ESC to close 3.15 (by 344 users)ai shang liang ge wo 愛上兩個我
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Taiwan

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romanized ai shang liang ge wo
english Fall In Love With Me
literal Fall In Love With Two Of Me
aka oi seing leung goh ngoh, 爱上两个我


genres comedy, drama, romance


language Mandarin


country Taiwan
type real
format TV
network TTV


date 06 Apr, 2014 - 17 Aug, 2014
episodes 20
duration 90 minutes
air day Sunday
at 22:00 - 23:30
status released


avg. score 3.15 of 5 by 344 users
total users 712
rating 1084
favorites 10



Lu Tian Xing is an advertising genius and the CEO of Tian Ji Advertisement. After losing all of his inspiration and belief in advertising he decides to take a hiatus. Tao Le Si has taken over her late brother's advertisement company, Oz. However, she's not very good at managing the company and Oz falls into crisis. Through a twist of events Lu Tian Xing is recruited to help with the filming of an Oz advertisement, and he soon realizes the trouble that Oz (the company that started his interest in advertising) is in. Lu Tian Xing, disguising himself as Xiao Lu, infiltrates Oz to help them out of their slump and help Tao Le Si discover how creative she really is. All the while, he has to hide his true identity and fight his feelings for Tai Le Si.


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Lu Tian Xing
Tao Le Si
Weng Li Yang
Gu Ge Xian
Tao Le Yuan
Wang Ting Wei




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21 Aug, 2014
If this drama didn't have Aaron Yan in it, I don't think I would've watched it. The beginning of this drama was good, but towards the middle, the entire plot just started to get dragged out alot. I'm glad that the production team cut the episodes down to 20 rather than keeping it at 30 episodes, because it honestly would have made the viewers lose alot of interest from the way it was headed. The acting wasn't all that great. Some of the actors/actresses lacked facial expressions in their scenes, which doesn't give the viewer the vibe that it actually felt real. However, I did think that Aaron Yan did a good job in this drama. Although I prefer him better in Just You, you are able to see how his acting has progressed.

Because the episodes got shortened down to 20 episodes, they really rushed the last episode so that it could have a happy ending. It felt so rushed that it didn't feel like the drama is complete, because there ended being so many potholes that they didn't fill. Overall, the drama was average and wouldn't recommend it unless you're a huge Aaron Yan fan. I would definitely have to say i love Just You way more than Fall in Love With Me.
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21 Oct, 2014
Both dramas are about guy falling in love with a girl who starts to have some problems with her business. The guy starts to help, not letting the girl know.


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kamilles 27 May, 2016
A really good drama until
Huan Huan blackmailed Lu Tian Xing... And wtf, why did he seriously marry her???
ninacorrea 18 Nov, 2014
you can ********
kacyleong 07 Oct, 2014
litaap 10 Sep, 2014
I don't understand why some people didn't like this drama o:
Ok, it was a little bit draggy since the middle but it's just the same thing in every single drama (either Korean, Japanese or Taiwanese dramas) !!
I think the storyline was really interesting, i liked all the characters and their development along the drama because they made it look like natural events on friendship, love or work... I even liked Huan Huan, even though I think the part where she was all stubborn to marry Tian Xing at any cost with all the crying, screaming and stuff was so irritating and unnecessary... but i'm already used to it on Taiwanese dramas, so it's ok to me already (:

Aaaahhh... Aaron Yan, you're always so sexy *0* kkk
Seriously, Aaron is such a good actor in my opinion... He can turn a "common" drama into a special one anytime ! Not to mention that he is such a great singer too ! :D

The OST is perfect ! The opening song and the song "unwanted love" is pure perfection <3

I recommend this drama !
sillysym 27 Aug, 2014
Too long, it was cute at the beginning, but a mess after a while, i would have killed anyone from the anger...But Aaron is so handsome and hot, omg..
dramaangel 20 Aug, 2014
@unknown I know right? XD
dionka 20 Aug, 2014
I would give this drama 5* till the episode 10 or so. one of the best, I've seen and then it all got just average. Aaron was amazing but even he couldn't save this drama. I am sorry but there is really a big difference between the beginning and the end of the drama. still I recommend to watch it. at least the first episodes I can rewatch over and over again :)
lostsam 20 Aug, 2014
This drama was really good.
Aaron Yan did an amazing job managing between two characters..
It was really fun until 'Huan Huan' character took over the storyline.
The last few episodes were frustrating for me, but I watched it anyway.
And I have been watching too many cheesy endings.. and cheesy ending doesn't do it for me anymore :(
BTW .. I gave a 'masterpiece' rating for Aaron Yan acting and the OST rocks ;D