ESC to close 3.51 (by 171 users)alice no toge
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized alice no toge
aka arisu no toge


genres drama, suspense, medical


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 11 Apr, 2014 - 13 Jun, 2014
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Friday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.51 of 5 by 171 users
total users 350
rating 600
favorites 3



Mizuno Asumi is a doctor who has just started to work in an university hospital. She seems a bit unsociable but she has her own secret. Fifteen years ago in this very hospital, her father died. Asumi's life goal is to take revenge on people who caused her father's death. As she investigates the hospital's staff connected to the accident back then, she uncovers that the truth about her father's death isn't so simple and there are many people who are responsible.




Mizuno Asumi
Nishikado Yuusuke
Bandai Yuuma
Bandai Shuuichi
Chihara Junichi
Date Risa




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18 Aug, 2014
Both dramas deal with the revenge of family member's murder.


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yurisama 27 Sep, 2014
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janegreen 16 Sep, 2014
It was interesting. Sometimes a bit too predictable but I was satisfied with the ending, because there was no way to guess who the real perpetrator is. And at times Asumi's character just seemed too stupid and annoying. Loved Yuma tho. Adorable <3
timmykun 28 Jul, 2014
its very good drama. really like it...
Ueno Juri perfect in this role.
raritsujun 14 May, 2014
The "last boss" sure is tough.

The RasuBosu turned out to be 3rd-last bosu.
yuukarin80 24 Apr, 2014
I'm a huge Maou fan, I still watch that drama over and over again and I read this drama is similar so I gave it a try.
I like Ueno Juri and she's really good in this drama. the OST is great as well as directing, HOWEVER, the plot is a so-so. As some people said when comparing the two dramas, this one is indeed a little similar to Maou (that she's seeking revenge, sending envelopes and cards as a threat, using tricks and changing her name) but she easily exposes her identity to her victims asking them to just simply resign and they would obediently do so and NEVER speak a word of her! I wouldn't buy it if all her victims just did the same, at least one would try to rat her out to the police!! I know that if they did she'll reveal their crimes but still I don't know why am I bothered by it! Maybe because the way she "catches" them isn't very interesting? It would have been better if she didn't expose herself and used tricks like Naruse did to make them resign along with murder threats if they didn't! over all, I enjoyed watching the 1st episode but the identity revealing thing is really a turn off
priceless 23 Apr, 2014
great story
aquariia 21 Apr, 2014
We've got a lot of information in the first episode and I have feeling that there's not much awaiting. The second episode was predictable and I have already an idea how the next episode will look like. This is not something I would expect from suspense drama. I believe there going to be characters and story progress in the future but I'm not hooked yet. The main character is quite interesting so I hope the story will improve.