ESC to close 2.96 (by 105 users)ultra miracle love story
  • 2009
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized ultra miracle love story
english Bare Essence Of Life
aka urutora mirakuru rabu sutoori


genres comedy


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 06 Jun, 2009
duration 120 minutes
status released


avg. score 2.96 of 5 by 105 users
total users 217
rating 311



Youjin is a quirky young man who spends each day raising vegetables with his grandmother. Then, Machiko arrives in town as a substitute kindergarten teacher and for Youjin it's a first sight love. However, Machiko is wary of Youjin and his strange behavior, and is still recovering from the grief of losing her boyfriend in an accident. Youjin decides to do everything he can to win over Machiko's heart, though his eagerness combined with his obsession with pesticides has unexpected results.


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Mizuki Youjin
Shinsen Machiko
Tanaka Futoshi
Director Taneichi
Teacher Kaoru
Shimata Kaname


director, screenwriter
costume designer


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01 Apr, 2013
Youjin is a bit quirky and can't sit still. When Machiko arrives in Aomori, he falls in love at first sight. So he plans to do everything he can do to make her like him. But she is still trying to forget her ex-boyfriend, who died during an car accident and so isn't fond of him trying to woo her. Still, they talk a lot about mankind and since he likes talking to her, so she opens up to him a bit...

After thinking about it again, I wonder what the true story behind this movie is. There are a lot of characters, many interactions and nice dialogues. But I still missed the main moral of the movie. The ending was strange and at some point of the movie, I wondered how the beginning connected to the ending. It sure did have a great impact, but I thought that they might have added the moral of the story only in the latter half of the movie. Indeed, there were a lot of funny scenes and I didn't get bored watching the movie, but I hoped for a better storyline. Also, the chemistry between the main characters isn't all that good. I wondered why she decided to talk to him in the end.

I'll give it 2* for the few funny scenes and the good acting of Matsuyama Kenichi.
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silivren 29 Aug, 2011
That scene symbolizes the reunion with the nature
babu 23 Aug, 2011
I kinda liked it from the start, it seemed interresting, entertaining and all...
But the end?

I wouldn't mind that he died (well, sad andings are sometimes better then happy ends), but what the hell was that after his death? His brain in a glass, the bear.... Geeeez!!!! It felt so iritated to watch it to the end! If I should remake it, I would it end after his dead...

But Kenichi did great acting job ^^
aries 31 Jul, 2011
@babo lol I agree! really random movie but in some way quite entertaining.. don't ask me why though XD
babo 31 Jul, 2011
I have to say that this is one of the weirdest movies I have seen! Just when it started to make sence it did a complete turn making you wonder what was going to happen next. And the end, haha it made no sence to me XD