ESC to close 3.54 (by 662 users)gogyocheosewang 고교처세왕
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized gogyocheosewang
english King Of High School Life Conduct (literal)
aka High School King Of Savvy, gogyo cheosewang, 고교 처세왕


genres comedy, drama, romance, school


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 16 Jun, 2014 - 11 Aug, 2014
episodes 17
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 23:00 - 00:10
status released


avg. score 3.54 of 5 by 662 users
total users 1284
rating 2346
favorites 22



Lee Min Seok is leading a double life. He plays hockey as a high school student, but is also the director of a company in the place of his older brother. While balancing both school and work he falls for Jeong Su Yeong, a temp at the company, who is in love with her boss Yu Jin U.


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Lee Min Seok
Jeong Su Yeong
Yu Jin U
Jeong Yu A
O Tae Seok
Park Heung Bae




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05 Oct, 2015
I honestly loved this drama so much! I binged over a few days to finish, but it was so worth it. The comedy and the balance between fun and serious was so well done. I probably offended my neighbors with how much I laughed.

The actors were great too - I'd never seen Seu In Guk in anything before, but his charm and personality were so endearing that I'll definitely be checking into his other rolls. Lee Ha Na was also a first for me - and I really wasn't sure at first whether I'd like her or not. But by the end of it, I truly enjoyed her character. And of course the supporting cast was phenomenal. The serious side provided by Lee Soo Hyuk gave the drama a lot more depth and the relief provided by the high schooler's and the office staff kept the atmosphere up beat the entire time.

The basis in family was also wonderful - especially with the main character's dad, grandfather, and older brother. The dynamics were so well played and heart warming. This series showcased a bunch of different family, friend, and romantic relationships and didn't get bogged down in the main romantic plot, which was entirely refreshing.

You know what, it was just a really well done drama and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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18 Jun, 2015
King of High School takes it`s wacky premise and runs with it to its full potential. And does a pretty good job of it.

The plot is steeped in hilarious moments, and the show doesn`t hesitate to mine the potential hijinks that come with a high schooler trying to navigate the adult world. But the show also manages to successfully root itself in the heartfelt moments as well, with great family and work dynamics.

The one downside is that King of High School manages to get tied up in corporate machinations, which bog it down. As important as the office lifestyle is to the plot - it is key area of the second life - a lot of the external politics could have been toned down.

But the show knows its strengths and played with them resulting in a happy, fun watch.
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17 Mar, 2018
In both dramas, the main character has to pretend to be their twin in order to help them with a task. Both end with hilarious results.


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jangminhae 14 Nov, 2014
One of the most exciting dramas I've seen the last period of time!!..
It was a masterpiece from the begining: nice plot, nice performances, nice main couple.
Ok, at first you just can't stand Soo Young, but you end up loving her through the first episodes.
And you ship Min Suk and Soo Young so much!!!!
I liked the ending. It was nothing special but at least it was different and it was cute and lovely and funny.
I really loved this series!!!!!
Masterpiece: 5/5
bluediamonds 03 Sep, 2014
Just thought of writing a comment in order to help the ones who might want to give it a try.

This drama was excellent. I actually enjoy it more than i was expecting and i laughed a lot,but to be honest i was kinda disappointed with the ending.
I was very excited about this drama until the last episode. I'm not saying it was bad-some people might find it amazing, some others may not(the ending). I'm just saying that the last episode was,in some way, irrelevant(?) with the whole thing. I felt that the writer did/wrote what she did/wrote because in some way she had to finish the series. It didn't convince me that this was her actual idea or thought to end it. It was like she had something in mind but they told her to rush it and finish on 17 episodes. Which i believe is bad cause it ruins everything.

To sum up, i gave this drama 4/5 because of the ending. It was a masterpiece for me until the ep. 17.
If you guys wanna give it a try do it! It will fix your mood hehe~ ^^
One last thing, hats off to the lead/main actor. Seo Inguk is amazing! :-)
alexadm81 01 Sep, 2014
This is a drama I enjoyed so much watching it!!!
The leads were awesome and I didn't even notice the age gap :D Seo In Guk's acting was flawless! I laughed so much of his expressions!

I thought the last episode was nice...
That proposal was the most original proposal I've even seen, but it was cute...:D The ending was quite predictable, expect the marriage part, I thought he will go to Germany and return after a couple of years :D

This drama gets a well deserved 4/5.
milisia 01 Sep, 2014
@endroine , welcome my dear :P
alexadm81 28 Aug, 2014
The way episode 10 ended...Left me speechless :D And no preview!

Wonder if Min Suk will get away, but I don't think that will happen...
litaap 22 Aug, 2014
Actually, I didn't think the last episode was weird neither I felt that something was missing o: Ok, the ending was not THAT AMAZING or DIFFERENTLY OUTSTANDING, so i understand why some people are saying it was not that special in their opinion, but to me it was a "mature ending", with romance and comedy always present and with everything in place at the end :)
Also, i didn't feel weird at all about the age gap between them ! I saw people saying it was strange to them and something like that, but not to me.... They were so in love in the drama that it almost felt real to me ! Plus, Min Suk was 18 almost 19, he was a man already (well, at least, according to my country) so the age gap was not a problem at all to me ! (:

Aaaaahhh Seo In Guk.... you never disappoint me ! Your acting? Always perfect !!
I also liked Lee Ha Na's work here... Her character's dorky personality was cute and funny... well done!
The supporting actors also did a great job... especially Min Suk's friends, Gramps and Team Leader Kim ! They were sooooo entertaining all the time xD

Talking about Gramps.... I cried like a baby when he died ;_; Why did the writer had to kill a good character like him? I loved him so much ;_; poor Gramps...

Anyway... I strongly recommend this drama !
spoonchu 17 Aug, 2014
Honestly I gave 4 star only because Seo In Guk acting was AMAZING
btw the marriage was pointless and the last ep was kind of weird. But no complains, it's just a comedy that does not pretend to be a masterpice
hikaruhitachiin 17 Aug, 2014
The last episode was weird... However, i love this drama. Seo In Guk acting was amazing as always! ♥