ESC to close 3.39 (by 371 users)yeonaeui balgyeon 연애의 발견
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized yeonaeui balgyeon
english Finding True Love
literal Discovery Of Love
aka Discovery Of Romance


genres comedy, drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 18 Aug, 2014 - 07 Oct, 2014
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.39 of 5 by 371 users
total users 810
rating 1257
favorites 6



Being a couple of five years, Gang Tae Ha and Han Yeo Reum eventually break up, blaming each other for growing distant and therefore ruining their relationship. Five years later, Yeo Reum is in a happy relationship with plastic surgeon Nam Ha Jin, even considering to marry him although she is hesitant, as her debts are growing by the day.

When Yeo Reum follows Ha Jin to a hotel, thinking that he is cheating on her, she ends up sitting opposite Gang Tae Ha, who bluntly admits that he still has feelings for her and wants a second chance. Yeo Reum is shocked by the confession and tries to avoid Tae Ha to maintain her good relationship with Ha Jin. But the more Yeo Reum wants to forget her ex-boyfriend, the more he seems to pop up in her life.


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Gang Tae Ha
Han Yeo Reum
Nam Ha Jin
An A Rim
Do Jun Ho
Yun Sol




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16 Oct, 2014
Discovery of Romance is a unique take on overcoming relationships filled with realistic characters.

Everyone in this show is flawed. The female lead isn't that lovable, and frankly it's super hard to get behind her until much later in the show. But she's also fascinating because she's blunt and realistic, a fresh face on the drama landscape. You don't like her or her actions much, but you can also probably name someone like her in your life.

Our male leads are also flawed. There's no perfect second lead here, no guy who doesn't make stupid mistakes, doesn't get jealous, or perpetuate misunderstandings. The issues that crop up and the way their dealt with are true to life.

That being said, somethings do get drawn out, and more often than not you want to shake the leads by their shoulders to knock some sense into them. There's unnecessary misunderstandings because people simply won't talk even a little bit, there's secrets that really shouldn't be kept, and motives that make no sense.

Entertaining yet frustrating, this show is a good watch, once you get into it.
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12 Aug, 2014
Both series star Jeong Yu Mi and Eric as the main actors.


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danisensei 02 Sep, 2017
I found it a bit draggy/annoying in the beginning, but I got quite hooked by it by the 9th episode. I enjoyed how it pictures relationship hardships, people's emotions (wavering), why people would start lying and its consequences. It's something closer to 'reality' than those 'chaebols and poor girls stories'; it's mature without being boring. And don't expect to find here the bad guy/girl who makes evil plans to separate the couple; there is no such annoying character. It's not a 'wonderful' drama, but I recommend it! I liked it a lot!
reginaphalange 27 May, 2016
@erzsy i finished it and surprisingly enough i liked it :D
i liked it from the first episode and i didn't found it boring at all. the story is interesting and the act is really good. i liked all the characters and their issues were very realistic. even if sometimes some of their problems and the action of this drama tended to be dragged a little too much it doesn't get annoying.
there were sad moments and some really fun and awkward moments too which i enjoyed.
i'm glad i start watching this and even for one moment i didn't thought of dropping it out.
erzsy 26 May, 2016
@reginaphalange I really like his new drama too :) tell me how you liked this one! :)
reginaphalange 25 May, 2016
@erzsy i am...:)) i am a big fan of Sung Jun but because of the score this drama has i didn't gave it a chance.
But now, i kind of like Eric because of his new drama (never seen anything from him before) and looks like the thoughts about this drama are not bad so i'll give it a try.
erzsy 16 May, 2016
Anyone who hasn't watched this drama because the not so good score (thats why i was so late watching it) forget it and don't let hold you that back! This is a really good, fun, lovely and real adult romance drama with excellent story and act. Watch it! :)
veraa22 27 Apr, 2016
This drama is a masterpiece!!! I love how realistic the characters are and the side characters are excellent too! This drama made me laugh so hard and cry as well.
alexadm81 21 Aug, 2015
Such a fun and lovely drama! The chemistry was great!!
vanityfull 08 Mar, 2015
Also, love how they make it look like a variety show, where they express their true feelings bts