ESC to close 3.03 (by 494 users)kinkyori renai
  • 2014
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized kinkyori renai
english Close Range Love
aka kin kyori renai

Based On

based on manga
title kinkyori renai
author Mikitomo Rin (みきもと凜)


genres romance, school


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 11 Oct, 2014
duration 118 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.03 of 5 by 494 users
total users 792
rating 1499
favorites 1


kinkyori renai: season zero
2014 TV jp


Yuni is a genius girl who receives the best grades in almost every subject beside English. But Yuni's simple life changes as soon as a new English teacher begins to teach in her class and she ends up receiving special English lessons in order to improve her skills. She starts falling in love with him even though he is her teacher.


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Sakurai Haruka
Kururugi Yuni
Matoba Ryuu
Nanami Kikuko
Takizawa Mirei
Akechi Kazuma


director, editor


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purtysunshine 20 May, 2018
Yamapi is my weakness...which explains why I went for this movie even though I'm not really a fan of the teacher-student romance genre. Something about the way this played out though was just so...right. I loved the characters and how their relationship developed. There was a scene there that definitely made my heart race (so well done)! But the last half was lacking and predictable...not nearly as good. So the movie just kind of went out with a...fizzle. Oh well, worth a watch!
zarana87 17 Nov, 2016
Her acting was so stiff! I know her character is supposed to be emotionless but it was almost painful to watch. His role wasn't much better either. Overall, the plot seemed rushed and just ridiculous.
They jump from a first awkward kiss to a "let's get married" and then promising eternal love? *rolls eyes*
vanelya10 02 Oct, 2016
I loved it so much, especially the chemestry between Kururugi and Sensei <3 they were soo cute and innocent and very very natural
But the most incredible and suuuuuuuuuuuuuper omfg scene was the first kiss scene under the teachers desk <3 I was thinkinh "OHHHHH NO, they are not doing it...THEY ARE DOING IT"
zor6a 04 Jun, 2016
I love this movie so much!!! <333 Yamapi <333
dodi1d 22 Mar, 2016
Was really boring, I hated Komatsu's acting, she was annoying and terrible!!
I just had to complete it for Yamapi since I didn't watch anything of him in a looong time!

I mean..
if this cutie appears on the screen every single minute, who would turn off the movie and stop watching?


eunhye 21 Mar, 2016
- I love you sensei
- Hm.... I think i love you too
- Oh. I don't belive you. Prove it
- My father commited suicide when i was 12. Will you marry me after school?
- ... Okay

And all that with poker face on both
danisensei 08 Jul, 2015
Ok, so despite I love Yamashita Tomohisa and despite the good acting of all the cast, the film doesn't make you feel strong emotions, of any sort. It is cute, but it's nothing 'omg'. The 'love btw student-teacher' story is sth very 'catchy', imo, so there's no way one would say it's bad, I think. Even bc even I would fall for a teacher like that. LOL!
Random chan 10 Jun, 2015
@curi so you claim that a 20 something years old dude can't have a relationship with a 16 something years old girl? (based on saying that he should have been arrested :P). I think that we overthink those kind of things and those works try to engage us to see that sometimes it's not that simple.