ESC to close 3.37 (by 306 users)joseon chongjabi 조선총잡이
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized joseon chongjabi
english Gunman In Joseon
literal Joseon Gunman
aka the chosun shooter, the joseon shooter, the joseon gunman, gunfighter of joseon, 조선 총잡이


genres action, drama, romance, fict. history


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 25 Jun, 2014 - 04 Sep, 2014
episodes 22
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.37 of 5 by 306 users
total users 738
rating 1031
favorites 1



Park Yun Gang grows up as the son of Joseon's best swordsman and leader of the palace guards, Park Jin Han. His life is fairly quite as Yun Gang is kind of lazy and prefers to savour living.

But soon enough, his father finds himself as the target of a conspiracy against the King, which makes Park Jin Han and his family traitors in the public eye. Yun Gang manages to escape after seeing his father being shot right in front of him and his little sister being taken away into slavery.

Three years later, Park Yun Gang returns from Japan to take revenge. In order to beat the gunman who murdered his father, Yun Gang also ditched the sword and became a shooter. Now it's down to one thing: Who is faster and will pull the trigger first?




Park Yun Gang
Jeong Su In
Kim Ho Gyeong
Choe Hye Won
Choe Won Sin




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16 Sep, 2014
Both dramas deeply involve the topic of revolution by presenting an iconic figure to lead a nation to change.

12 Aug, 2014
Both series star Lee Jun Gi and Nam Sang Mi as the main actors.


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sumaya 12 Jul, 2014
@dziubas no, its not a bad thing :)

I don't feel sorry at all for so in. She is so stupid, why is she doing this to him, she knows that he was a wanted man, he can't reveal his identity even if he wanted to because that will put him in danger. She blew his cover. now they are watching his every move because of her stupidity. Plus she promised that she'd protect his sister but she didn't, now she is even using his sister against him. She is the worst character in the drama.

I really hope they don't end up together, she doesn't deserve him
dziubas 12 Jul, 2014
Assa !!~☆ Finally yesterday I've watched with omma ♥ another 2 eps !!^^ omo, this eps was sooo sad & heartbreaking again !! ㅠㅡㅠ ajgooo~ I can't see when Oppa's breaking my HAErt :{(
Sooin is soo poor girl right now :(( cuz JK must to pretend that he don't know her =.= it's really painful for her T_T it wasn't be better if he would tell her the truth ??;> they both woudn't have to pain sooo much !! :(( don't u think ??^^ waaah !!~~ Kitty Oppa total AMAZED me !! ♥ . ♥ omo, his japanese accent is too AWSOME *.* he looks sooo DAMN HAENDSOME in this hair style just DAEBAK ♥♥♥ and I ADORE ♥ when changing in Gunman cuz he looks then 너무 멋있다 !! ♥ . ♥ XDDD I sooo much can't wait till next week to be able watch another 2 eps !! ㅠㅡㅠ Junki Oppa & JunMi couple 대박 & 짱 !! ♥ . ♥

omma comment when she saw JK look: "wow, he looks cool *.*" kkk
when we finished omma ask me:" we don't have another 2 right ??;>" kkk...when I said no she was upset and said: " ok, buuu so bye bye Junki" XPPP hoool~~ kkk

@sumaya, yep agree with u =)) a little ;)) but it's doesn't mean that bad right ??;> kkk
sumaya 09 Jul, 2014
Episode 5 and 6
reminded me of Iljimea and Time of dog and wolf
thefreak 06 Jul, 2014
Episode 4 and we're finally getting started! This looks very promising! *__*
dziubas 05 Jul, 2014
Assa !!~☆ Finally yesterday I've watched with omma ♥ another 2 eps !!^^ omo, this eps was sooo sad & heartbreaking that I total moved !! ㅠㅡㅠ ajgooo~ I sooo much can't wait till next week to be able watch another 2 eps !! ㅠㅡㅠ Junki Oppa & JunMi couple 대박 & 짱 !! ♥ . ♥

OMGGG !! *.* 4 ep and already KISS SCENE !! ♥ . ♥ waah~☆ it was sooo ROMANTIC !! ♥♥♥ 2 last scenes with Sooin & Yoonkang was too ADORABLE & LOVELY & SAD !! ♥♥♥ gooosh~ between them is sooo DAMN CHEMISTRY that sparks !! ♥___♥

Image Image

Image Image


it was sooo CUTE & SWEET !! ♥ . ♥

Image Image

mradke 30 Jun, 2014
Waaah, I'm really enjoying. Jun Ki is awesome as always and I'm liking the main actress too. Until now, it's very funny and I'm starting to wonder how the drama is going to develop... let's see. ;)
sumaya 18 Jun, 2014
نفس اللي مثلت معه قبل ،، افف ما تعجبني
بس ما يهم أهم شئ بنشوف جونكي عن قريب :D
وأكشن تاريخي بعد ،، أحسن شئ :)
dziubas 17 Jun, 2014
OMGGG !! *.* Junki Oppa NEW drama !! ♥ . ♥ AAAAAA !!~~ FINALLY, I DAMN CAN'T WAAAIT for it !! @____@ Kitty Oppa is just perfect created for historical dramas !! XDDD omo, Sangmi Unnie ??!! o.O gooosh, it's been 7y when they played together last time !!~~ kyaaah, I'm sooo HAEppy cuz I LOVE ♥ this couple so much !! ♥♥♥

omo omo *.* new trailer !! ♥ . ♥ Oppa nomu mosshta !! O____o