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  • 2014
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized tokyo ghoul
aka トウキョウグール

Based On

based on manga
title tokyo ghoul
author Ishida Sui (石田スイ)


genres action, drama, mystery, supernatural


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network MXTV (Tokyo MX)
by Studio Pierrot (ぴえろ)


date 04 Jul, 2014 - 19 Sep, 2014
episodes 12
duration 30 minutes
air day Friday
status released


avg. score 3.83 of 5 by 399 users
total users 641
rating 1527
favorites 30


tokyo ghoul √a
2015 TV jp
tokyo ghoul: pinto
2015 video jp
tokyo ghoul: jack
2015 video jp
tokyo ghoul
2017 film jp
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butai tokyo ghoul
2015 video jp
same setting


There are blood thirsty creatures lurking in the shadows of Tokyo: Ghouls. Largely unnoticed they mingle with humans and devour them in the dark of the night. Kaneki Ken is an ordinary college student who encounters a beautiful woman by chance and is drawn into the mysterious and blood drenched world of the ghouls.


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director, storyboard creator
animation director


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16 Jun, 2016
Not for the faint of heart. Or those who can't stand the sight of blood.

Tokyo Ghoul is centered around a young man by the name of Kaneki Ken. He's your average guy who loves books, by a particular author specifically.

While at a small coffee shop he encounters a beautiful girl named Rize. She too loves the same author as him.

They go on a date and it was perfect to Kaneki, but the night takes a turn for the worst as Rize attacks him while they walk alone after the date ends.

It turns out that Rize is a 'ghoul' a species of human-looking beings that eat the flesh of regular human beings.

Rize attacks him, but with great luck she is buried beneath metal beams from above.

Kaneki wakes up in the hospital, having been greatly injured himself, feeling happy to be alive. Only to find himself surviving with the organs of Rize deep inside.

Watch as he tries to fight the urge to feed as he finds himself stuck between being a human, and becoming a ghoul.

Overall a great story with epic fighting scenes and a wide range of characters both likable and highly intolerable.

At some point you find yourself rooting for both the humans and the ghouls. The story leaves you torn as you begin to see ghouls in a different light. Wondering just the sort of life they've had to live. But you are also shown the side of ghouls that really makes them grotesque and you begin to understand just how dangerous most of them are, and how human they can be.
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tamayatz 17 Mar, 2017
I'm reading the manga and in the anime they've skipped quite a lot of the story and changed a lot of scenes. I can see why people think this anime is bad but as always the manga is way better. The characters become likeable with the manga. In the anime the pace is too fast.
leviathan 20 Jan, 2017
One of the worst series I've ever watched lmaoo

Not just full of clichés and being your typical battle shonen Anime, none of characters were interesting in my opinion. To be honest it's nowhere near AoT that can't be even compared...
vanityfull 10 Oct, 2016
Oh wow, last episode is gory, AoT got nothing on it. Anime is really good!
beautifur 07 Apr, 2016
@thefreak totally agree!

Also, not too fond of the "kindness = weakness" thing... I loved the Ghouls' masks though.
thefreak 23 Oct, 2015
@Random chan Ah, okay, now I finally understand what you mean! I know that television has to censor a lot of stuff as they would get into serious trouble if not. I can witness it here in my home country every time I turn on the TV, especially when they air animes (Japan has a different approach to these things it seems, as Germany censors a lot more).
Hm, I still don't know which version I watched, but I assume it was the censored one~~
Doesn't make Tokyo Ghoul much better, though XD [2]
Random chan 23 Oct, 2015
@thefreak :o censored version is the one that is released on television, usually the actual uncensored version is released later on dvd to show all of the things that are forbidden to show on TV :o. They must censor all the things this way because it's not allowed to be shown on TV. Doesn't make Tokyo Ghoul much better, though XD. Just threw my few cents in because I noticed you've complained about the censoring, but in reality they don't really have a choice :o.
thefreak 23 Oct, 2015
@Random chan Ehm, I'm not sure xD I don't think so though. It was the original Japanese version with English Subtitles. There was no notification that I watched a censored version (didn't even know that exists xD)
Random chan 22 Oct, 2015
@thefreak you watched the censored version? :o