, playing on emotions, or taking prosecution, which generate a lot of excitement among the public opinion, are his daily life. One day, because of an unfortunate accident, he loses a part of his memories. What will happen to Kim Seok Ju, who tries to recollect his memories, and also sees the world in new colors? Who is friend and who foe? And who, for real, is Kim Seok Ju?


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Lee Ji Yun
Kim Seok Ju
Cha Yeong U
Lee Ji Hyeok
Park Sang Tae
Lee Ae Suk




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04 Jul, 2014
A New Leaf takes a common drama cliche (that of amnesia) and gives it a new twist. Whether it's successful or up for debate.

The show starts off with a cold hero who practically has you begging for the amnesia to kick in and make him a better person. So when it does, there's a great moment where we start seeing glimpses of the man he could have been, and the man he's becoming.

And that's where the show starts falling short. In the beginning, we watch as Seok Ju struggles with his amnesia as much as coming to grips with the man he was before - the man Seok Ju is finding harder and harder to swallow. It's rife with possibilities and character growth for all parties involved.

Unfortunately we get knotted up in legal cases, which could act as catalysts, but more often just allow for typical courtroom scenes. We see the genius that is Seok Ju, but as the show progresses, there's less growth and more legal jargon.

So we see relationships change and evolve, but unfortunately not as much as they could have.

For a show about a amnesiac trying to discover himself, there's less discovering and more courtroom. It's not terrible, but the missed potential does hurt a bit.
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bluediamonds 19 Mar, 2015
Just finished it and i still don't know if i liked it or not. I don't know what rating to give on this drama.
At first i had it on "masterpiece" (until the end tbh), i liked the fact that it was something different than the other korean dramas but there were some parts that i couldn't understand. Sometimes it made total sense and some others not. For example the last episode, i felt that it was rushed and suddenly, 5 minutes before the ending, it totally changed leaving me on a messy cloud. I was like "what just happened...?"

In the end i decided to give this a 3/5. I don't recommend this drama. If someone decides to watch this it's up to their own crisis.
francielizanon 04 Jul, 2014
Aside from all the hours of my life I'm never getting back and the pain of seeing a great actor wasted in a poor drama, I'm really pissed that they only have 2 female lawyers (and they are not big players in the plot). Come on... CEOs, employees, lawyers, judges, chaebol children... did they really had to be all men? Can't women exist in a plot without romance or family (like being someone's mother, aunt or sister) purposes?
aquariia 27 Jun, 2014
I agree with the comments below.
What a mess. I should remember this writer to avoid her work in the future.
lothiriel 27 Jun, 2014
Okay, so two weeks ago I was right thinking it would be a horrible failure. And I feel sorry, because it would've been way better.

Like it was until the 8th episode or so, even though the premise was quite surreal. I've never really cared for biology, but seriously, is this kind of amnesia possible? When you not only lose memories, but your whole personality changes to the very opposite? Uhm... yeah, well. Actually I was willing to put aside this flaw, because the 'chemistry' (strictly professional) between Seok Ju, Ji Yun and President Cha, as well as Seok Ju trying to deal with his past self's business was great.

But about halfway, the screenwriter seemingly realized that she had more fun while writing court scenes, and the whole drama switched to weekly cases. The main storyline totally disappeared as the relationships took away the screentime from the cases. There were only 6-8 regular characters, but even this low number was proved to be too much to handle.
For example Team Leader Gang and Ji Yun's family simply disappeared after some time, lol. Poor Ji Won was degraded to play the opponent in the next to last case. Ah, and do not forget President Cha, playing a fairy godmother-like character at the beginning who was quite amused by the Seok Ju-Ji Yun clashes, but upon realizing that the show didn't have a villain, they made him act like mafia in the last eps. Wth.

And of course the last 4 episodes weren't enough to wrap things up. How could they have been, if the 15th ep alone contained 2 cases... Some storylines got rushed endings, while the others, the majority left unsolved. And the big ending? Is this even an ending, could it be called like that? I don't think so. Huge disappointment.
Okay, at least they didn't force the romance. Brownie points for that.
artesia 27 Jun, 2014
i don't know why this drama did not work, i think something was failured in it,or something else was avoided.
it has been such an empty drama for me,i have not tried any emotion.
milisia 26 Jun, 2014
Well, when i start this drama i was full of hope. It was very enterteiming, the story was amazing, but then: something bad happend with the plot. Most of the characters was pushed from the main plot, especially the Lee Ji Yun. Romance part: they kill it. Cases ? The most time, take the last one.

Anyway, great potential and cast was ruined, and it's start to beeing, quite boring. The last episode, was more like wth, than great ending. So sad.
lothiriel 15 Jun, 2014
@aquariia Wow, you've voiced my opinion so well.

The number cut down couldn't have worse timing, because let's face it: based on the current pace of the story, even 20 episodes wouldn't have been enough to wrap things up nicely. They just keep on introducing corporate law cases (which are difficult to follow, but nevertheless quite interesting) instead of focusing on the characters. The main theme, Kim Seok Ju dealing with his past self has developed quite little in the past week(s) because everybody is so busy with running from one trial to another. The romance is practically nowhere to be found,
I mean, okay, there may be 'signs' from Ji Yun's part, but absolutely nothing on Seok Ju's. At the moment he doesn't even care if she's alive or not, so if he becomes head over heels despite that in the next two weeks, I'll have no choice but laughing my heart out XD
so yeah, I really wonder how the screenwriter plans to solve this situation.
aquariia 15 Jun, 2014
Seeing how the story is evolving I wonder if the writers gave up on the romance. I enjoy watching Seok Ju&Jeong Seon subtle relationship and there's only 4 episodes left so pushing Seok Ju&Ji Yun romance doesn't make any sense. On the other hand this is a korean drama and they don't give up easly on main couples. Not to say Ji Yun end up being useless character. She's not interesting enough to carry on its own.
After watching the only case she was working on I though this character might have a potential but I was wrong. She bearly appear at latest episodes and she want to resign from the company *facepalm*