ESC to close 3.45 (by 495 users)naeildo cantabile 내일도 칸타빌레
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized naeildo cantabile
english Tomorrow Cantabile (literal)
aka naeil's cantabile, nodame cantabile final movement, nodame cantabile: the final movement

Based On

based on manga
title nodame cantabile (のだめカンタービレ)
author Ninomiya Tomoko (二ノ宮知子)


genres comedy, romance, school, music


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 13 Oct, 2014 - 02 Dec, 2014
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.45 of 5 by 495 users
total users 979
rating 1710
favorites 5


nodame cantabile
2006 TV jp
same setting
nodame cantabile
2007 TV jp
same setting


Cha Yu Jin and Seol Nae Il go to the same music academy, both majoring in piano, and live next to each other. But they can't be more different. Yu Jin is considered a good, promising student. There are only two things that stop him from having a good future: firstly, he doesn't actually want to major in piano, but rather in conducting, to become just like his former teacher, Viera. Secondly, he can't go abroad to study in Europe, because after some troubles on an airplane, he has a trauma and can't board any ship or plane. So he is bound to stay in Korea, thus not being able to broaden his horizon like every other student. Nae Il, on the other side, is considered a leftover. She enjoys music for what it is, plays beautifully, but not the way many teachers want to see it. She lacks the will to go to competitions and actually only wants to do two things: enjoy playing piano and become a kindergarden teacher. One beautiful day, they meet and this is when Nae Il starts to disturb the peaceful life of Yu Jin and turns it upside down.


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Cha Yu Jin
Seol Nae Il
Choe Min Hui
Franz Stresemann
Yu Il Rak
Lee Yun Hu


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26 Jun, 2015
Tomorrow Cantabile is not for everyone, before you see this drama you have to know that is not a remake of Nodame Cantabile is and adaptation, this means you will find a lot of new things as characters, and the development of the story may change (even when the central topic is the same).

I have seen several Korean adaptations and in 90% of them the screenplay was changed. So for those who expect to see the iconic Japanese drama just with Korean actors will be disappointed really disappointed.

Being said that, I love this version, is different but is still warn and the music is marvelous, it doesn't have that humorous and touching feeling that brings Nodame.

Nae Il grows different we get to see a sad Nae Il, also she is not so involved in the orchestra as Nodame, the same goes for Yoo Jin who is willing to take a step further in fully acknowledge his feelings, Eun Gyeong and Ju Won made a good job, and personally I love the chemistry they share.

The supporting characters also are different, with this version we don’t get to see the pervert Stresemann instead we found a philosopher Maestro, I missed the Japanese Strezemann but I found the new personalities and characters refreshing.

I loved the changes, as I said before, I was expecting a complete new version so I wasn’t as disappointed as I thought I was going to be. So I go for 4/5.
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08 Jan, 2015
Having watch both the original anime and drama (and all the special ep and movies too), I was curious and kinda happy to see this one redone in Korea. The first few episode were promissing, but it all when downhill after a while. They lost the magic, the spark of the Cantabile serie and it's a shame. I don't blame the actor, they showed they are great from the start and I was impress by the talent of a few supporting cast. But the story went everywhere except where it was supposed to go. The joy, the fun, and my interest with it, left this drama around the middle (or even before that). Nodame Cantabile was always something you could count on for a laught or at least a huge smile, even during the sadest episodes... This one failed miserably in that.

The story is about both Nodame and Shiaki, how they grow but stay the same too. At one point, I couldn't tell what was NaeIl Cantabile about. The focus got lost or the way they made the characters grew was going to wrong path. It became too serious somehow, too psychological, too boring. The essence of Nodame is being able to bring real deep issue while staying always in a light mood overall. NaeIl is not childish enough in some part, not involve in the story enough in other part. She's one of the main focus of the serie! How come during quite a few episodes, I didn't really care what happened to her? She's supposed to be a big part of the orchestra even if she cannot actually take part in the concert all that much. But that has been left aside after just a few episode for I don't know what reason. Then, I have other problems with YooJin characters, but I cannot quite put my finger on it. Maybe it's because the focus of the character is not enough on the music, too intensely on NaeIl for who she is as a person over who she is as a pianist. YooJin is supposed to be too emotionally dense to understand he's infatuated with that girl and to act on it directly. The story suffers of a bad cause of taking itself too seriously...

The music is still there at last. But it's not the same still. In the jap versions (both the anime and the drama), the music is a character of the story. Its presence is overwhelming. They got it at first, but then it somehow faded in the background. I remember being terribly taken by a piece now and then (and if I remember correctly, most of them weren't cut or shortened in the jap adaptations) that I would get it and listen to it over and over and over again, getting the score and trying to learn it (I play piano a little bit). I'm nowhere near that feeling with this one. I've discover a few new piece though, and that's good, but it wasn't has memorable. Yet it's suppose to be! The show is all about that third main character! Its presence should be palpable.

One thing that I can give is that there's some really beautiful scene, either because of the scenery or because of the way it was filmed. The colors of autumn are really really really pretty. I like the fact they made a bigger part for YooJin's mother character, I think it was a good idea. YooJin's father... meh. I don't always get why Korean storys NEED to have some kind of really really bad guy for it to exist. Life is already complicated, trying to make things realistic is usually enough.

And finally, I really hate what they did to the maestro character. He's supposed to be a big perverted weirdo. The loveline they created for him is b-o-r-i-n-g. He's about ¼ at least of why the original story is so fun and goofy. Making him a somewhat wiseman to guide people all the time... what an unfortunate change. Why did they added that totally unnecessary character YoonHoo? He's adding nothing interesting to the story, really. At least, there's IlRak and Mini MinHee to save some of the drama.

I'm really tented to put a lower rating than what I gave this drama here, but it was still somehwat enjoyable. And since I've experienced what is a really bad drama this year, I can say it's better than just "average". However, if you have seen the Japanese drama or anime, or even if you've read the manga, I wouldn't recommend it. You'll be disappointed for sure.
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13 Aug, 2018
Both revolve around performance arts students, in Dream High they learn vocals and dance, while in Cantabile it's Instrumental/Conducting/Orchestra. Both are similar in the sense that the main leads in both dramas are extremely talented but lacking in the emotional category (they have a hard time expressing how they really feel and so instead come of as cold, rude and indifferent). In both dramas this is enough of a set back to prevent them from truly showing their full potential. At the same time you have other characters who are seen as less talented but as time goes on they develop their skills and gradually gain recognition. Both show how the exceptionally gifted and the underestimated are able to evolve by interacting with each other, so as to be able to live up to their full potential. While doing so we get to see friendships formed and also tested.

29 Nov, 2014
In both, music is the major topic. Also, these series show the struggle of the "B category" or "Leftovers." Both show how much the characters love music and how they try to become famous, and how they have to beat those who have talent and money or good connections.


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ddevart 12 Jan, 2017
The last ep was a dream! ♥
jihye 11 Sep, 2016
É ultrajante o qual mal o Cha Yu Jin trata a Nae Il e o pior ela fica igual ao cachorrinho perto dele, não tenho paciência mais para esse tipo de casal, se a história só girasse em torno deles dois eu iria desistir o bom é que os secundários são interessantes e a música é boa.
iloveuuu 13 Nov, 2015
I really loved this drama! I haven't seen any of the other versions though, so perhaps that's why I can't understand why people wouldn't like this version.
miyuka 12 May, 2015
One of my favourite dramas! So funny!

cocci 04 Jan, 2015
It was not really good. I put 2 stars only because of the nice music.

I seriously would not have finished it if it was not for the fact that I had the flu and I needed something to do whenever I was able to venture out of my bed.
krzhope 03 Jan, 2015
there's no doubt the lead actors are great. if we have to someone to blame, we should blame the scriptwriter, the director, and the producer. right from the start, we know that remaking this drama is a very bad idea. if i'm not mistaken, even the mangaka wasnt happy with this version. and that tells you something.
miyuka 20 Dec, 2014
it was masterpiece for me. i like classical music now because of this drama. also i really like the all characters. their school, their friendships are so sweet.
alocamary 06 Dec, 2014
fico me perguntando: pq diabos deixaram essa versão tão dramática? porran! u.u