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  • 2014
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized nobunaga concerto
aka nobunaga kontseruto

Based On

based on manga
title nobunaga concerto
author Ishii Ayumi (石井あゆみ)


genres comedy, history, time travel


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 13 Oct, 2014 - 22 Dec, 2014
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Monday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.75 of 5 by 260 users
total users 554
rating 976
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nobunaga concerto
2014 TV jp
same setting
nobunaga concerto
2016 film jp


Saburou is a high school student who travels back to the Sengoku period. He meets a man who introduces himself as Oda Nobunaga. The man, who looks exactly like Saburou, asks him to take his place. Saburo, believing that he's taking part in a theme park attraction, accepts the offer only to learn later that he now became the eldest son of the Oda clan -- the family of the feudal lords. From now on, Saburou is forced to live in times very different than those he was used to live in.




Oda Nobunaga
Ikeda Tsuneoki
Tahara Denjirou
Maeda Inuchiyo


original creator


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16 Jan, 2016
Saburou is your normal school kid from the modern times, who ends up jumping back to the Sengoku period - the period of 100 years of war - while he visits a historical town with his class. There he instantly meets Oda Nobunaga, who looks exactly like him! And since Oda Nobunaga wants to escape his duties, he asks Saburou to take his place. Not knowing that the prerson in front of him is really Oda Nobunaga and that he is in fact not in 2014 anymore, he agrees. He soon realizes that he can't just go back to his time and has to take on all the responsibilities of Oda Nobunaga. In the time of war, where every part of the country fought against the other, it's not easy to accept all the dangers and betrayals.

Time-slip dramas always have their problems. Actually, this one was pretty nice, since it was no mysterious time jump and nothing strange happened before it. He just jumped there, by accident or anything, and there he is. Deal with it. I like that this time it's not about him finding a way back and the stress of it all. He just lives there as Oda Nobunaga and that's where the awesome part starts. I love how we get taught all the history through the drama. We see the fights he had to fight, get to know other important characters and even if you don't want to study japanese history, it just is exciting and interesting. But that's also a bit where the bad part lies. I mean, Saburou, come on! If I would slip into another time, I'd probably at least TRY to fit in. I know I can't change all of my habits, but how can he be so ignorant? Suddenly, Oda Nobunaga doesn't speak properly anymore and nobody cares!? Really?

But aside from that, I think this was done nice. I wouldn't even conduct a star for Saburous non-existing talent to fit into the old times. But I do have an issue with Japan saving the big final for it's own cinema movie. That comes out 1 year later. I mean...what? Do you really need money THAT badly? Liar Game was already horrible, they also made the final a movie. But why did the conclusion here have to be put into a movie? They could have left out 1 or 2 episodes, that didn't really help the story (I'm looking at you episode 6 and 7!) and instead make the conclusion there. But no, we have to wait. That really is worth deducting a star. And maybe because it dragged a tiny bit around episode 7.

What makes me like this show (aside from awesome history!) are the girls. Not your usual ancient ladies, that look nice and shut their mouth. They are powerful and strong and lovely. You can see how great they are by what they are doing, even if they are not the center of attention. Kichou is such a cute wife of Nobunaga and Oichi was so cute! I loved her story! These girls really feel special to me.

Aside from that, I really like all the other actors, too. Yeah, Oguri Shun in a student role is debatable. But he only is seen as a student in the first episode, after that he is Nobunaga and that role definitely fit him. A special shoutout also for Yamada Takayuki, who is a brilliant actor anyway but plays another great character here. He is a good actor.

4 of 5 stars from me and I suggest you watch this, if you like the actors or history. I also think you'll like it if you like revenge stories! It's weaker than korean revenge dramas, but it still has a good story around it. Don't watch it for romance, watch it for epic wars and fights and strategies!
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07 Jul, 2015
In both, the male protagonist is a high-schooler who slacks off at school, but after becoming acquainted with a real samurai grows as a person.

29 Jan, 2015
They are both about characters who accidentally travel back in time and meet Oda Nobunaga. The hero in Nobunaga Concerto is a high school student; the one in Nobunaga no Chef a chef of French cuisine.


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iluvlynx 10 Mar, 2017
If you want romance, this isn't the best place to find it.

I much prefer Tsuneoki x Nobunaga instead of Kichou x Nobunaga tbh. (Yay friendship!) Their chemistry was pretty meh, and at any moments that were supposed to be touching were really bland.

The acting was not bad but I think Kichou's acting was not that good. She didn't convey to me any of her feelings, and I never felt sad or happy or angry when she was supposed to be feeling things.

There are some pretty funny parts in this drama. Sometimes I find japanese comedy to just be cheesy or ridiculous but I actually laughed at some parts.

Cheesy at times but that's to be expected. Fight scenes weren't done too badly and the cinematography was pretty good. I think some of the music was a little cheesy and took away from some moments.

Overall, 7/10.
zaharisa 21 May, 2016
Only* he and Kichou knew he had a double and that he (real) had escaped his duties out of fear and that he (real) was the villain, who burned the whole village, while Nobunaga (fake) had never done such a thing. At first he liked the fake one and admired him, but in the end- his envy took over. I think he wants to kill his impostor and take Kichou for himself. However- if people knew the truth- they might have followed (Fake) Nobunaga instead. For that a witness might have helped him. Also- he (Takenaga) knew he was evil. He was smart and got his evilness.
Something like that... I guess.
*last 2 episodes Tsuneoki also find out the truth, though.
jules90 26 Jan, 2016
I really liked this drama!!
But can someone please explain me, why the real Nobunaga killed Takenaga in the end?
alex3 25 Jan, 2016
i like it so far but i will wait before finishing to the moment movie is out
honey 18 Nov, 2015
Dear Japan.
Ending a good Drama with a cinema-movie a year later does NOT work out for me... It takes stars off of the rating and it makes me view the drama as incomplete. Stop doing that kind of stuff. Brings back memories of how angry I was that I had to wait for the Liar Game Final Movie to find out how the story ends...

Aside from that, this was fun! I liked Ogushun in his role and I loooove Kichou and the other girls. History is still not my strong point, but I enjoyed learning a bit through this! =D
minjung 11 Mar, 2015
minjung 11 Mar, 2015
I'm really wondering how the movie will be
since at the end we can see Honno-ji... And Nobunaga is supposed to commit seppuku there o.o

Overall, i enjoyed it. I wish it was more serious sometimes but i had a good time watching it ^^
And rediscovering History like this was pretty interesting!
ryuukun 03 Mar, 2015
I truly loved this show.