ESC to close 3.59 (by 27 users)nobunaga concerto
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized nobunaga concerto
aka nobunaga kontseruto, 信長コンツェルト

Based On

based on manga
title nobunaga concerto
author Ishii Ayumi (石井あゆみ)


genres history, adventure, time travel


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 12 Jul, 2014 - 20 Sep, 2014
episodes 10
duration 30 minutes
air day Saturday
at 01:50 - 02:20
status released


avg. score 3.59 of 5 by 27 users
total users 61
rating 97
favorites 1


nobunaga concerto
2014 TV jp
same setting


Saburo, a normal highschooler, finds himself suddenly in the historical epoch called the Sengoku Era. There he makes a quick encounter with a young lad, who looks like his twin brother. It turns out that it is the sickly war lord Nobunaga, who is fleeing from his people. Nobunaga sees in Saburo a good replacement, and thus 'forces' him to take his place. Now Saburo finds himself to be a historical figure, albeit his historical knowledge isn't that great, and the only thing to help him in that period is his brief schoolbook about Japanese history.


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leylachan 18 Jun, 2016
The story is cool the animation isn't.
chalis 15 Oct, 2014
I picked this up because I was debating whether to watch a certain similar in concept Rumiko work (yeah, I was in the mood for Inuyasha). It wasn't until later I realized it was 3DCG, and that its banner was literally a guy holding a rifle and cheeseburger in either hand. Too late, I was already completely captivated and being courted by this wonderful show. Never, ever, ever judge a book by it's cover.
mitte 14 Oct, 2014
I'm super interested in the warring state time right now and even tho I wasn't the biggest fan if the animation in this, the story was sooo entertaining!
nanuklein 16 Aug, 2014
I must say, the protagonist is very likeable, and the development is gentle, but not stalling at all. I hope it keeps up with it.
addy1884 22 Jul, 2014
the story is pretty cool so far!
cfaust 17 Jul, 2014
I can only agree with minjoong. I didn't want to watch it because so many people were complaining about it. After I watched it now, I can't understand why. The animation may be different but not ugly. It's quite the contrary, I like it because it's something new and it's kind of refreshing. The nature setting is presented in a very nice way and the presentation of the characters doesn't bother me as well (as it does bother many people, somehow)
I haven't watched any other nobunaga related anime yet, but this one seems to be, as minjoong said, really promising. Also because it's something different from all the action, fanservice, harem, mecha ... anime out there (or so it seems).
minjoong 17 Jul, 2014
Decided to watch the first episode of it after seeing how some people were complaining about how ugly the animation looks and all. I've got to say that I can't really agree with those people, I mean you can clearly see that its animation has its weaknesses, and it also may not be to your taste as many scenes don't look like your typical anime art style and it doesn't even look drawn but animated using a computer, but look at how realistic some of the characters' movements are.
They're creating some some sort of a 'new' style of animation and it isn't essentially bad.
In general, the first episode looked really promising, the story doesn't seem boring at all (as it involves time traveling and let's be honest, there are tons of anime and drama involving that). So the first rating (bad) this anime got, totally isn't justified in my eyes. But you should see for yourself.