ESC to close 3.57 (by 359 users)border: keishichou sousa ikka satsujinhan sousa dai 4 gakari
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized border: keishichou sousa ikka satsujinhan sousa dai 4 gakari
aka boodaa: keishichou sousa ikka satsujinhan sousa dai 4 gakari, ボーダー 警視庁捜査一課殺人犯捜査第4係

Based On

based on manga
title border
author Kaneshiro Kazuki (金城一紀), Kotegawa Yua (小手川ゆあ)


genres crime, suspense, supernatural


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)


date 10 Apr, 2014 - 05 Jun, 2014
episodes 9
duration 54 minutes
air day Thursday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.57 of 5 by 359 users
total users 650
rating 1281
favorites 2


border: shokuzai
2017 TV jp
border: shoudou ~ kenshikan higa mika
2017 TV jp


Ango is a great detective who works hard at his job. So hard that along the way he lost all his personal life. One day as he is scouting the perimeter of a crime scene, he runs into the criminal who shoots him in the head. While he slowly loses his life, Ango thinks about life and death and decides that he doesn't want to die. By some miracle he is saved but has the bullet lodged in the brain. The operation to remove it is incredible dangerous so Ango decides to live with the bullet in his head for a while. He soon finds out that the bullet causes him to see ghosts. He then uses his new ability to solve the murder cases he is then assigned.




Ishikawa Ango
Tachibana Yuuma
Higa Mika
Ichikura Takuji


screenwriter, original creator


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31 Aug, 2014
In both dramas, the main character has the ability to see ghosts.
Both dramas are about detectives who can see ghosts and solve crimes with the help of the ghosts.


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majorzero 09 Apr, 2017
I liked the first episode but all the gimmicks quickly get old. Run of the mill police-procedural with a supernatural twist and a paper thin main character isn't something I'm excited to watch.
sillysym 31 Dec, 2016
@beautifur it doesn't make sense,
cause he helped people then he became evil at the last minute. that was nonsense

in italiano insomma, cioè ma scherziamo, ma la piega che ha preso all'inizio è di lui che salva le persone e grazie ai morti risolve i casi. Poi se a causa di forze maggiori, vuoi il tipo riccone che è emigrato o sto tizio dell'ultima puntata su cui non c'erano prove..cioè pensavo che si facesse aiutare dagli altri a mandarlo in prigione. Questo è un finale degno di "white christmas" dove il drama aveva l'atmosfera dark e si sapeva sarebbe finito male. Ma questo è iniziato al "salviamo i morti evvai" ed è finito "ma chi me l'ha fatto fare" ma vado da Oguri e gli rompo e denti già che son tutti storti.
r0lan 20 Oct, 2016
interesting to see how the protag spiraled down to find out what justice really meant to him.

tbqh, not one of Oguri's best role.. it wasn't boring per se i just felt no attachment to this drama.
2/5 :)
kuroikaras 23 Feb, 2016
It was great! In every meaning. And the ending ... I loved it! Just like Inception can think about so many possibilites after the end scene. Shuns character may have changed a bit with the story moving on ... but it was not so bad. Some cliches yes, and not a Ghost Wisperer :) but in 9 episodes it was ok!
watashiwachiaki 08 Nov, 2014
nice ending. perfect!
beautifur 19 Oct, 2014
Ending makes sense actually, it explains the drama title: border - between good and evil

and of course, by killing the guy (even if he was a murderer and needed to be punished) he basically gave in to darkness, hence the "welcome to the dark side" line said by the victim. But as others have already pointed out, it's weird how the ghost can touch Ango, making it seem like he's dead too?! So maybe he killed himself out of guilt, who knows.
ralphina 26 Sep, 2014
Given the concept of this drama, the ending was quite appropriate, in my opinion. Does an ending always have to give all the answers? If it's an open ending, then I hope for second season! If not, we can use our own imaginations from here on.. :D
I also enjoyed that they used quite unusual approaches and innovative solutions to things, which is quite rare in Japanese dramas. And less predictable! Making it a drama I wanted to finish fast. I wish there was more of it, though. Then again, it was just in perfect lenght.
The ST, surprisingly, was amazing!
And acting, from Oguri Shun, he lives up to his name...
dodi1d 26 Aug, 2014
I only watched it because of Oguri Shun, I enjoyed it in the beginning but it turned out to be boring! and what the hell with that ending?! it's bad can't help it ~.~