ESC to close 3.23 (by 596 users)trotui yeonin 트로트의 연인
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized trotui yeonin
english Lovers Of Music
literal Trot Lovers
aka trot romance, lovers of trot


genres drama, romance, music


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 23 Jun, 2014 - 12 Aug, 2014
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.23 of 5 by 596 users
total users 1068
rating 1926
favorites 5



Jang Jun Hyeon is a self centered top musician, but after a scandal he becomes a washed up celebrity that no one wants. Jun Hyeon is given a second chance to be a musician on the condition that he trains Choe Chun Hui to be a singer. Choe Chun Hui is an addicted runner who supports her family by working various jobs. When Chun Hui's father runs away, leaving her with huge debt and two thugs on her back, she is left with no other option but to work with Jun Hyeon to become a star so she can pay off the debt and provide a stable life for her little sister. However, she can only sing trot songs, Jun Hyeon's least favorite genre of music.




Jang Jun Hyeon
Choe Chun Hui
Jo Geun U
Park Su In
Tae Seong
Jo Hui Mun




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10 Sep, 2014
Set in the world of show business, and trot music in particular, there are certain expectations. And while it manages to succeed in certain aspects, the show also fails in others.

There's the trot music that's so crucial for the heroine, but as something that boosts her confidence but also as a connection to her mother. There's great renditions of older music, made catchy for modern audiences. And there's great acting.

And...that's about it. The show then fall victim to the common tropes; a second lead who doesn't take no for an answer, the melodramatic cliches that were wholly unnecessary, the losing of focus on the main theme of music. It becomes less about a girl trying to succeed in her mother's memory and more of a common, run of the mill list of cliches.

So while there's heart, and it remains watchable throughout, the missing potential is something to mourn.

Worth a watch, but not something to go out of the way to fit into the schedule.
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23 Jul, 2014
Both series are about a girl being pushed into singing by debt collectors because of her family's financial issues.

02 Jul, 2014
Both series are about a girl who becomes a musician to help out her family. The main girl also falls for the jerk celebrity who helps her.


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bluediamonds 01 Aug, 2015
Interesting and classic rom-com korean drama. I read so many negative comments but i, personally, enjoyed it a lot.
I agree on the part about the amnesia, it was stupid but i didn't let it affect the opinion i already had for the drama.
It's very cute and funny! And I loved the chemistry between the (first) three main actors ♥
kasumii 30 Mar, 2015
president geun woo for life!I hope he finds a perfect someone
missfeelo 06 Oct, 2014
I really wanted to finish this, but it's just too cliche for my taste. Eunji has a wonderful voice and I love the actors casted but it wasn't enough to keep me. >
invincible 05 Oct, 2014
Anyone know the song what eunji was singing in radio broadcast for her father?
yurisa1245 31 Aug, 2014
it started out so good...
liyirna 22 Aug, 2014
This series is so old-fashioned, it's even cute.
rukiia 16 Aug, 2014
clichê demais. mas teve bons momentos.
thefreak 14 Aug, 2014
The characters were the only thing which kept me hooked 'n' watching. They all had their moments of noble idiocity and mental disorder; but they somehow managed to pull me through that totally cliched plot.
Eun Ji ROCKED THIS! Her performance was so authentic and her voice is just awesome (still gettin' goosebumps just thinking about Chun Hee's last performance~~). Geun Woo is probably the best side kick/second lead man in the history of second leads! He unfortunately also has his weak episodes, but that weird and random guy is one of a kind!

The bad guys (or rather women) and the parents (except President Jo) definitely were the weak links characterwise.

"Trot Lovers" started promising, endearing and fluffy but sadly took a turn to the depths of dramaland as the writers obviously seemed themselves forced to dig out all the good ol' drama stereotypes and developments.