ESC to close 3.81 (by 1206 users)unmyeongcheoreom neol saranghae 운명처럼 널 사랑해
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized unmyeongcheoreom neol saranghae
english Fated To Love You (literal)
aka you are my destiny


genres drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 02 Jul, 2014 - 04 Sep, 2014
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.81 of 5 by 1206 users
total users 1957
rating 4590
favorites 78


ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni
2008 TV tw
thoe khue phromlikhit
2017 TV th
same setting


Lee Geon is the only heir to the largest natural soap company in Korea. He signs a contract saying that he will get married in 100 days, expecting that his girlfriend, Nam Se Ra, will accept his proposal. Kim Mi Yeong is the sticky note of her company, everyone uses her and throws her away when they are done. Mi Yeong wins a trip to a resort in Macau, which happens to be the same place Geon plans to propose to his girlfriend. After a twist of events that leaves both alone and drugged on their trip, they find themselves in a one night stand. Mi Yeong soon finds out she is pregnant and is forced into a contract marriage with Geon to carry out his family's legacy.




Kim Mi Yeong
Lee Geon
Gang Se Ra
President Park
Director Tak




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24 Jul, 2015
Both dramas are about a couple who married, divorce soon after, only to reunite again. The dramas share some of the same actors, and a story about love between what began as an incompatible match.
Both series star Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyeok as the main actors.


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nimwoo 10 Jan, 2019
I can't express enough how much I loved this drama. I put it off for almost 5 years and I only watched it now but I totally regret not watching it back when it aired, or at least earlier. The chemistry between the leads was no joke for real. Nothing ever felt awkward between them, they totally looked great together.

I watched the first ep kind of skeptical because of the excessive comedy but I finished it and immediately got hooked with the preview of ep 2. I pulled multiple allnighters to watch this because I'm busy these days but all of them were worth it. I just simply loved this drama so much. It touches all your emotions, happiness, love, sadness, anger...

The script as well was amazing. I disagree with some people who said the drama was good, then bad, good, then bad and so on. I personally think it was a masterpiece. It did feel a bit slow during eps 14-17 compared to the speed with which the story advanced in the first half of the drama until
she went to Paris. But even so, I don't think it was annoying or anything. I think those eps raised the audience's expectation to watch it till they got back together. And it showed. Ep 18, the ep where they finally get back together, got 14.7% of the national rating, which was the highest for the show as well. So I don't think delaying their re-encounter was futile.

I also disagree with some comments saying that the only good chracters were the main couple and Secretary Tak. Of course these three are the ones that made this drama such a success, but I think other secondary characters played a nice role in the story too. I don't think there was any unnecessary character and I think that everything that happened it the drama had a connection. You don't get to think anything like, "so what was [x thing] for?" because everything had a reason.

Another thing that is totally plausible of the script is that there IS a lot of character development, of course, from the characters that needed to improve themselves.
I absolutely loved how Mi Young transformed herself without losing herself, if that makes sense. She became strong, but not pointlessly bold, yet she was still very thoughtful and kind as she always was. Gun, although he wasn't a selfish person before, became much more thoughtful after he fell for Mi Young and his personality again changed the bad traits without losing himself (and his annoying-lovable laugh, please!). Dragon and his mother became better people too, Se Ra eventually made up as much as she could with Mi Young.

And Daniel! I love Choi Jin Hyuk a lot so I enjoyed his character, but only until Daniel kept trying to push himself to Mi Young, but thankfully he then realized she obviously didn't love him and wouldn't do it and the fact that he was brave and mature enough to take her to Gun was a really nice gesture as well.

In conclusion and to make this review short, I absolutely loved this drama and I totally understand they hype it got when it was first released. What I don't quite get is why the rating here is so low. It deserves at least 4.0 (at the time I'm posting this, it has 3.81). For me, it's a 5/5.
kamilles 06 Oct, 2016
I like this version better than the Taiwanese version, but it is soooo childish and awkward! The first few episode are really good, but after that, the pace is too slow. I feel like it could've ended with 16 episodes instead of 20.
honey 08 Feb, 2016
I've only seen half of the first episode, but do far the main guy reminds me sooo much if a badly played, crazy Chiaki from Nodame Cantabile. I really hope he will soon be more... or something. Or just a bit less ridiculous would be enough, I guess. XD
hiroyuki 03 Feb, 2016
Aigoo! I reeeaaally loved this series!! :) Geon's character was so funny! I like Jang Na Ra, I was happy to see her in another drama. Geon's laugh was annoying, I loved it though. Director Tak was awesome too, really liked his character.
I did not feel like 20 episodes were too much. And at the end I was so sad because I didn't want it to end... :(

That part when the baby died was really-really sad and I cried a lot... :'(

I recommend this series. A lot of fun, a little bit sadness but worth it in my opinion. :3
jangminhae 19 Apr, 2015
It was ok at first, the it was blah, then ok again and then blah once more...
It was fun watching, but it was not realistic most of the times.
I liked the main couple together, but why all this pain and suffering for no reason???
Anyway, even though I was excited at most, I had to stop watching for a while and then I just couldn't bring myself to watch the last two episodes!
I liked the side stories, Dragon and Mi Young's friend, Daniel and his sister, and of course Secretery Tak!!!!! <3 Without these stories it couldn't last 20 episodes without being too slow, even though it was actually slow....
I had fun, but it was not all that good...
Good: 3/5
cocci 15 Jan, 2015
I wish it was better. I'm still not sure if the good bits compensate for the bad bits. Too much bad angst. I say bad angst because I normally like angst but not in this drama! Maybe I should label it pointless angst.

I was not invested in the second main lead AT ALL and I didn't really like the supporting characters except for secretary Tak and Mi Young's mother.

Ah and way too much product placement!

On the good side, I loved the main couple chemistry and I would honestly have enjoyed watching them be happy in love for 10 hours. Why do scriptwriters think it's boring? Maybe because it's boring when you've got bad actors or poor chemistry... I don't know.

Both Jang Nara and Jang Huyk were so good they literally saved the show. I was completely entranced at seeing all those emotions passed on their faces. Especially for Hyuk. He looked like a puppy who lost his mother and even though the story was crazy, (and it was Gun's fault, no less) he made me believe it completely.
irresi 14 Jan, 2015
Liked it but 20 eps are always too much for me. I mean I feel like originally it was 16 but they added 4 more because of good ratings.
kirtil 19 Dec, 2014
Aah another kdrama that could have been great but ended being good bordering on average with the help of lazy writing. Why do you insist on making a 20 episode drama if you don't have ideas to fill all of them? This could have been very good if they decided to make it a 12-16 ep drama I think.

One of my pet peeves is pointless suffering. They do it a lot here.
Geon sacrifices his happiness and pushes Mi Yeong away to spare her from potential but not certain anquish. Then they suffer for some time until one episode from last one and then when everything comes out in the open and no ones circumstances change they get back together. Why oh why did you suffer for then? What was the point?
That makes all their (and our) suffering nothing more than a gesture; something you do until your SO learns how thoughtful you are. It also makes me feel foolish and duped. I start thinking "aaah so you can not think of anything to resolve this and do a blatant cop out and then expect me to be happy for them when they could have been happy 6 episodes ago?"

This is not a bad drama, but a drama full of cliches, under-developed and under-used characters and a lacking storytelling. There are no bad guys here; just some people making bad things. No one gets punished for the bad things, and only a select few admit their wrongdoing; the rest get away with it.
If not for the brilliant 2 mains and Director Tak this would have been a bad drama. They are the ones that makes this fun to watch.