ESC to close 3.7 (by 5427 users)gaeinui chwihyang 개인의 취향
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized gaeinui chwihyang
english Personal Preference (literal)
aka Personal Taste

Based On

based on book
title gaeinui chwihyang
author Lee Sae In


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 31 Mar, 2010 - 20 May, 2010
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.7 of 5 by 5427 users
total users 7426
rating 20053
favorites 524



Jeon Jin Ho is the head architect of a small firm who is trying to avoid bankruptcy while attempting to beat his father's old friends -- and his foes, Chang Ryeol and his father. When he notices they have their eye on the house of Park Gae In, Jin Ho pretends to be gay so that he can move in and find out what had captured their interest. Hilarity ensues as Gae In and Jin Ho's polar opposite personality clash continuously.


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Park Gae In
Jeon Jin Ho
Lee Yeong Seon
Kim In Hui
Han Jang Ryeol
Han Yun Seop




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23 Dec, 2012
Personal Taste was my first drama and it’s the reason why I’m still watching dramas and also the reason of my interest in Korean music. It was very enjoyable and fun to watch. After watching many (not actually) it’s still my favorite one.

It’s mixing of romantic comedy and melodrama. I laughed a lot while watching it and I felt very sad too. First few episodes are incredibly funny and after that it becomes sadder and more mature. I enjoyed every moments of it.

Acting/Casting is the best thing about this drama. Before starting this drama I didn't know who is Lee Min Ho, I knew only about Son Ye Jin and actor performing Director Choi. Son Ye Jin is great as always. I expected great performance from her and she gave it!! Who said she is annoying?? I didn’t find her annoying a bit or maybe I don’t know the meaning of annoying. In my view Park Kae In was the best character of the drama; she is heart of the drama. Without her this drama is nothing.

I loved friendship between Jo Eun Ji and Jung Sung Hwa, it was great fun to watch them. Other supporting cast is also good especially Kim In Hee, her character is really powerful and makes you to hate her.

And finally Lee Min Ho, he was very good.

Music of Personal Taste is the reason, why I started watching it. Music is really great!! It fits this drama very well. Almost every track is great and instrumentals are in my favorite playlist.

I’ve already seen this drama twice and one of two dramas that I watched again.

I admit some parts are boring but overall it was a great drama, a must watch!!
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14 Apr, 2011
Dal Ja and Gae In are lonely women who live alone, dreaming about true love. They both are a bit naive, kind and trusting. And they meet the young, pretty man (Tae Bong and Jin Ho). And now they are supposed to live together. Both Dal Ja's Spring and Personal Preference are romance comedies, with a bit of drama and telling about a real life.

28 Mar, 2011
One mistakes the sexual orientation of the other, and over time they fall in love. Both are about the actions the couple takes during and after the time of misconception.


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strawberryz 07 Apr, 2016
Nada de muito espetacular, mas foi um bom drama pra passar o tempo. Além disso, sempre é bom assistir algo com o deuso do Minhoo.
riverdepp 03 Feb, 2016
This is MY OPINION and therefore it can greatly differ from yours.

I'm on episode 11 and so far I hate Jeon Jin Ho, I really do. It looks like as long as it's Lee Min Ho, the character can be a f**king as**ole and the girl will have no dignity whatsoever to stand up for herself and tell him to freaking stop being an ass and treating her like trash, forgiving everything he does. Park Gae In is definitely what I DON'T want to be as a woman in regards of love, damn everyone steps on her and she barely says anything. I'm gonna have a bad time finishing this, I really can't be happy for the Gae In x Jin Ho couple, nor with any couple in here, it started so good but it's developing terribly. And the whole gay thing, well... I know it's South Korea but man it's difficult to conceive the closed minds of people in there. What the hell is wrong with social relations in this drama. /rant

The only one I really liked was Yeong Seon, she's straight forward, strong, can stand up for herself and is funny, hell she's even a fujoshi like me, I loved her.
missblackrabbit 05 May, 2015
All I remember from this drama is is Park Gae In screaming _all_the_time_ and constantly having to put down the volume.
Sorry neighboors.
neo9000 28 Aug, 2013
Would have voted it very good but it was too much. A few less episodes or refreshing content would have done great instead of redoing things over and over again. The end made it worth it at least.
mikku77 25 Aug, 2013
Hilarious, sweet & touching.. Maybe because i didn't take it too serious from the start it was fairly Easy to digest and i didn't feel that the acting was over the top ;)
kirtil 25 Jul, 2013
The premise was very good; mistaken identity turned into gender bender; for me it's a near perfect start to a romantic comedy.
Main couple was also good; damaged enough to be accessible and make you want to root for them, at the same time strong enough (or extreme positive pov in Park Gae In's case) to still not be pathetic and make you feel only pity for them.

Despite these major brownie points, it was very hard for me to finish this. This seemed like tailored perfectly for me. I thought I'd have a lot of fun watching and I'd finish it in no time.
It took me several tries and I really had to force myself to finish it. Something (actually everything) about it rubbed me in the wrong way. Maybe I've seen one too many evil parents, maybe she was too positive and unrealistic for me.

About only things I enjoyed were watching interactions of Lee Yeong Seon & No Sang Jun and to watch the bloopers.

I hope you'll have more fun with this than me.
ralphina 28 Apr, 2013
First few episodes were too slow and the acting wasn't too great, imho. But as the time went on the chemistry got better between actors and the funny moments were hilarious :3

Though few things bothered me.
* I guess in Asia guys and girls can't simply be friends, it must be Western thing then. If they're friends they must date!
* Living in same house does not mean sex is a must do thing.
* Gay guys can fall for girls as well if they really like their personality, it's a fact and no - they don't have to be bi-sexual.
jangminhae 21 Apr, 2013
wow...... <3