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  • 2010
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized pohwa sokeuro
english Into The Fire (literal)
aka 71, into the gunfire

Based On

based on real story


genres action, history, life, military


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 16 Jun, 2010
duration 120 minutes
status released


avg. score 4.33 of 5 by 960 users
total users 1497
rating 4158
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Set in 1950 during the Korean War, a true story about 71 student soldiers who fight against North Koreans.




Gu Gap Jo
Park Mu Rang
O Jang Beom
Gang Seok Dae
Hwa Ran
Yong Man


director, screenwriter
costume designer


16 Feb, 2011
I'm not all too fond of war movies, especially not of they're set in the 20th century. I gave this one a try because I like the cast and because heard it would be good and touching.

Well... first, this is probably weird to say about a movie about war in which people die like flies but... the visuals were great. It was especially impressive every time they showed the North Koreans moving forward. The colours in general tended to be a little faded out and then you had this army with their bright red flags.

Then... it was touching at times. I didn't cry though, not only not in the end but especially not in the end (more about that later). I liked the character O Jang Beom played by TOP and that for great parts the storyline was centered around him. I think the beginning was great when he was right in the middle of war and was totally freaked out. He wasn't a soldier but just a kid tangled up in some real problems. Bombs went up around him and he was too scared to shoot. It was more luck than anything that he got out alive with nothing but some scratches and a burst eardrum on one side. One could really feel with him. War seemed like such a large awful thing.

Then he became the head of a troop of nothing but students and from then on I went kinda meh about the movie. There were two scenes I liked though. In the first Jang Beom had to shoot a wounded North Korean soldier who cried for his mother. Jang Beom then realized that the enemies weren't monsters but people like him, so he went to a poster showing a demonised North Korean and ripped it off. Another scene was when he was face to face with another soldier, a boy even younger than him whose gun failed him. The delinquent guy then shot the boy. What was interesting then was that he said something one of the enemies also said: "If he has a gun, he's an enemy." You just couldn't help but wonder why kids would have to shoot each other. So, the movie had some great scenes that showed war in its most awful side. You could see all the students who knew nothing about war and who suddenly had to fight on their own. An boy had to shoot his younger brother who was wounded, the delinquent guy lost his friend.

But, while I thought that the first few scenes were great, the end was a little... sappy maybe? The students stopped being idiots and had their heroic moments. The delinquents became heroes, Jang Beom became a good leader... I mean, movies are usually manipulative but here I felt like they were trying to force me to be touched a little too much. But oh well, as I said... I'm not too much into war movies because they all tend to be that way.

Also, I think they tried really hard to make it seem like there was no right and wrong, it's wasn't perfectly objective. I know, that should be obvious since it's a South Korean movie made for a South Korean audience and for that they probably did quite good but... oh, I don't know. Maybe I have a weird standard because of "Flags of Our Father" and "Letters from Iwo Jima" or something.

Cha Seung Won as the North Korean commander was pretty good by the way. Typical villain stuff. Cold-blooded and obstinate... but that's my point. The South Korean commander was awesome and the North Korean one a bastard? Oh, wow, they sure didn't sure any bias. ...Okay, I don't really mean to blame them. A movie showing South and North Koreans as perfect even wouldn't sell, right?

Anyway, what I mean to say is that it was pretty average for a war movie. First some anti-war stuff and then the heroics in a great climax just to finish the viewer off with a devastating end.
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jangminhae 03 Nov, 2014
This movie was amazing.
It's about bravery and courage and not giving up. It was completely stunning.
The fact that it is a true story makes the ending even sadder.
It's a must watch.
Masterpiece: 5/5
victorique 02 Sep, 2014
Because of T.O.P, I really wanted to watch this film. Besides, many people reccomended me this.
After watching it, I was totally amazed. This film is well made technically & visually, OST is beautiful & the story is close to my heart, cause it reminds me some stories from 2nd World War, which were happening in Poland (my country). Those students were really brave & they fully deserve to become a heroes.
And, lastly, I really like the character played by T.O.P. He is such a good actor :)
mikazuki 28 Mar, 2014
i watched it again, probably for the 4th or 5th time. it's been quite long since i've watched it last time and i didn't remember how stunnig the movie looked. i never get tired of it. maybe it's not completely perfect, but it's close. and the main theme music of the movie is so good, it always makes chills go down my spine and i can't control my tears.
alexadm81 20 Jan, 2014
The acting was awesome. The way the movie was shot was great, realistically made. I didn't notice how time went by when I watched it.
stellybish 13 Sep, 2013
I'm not really into war movies but decided to give it a try.
It's a indeed very sad that this really happened :/
I think the actors did a pretty good job but still it just wasn't that intresting for me.
R.I.P to all students who died on that day.
dodi1d 28 May, 2013
Really amazing movie!!!!!!!!!!!! i cried a lot!!!! :'( the acting is amazing all of them did a great job.. especially TOP i liked his acting the most and this is my first time i saw him acting, i will never forget this movie, and maybe i'll re-watch it in the future.
thefreak 26 Mar, 2013
This movie is a cinematic masterpiece! The way it is shot is just awesome! (The special effects are called Orton- and Cross process in photo editing (I don't know if it's the same with film editing) and they fit just perfectly!)
I really didn't have a relaxed minute watching this movie; there wasn't a second where adrelanine was NOT pumping through my body; there wasn't a moment I didn't feel like I would suffocate. War movies aren't my favourites; normally I ignore them because I don't see the use of them. I don't really know why I started this one after all.....maybe because I really like most of the main actors~~

I think the portrayel of North and South Koreans was quite fair in this one. Although most of the North Koreans are driven by illusions and the pure believe in their dictator, the ones in this movie were human too. And that's what makes the difference in my opinion. Not every single one of those soldiers really wanted to die for his country -and was fighting voluntarily-.
Things I could complain about: I couldn't stop laughing every time Cha Seung Won appeared on screen: his uniform looked like a baseball outfit to me x''D And half of the student soldiers didn't look like students~~~

This film is probably going to hunt me in my dreams....but I still recommend it for all the viewers who are of a certain age and can handle stuff like this. Because even if we don't get to see top-notch acting (something which doesn't really fit with the genre in general), and I was quite hesistant after watching a few minutes, the film still catched my attention and I watched it in one go without realizing how fast time went by.
089110 13 Feb, 2013
The fact 71 student soldiers really went through this is crazy. They're all so brave just like the movie displayed them to be. I think T.O.P. was a bit awkward, but overall, the acting was great. Kwon Sang Woo was so badass and crazy. ;) I really enjoyed this movie.