ESC to close 3.32 (by 697 users)hi school: love on 하이스쿨 – 러브온
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized hi school: love on
english Hi! School: Love On
aka hi! school - love on, hi! school-love on, high school love on, high school: love on, high school - love on, hai seukool: reobeu on, 하이스쿨 : 러브온


genres life, romance, school, fantasy, friendship, youth


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 11 Jul, 2014 - 19 Dec, 2014
episodes 20
duration 65 minutes
air day Friday
at 20:55 - 22:00
status released


avg. score 3.32 of 5 by 697 users
total users 1254
rating 2313
favorites 30



Sin U Hyeon is a normal high school student, except for the fact that he has a guardian angel watching over him. Lee Seul Bi is his guardian angel, disguised as a high school student she attempts to protect U Hyeon whilst fitting in with human society and dealing with normal teenage problems, including falling in love.




Sin U Hyeon
Hwang Seong Yeol
Lee Seul Bi
An Ji Hye
Gang Gi Su
Hwang U Jin


producer, director


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12 Jul, 2016
Hi School Love On has an interesting premise that's rife with possibilities. And while it does act on some of those, it's less successful on others.

The strongest part of the show is the directing, which manages to keep some of the flow going and the story entertaining. There's a hint of whimsical and reality, mixing together to build a world that follows the same laws as ours but with mythical aspects. The other strong aspect is the acting by Kim Sae Ron who essentially carries the show, as she plays Seul Bi with both the maturity of a guardian angel with the innocence of a child.

Unfortunately both the story and the acting besides Sae Ron leaves much to be desired. The mythical aspect has rules but they aren't fully fleshed out. As time progresses, the plot becomes more a melodramatic, cliched love triangle and less the fun, whimsy show that it started out as.

And while that's often entertaining enough, when 2/3s of the love triangle fail to evoke emotion it's hard to get invested.

An average watch. Nothing ground breaking and only recommended for a Kim Sae Ron fan with their finger on the fast forward button.
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08 Nov, 2014
They have many things in common: A very naive and pure female lead, a very attractive and popular male lead, and a soft-hearted second male lead who is somehow far away from all the others. The characters face similar problems in both, such as bullying and the start of bonding. Monstar lacks the fantasy part of Hi School: Love on, and Hi School: Love on is missing the music of Monstar.


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jangminhae 01 Jun, 2015
It was decent.
At first it was a bit slow and unintresting, but then it got better ...and I didn't do my homework again... =D
The actors were not good (they are singers after all) but otherwise it was ok..
Good: 3/5
archiejowist 27 May, 2015
Even if I like Infinite and even if I think that the main actress was really pretty and cute... the acting was poor and everything was so awkward. It's not even the age gap that I couldn't feel anything but... I don't even know how to describe it. Normally (when I don't like something) I just shut my mouth but this time I can't. I don't even know why this has such a good response since the acting and the script were so terrible. It was just average and cliche, sorry. I wonder how I completed it. And the last episode was such a disappointment - they shouldn't even use the motive with
the whole car accident (but I liked "sunbae"'s reaction) and amnesia
if they were going to do it like that. Wow. Just wow. Poorly written plot. If you are older than 12 then I won't recommend it to you. Unless you are a really really really (and I really mean "really) BIG fan of Infinite and you just want to watch how they act.
There were only a few things I liked:
1) her image in the beginning
2) bickering between Tae Ho and that girl (and their own story line)
that freakin' cute bubble gum kiss
That would be all. Over.
eunhye 21 May, 2015
Seong Yeol is better actor than U Hyeon. That's the main thing I've learned from this drama.
As for me, it was too naive and mediocre. Actually, i wanted to give it 2,5 stars, but there is only 2 or 3 on mdl.
I think 20 ep is too much. As always - firs half was fine, but the second was extremely boring and full of tears . Yack.
P.s. forever in 'Seonbae'-team XD
thinktieng 26 Feb, 2015
i was giving a 4star for this, the story was great the actors were awesome, until around epi 11 where the story kinda just drag whole drama to reach total of 20episodes.
the ending was good but its rushing to finish in 1epi.
so, its a 3star from me
and the human angel, he is so adorable
alexadm81 26 Jan, 2015
I really enjoyed watching this drama,, it was great! I know that maybe Kim Sae Ron was too young to play this role but can we mention how good she portraited a 18-year-old girl? Not many young actors or actresses can play a role that good! The OST was so beautiful :D
poulminjae 21 Dec, 2014
I totally loved this drama ^^
Half a year of living with them was great. I'm kinda sad that it had to finally end. Although waiting for episodes was really tiring, the drama itself was enjoyable and I totally loved every character in it ^^
I know it was cheezy and lame and childish and naive and immature and.....
But I loved it ♥♥♥
honami 20 Dec, 2014
I will miss this drama. It was really good! At times a bit boring... but overall I don't regret watching it! Maybe I'll rewatch this drama sometime too! :D
stellybish 20 Dec, 2014
Wow, after 6 months it's finally over!
It was both enjoyable and not at times.
Maybe I was able to finish it because I really like the leads *Inspirit here xD*
& I think they did a good job. The story also had a potential but they didn't use it!
The female lead was an angel for god's sake! It's like they forgot that at times and they returned to it.
The final ep was a bit rushed but still, they were many cute moments in the drama <3
Maybe it should've been shorter, I don't know... Too many cliches but funny supporting characters ~