ESC to close 3.59 (by 191 users)otonari
  • 2009
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized otonari
english Neighbors (literal)
aka oto na ri


genres drama, life, romance, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 16 May, 2009
duration 119 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.59 of 5 by 191 users
total users 342
rating 685
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Satoshi is a photographer who is famous for taking excellent pictures of his model friend, Shingo. Truth be told, he prefers landscape photography and feels like what he's doing is not what he wants. Nanao is a local florist who aspires to go to France. A pretty face she is, but to many people she comes across as a cold person who only focuses on her career and is afraid of commitment. These two individuals have been neighbors for years but have never met before; one only recognizes the sounds made by the other through the thin wall dividing their flats. Without even realising it, the humming of the other, the coffee grinding sound of the other, or the simple fact of knowing that the other is at home makes them feel at ease. Would they be remembered as just 'otonari' (the neighbour next door)?


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Nojima Satoshi
Togawa Nanao
Ueda Akane
Hirakawa Yukari
Himuro Hajime




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12 Jun, 2010
In three words: a wonderful film.

In more: I liked the way the story was built up, the minor twists in between. I'll certainly be looking at more stuff from this director and screenwriter. The cuts were awesome, in my opinion, were neither too early nor too late in the scenes. It's getting kind of hard today to find directors who know to cut properly, but this one was done flawlessly.

Although I don't remember seeing many dramas or films with Okada Junichi, he felt familiar from the start. I guess though that might be due to the fact he slightly resembles Tamayama Tetsuji (Brother Beat). Still, he acted superiorly. Acting is one of those domains where you have to at least know what you're doing on a basic level, regardless of what role you play, and I think he shined in the photographer role.

Asou Kumiko deserves equal praise as a florist.

I don't think I have watched many movies that demonstrate how intricate love can be. Interactions can be held to a minimum, and yet two people can love each other much more intenstively than, say, in straightforward, open, daily relationships. During the last forty minutes or so, I was already really expecting them to meet, and was a bit disappointed they didn't really meet, nor have at least one proper face to face conversation. But I've come to terms with this, it is after all the beauty of this film: it does not need to steep down to smalltalk, introductions, excuses and so forth between the main characters. The minimalism in this form of art is captivating, personally.
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Both films have a similar theme of two people who are fated to fall in love but whenever they are about to meet, they always miss each other. The motif of being so close yet so far, as well as a relaxing and artistic atmosphere is also common to both films. They are not exactly the same (one has more comedy elements while the other is more focused on sounds. Both also differ in plot), but if you have seen one and watch the other, it will definitely remind you of the other one.

24 Jan, 2013
Both follow the lonely lives of two social outcasts of different genders who end up finding and starting to love each other.


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reonsoru 19 Oct, 2015
Slow but beautiful movie. Don't expect any cheese interactions. Instead, this movie points with beautiful images and warm hearts.

Besides Okada, I really liked Tanimura Mitsuki in this!
aqu135 17 Dec, 2014
this a movie that just starts making you wait for the two leads to meet, but then at the end you realize that you end up watching how they meet and things that happen with them are actually the most interesting parts
cyborg009 27 May, 2014
Please, does anybody know the soundtrack(starting theme, ending theme) for this beautiful movie?
If somebody knows, let me know...Thank you.
mjulia 18 Nov, 2013
It was painful to see it until the very end. I was so bored... no interaction between the main characters until the last
suki034 08 Jan, 2013
loved it. i really felt for Junichi Okada's character, having a similar struggle as him as a photographer. it made me reflect on my own life.

and i loved when he started humming on the other side of the wall. it made me really sad but happy at the same time
hidde 12 Jul, 2011
very nice and lovely. I liked it too. :)
komorebi 02 May, 2011
A very slow-paced, cute movie. I liked it. :)
guren 28 Mar, 2011
A slow, lovely movie. tough I wasn't able to see the very end - something was wrong.. But still really loved it.