ESC to close 3.7 (by 104 users)road no. 1 로드 넘버원
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized road no. 1
aka Road Number One, rodeu neombeo won


genres history, romance, military


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 23 Jun, 2010 - 26 Aug, 2010
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.7 of 5 by 104 users
total users 353
rating 385
favorites 11



Based on the events of 'Route 1' that goes to Seoul to Pyongyang. Lee Jang U has great abilities of friendship, survival and ideology in a brutal war environment.


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Kim Su Yeon
Lee Jang U
Sin Tae Ho
Su Yeon (young)
Kim Su Hyeok
O Jong Gi


producer, director


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06 Jan, 2011
'Road no.1' and 'Comrades' are military and war dramas. Both commemorate the soldiers who gave their lives in the Korean War. Also, there are many similarities in the story plot line; the main hero in the two dramas is dedicated to protecting the lives of the soldiers serving under him.


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ilate 07 Feb, 2017
So it's been over two years now since I've completed watching this drama, but let me tell you, I still remember every single episode. It had such a big impact on me and my entire life really. I'd love to watch it again, but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough, because, as jessicarose said, the drama (whole drama, not only the ending) had me crying like a baby. so powerful.
jessicarose 05 Oct, 2015
I don't usually cry watching anything but man the final episode had me crying like a baby. One of the best dramas I've ever watched, a masterpiece without a doubt.

The drama, the romance... (and also the bromance...) everything was perfectly done there.

Seriously, Ji Seop made his character feel so real I think I'll never get over Lee Jang Woo. Lee Jang Woo is seriously one of the best characters you could ever find in a drama.

Besides, I've grown to love Shin Tae Ho so much he's a real badass. I love how he slowly grew as a person and I'm so proud of him XD
ilate 18 Nov, 2014
Great, great drama! Amazing plot, and a great history lesson. Whenever it got heavy with all those fights, shoots, bombings, and deaths, the love story between the two main characters popped in so viewers could take a rest.

What I really really liked is the fact that the producents didn't try to show South Koreans in a better light and even though North Koreans were still portrayed as the 'bad guy' (of course, that's a historical fact, they were the intruders after all), the drama shows that South Koreans also did a lot of unforgettable things. Well, it was a war after all. One of the most tragic in the history of mankind.

Also, amazing acting! So Ji Sub proved that he is not just another good-looking guy but a skilled actor as well. Kim Ha Neul did a terrific job, so did Yun Gye Sang, and all actors who appeared in the drama. I would love to see more Choe Min Su though.

If there's one thing I could change it would be the soundtrack. The melodic soundtrack was amazing, but I find Hwanhee (I love him as a singer tho), IU, Baek Ji Young, and Hwanhee's songs very unsuitable for the overall feeling of the drama.

Nevertheless, this drama made a huge impact on my life and made me emotionally wrecked for quite a long time. But I think this is one of the dramas everyone should watch. No matter where they are or what language they speak. I highly recommend it to anyone who is sick and tired of stupid Korean dramas with the repetitive plot and poor acting!
babo 19 Apr, 2012
How come I have never heard of this drama?! It seems very promising concidering the cast, story and soundtrack!
murii 24 Jan, 2012
I'll watch this in 10 years
nanuklein 29 Jun, 2011
@kumuriuta: Me recommending a docu to FLCL must mean that I implied that someone said dramas shouldn't be emotional. I guess I'm in the wrong film..or whoops, drama.
kumuriuta 18 Feb, 2011
@lustmord: No one said that drama about war shouldn't be emotional.

And personally I have nothing against romance itself, but if I want to watch a war drama I want romance to be in background at last, not in first sit. Or I'll just go and watch something else and be happy, cause it's what I meant to watch in first place.

I'm not good with rating, I'm no pro at telling who can act and who can't. I didn't paid any attention to bad reviews Road had either, but...

I didn't expect half of the series (I asume serious one?) to be filled with:
- So Ji Sub's empty stares
- Constat partings and reunions of our couple and "the 2nd guy"

Out of all "Jang Woo's hands shake - then he thinks about his beloved and draws her once again " moments, they could make whole episode

- Immortal Jang Woo?
(like seriously, he's immortal, so don't worry? How could you even think he died? Army making pretty much holes in him while bridge he's laying on explodes, isn't that obvious it can't kill him? It just can't. And all that in name of love. Oh yes.

- Random and dumb things one can't even imagine. Army walking there? Can't see them, got to jump forward and rush to your lover of course. Breastfeed random kids even thought she shouldn't be able to? Why not? It's just a drama.
Short summary below. (For curious? Gave up watching for good? Don't worry it's all here)
Jang Woo left to make cash in pre-war battle at some mountain.

Su Yeon thinks he died. After poor suicide attempt she agrees to marry Tae Ho. Tae Ho loves her since he saw her breasteed random child, she reminds him of his mother. Good one.

Then Jang Woo happens to be alive. So he comes back to his beloved just to find out she's about to marry Tae Ho. (Oh, no. Can't be!)

Some serious problems between all three are interrupted by... guess what? War.

So generally speaking Jang Woo want it-or-not has to join the battle once more. Tae Ho wants revange on wicked girl and dislikes Jang Woo for being alive of course. But no worries. Around half of the series brother-bound will win.

Somehow Su Yeon with her seriously-ill-but-can't die brother will try to join north in this war.

Knowing she's heading there Jang Woo rushes to North's capital. Only that goal's in his mind. Same for Tae Ho. So Jang Woo looks at his sketchbook at last few times per episode while some sad melody plays. Pretty much same goes for Tae Ho, just replace sketchbook with ring.

Pretty much important moment happens there, as they arrive. Su Yeon jumps in front of some army with tanks and well... gots hurt. But not by all those enemy's soldiers. Just one crazy Jang Woo's friend happens to shoot her. Nothing much, she dies. Or so they think.

Few episodes of emptiness in Jang Woo's eyes, he pretty much gives up everything. She died after all.

But then she's alive once more. So they hug, work on making child and being silly.

And in the end, when they think it's over for their battles, Jang Woo must go again. It's an epic one so I'll skip how it come to be like this but Jang Woo is the last to pass the bridge. He won't make it, got shoot he lies and looks with tears as his beloved cries over him on other side. Then everything explodes. End. (Or so I wish, in fact years later, they find old grandpa in forest/bush. Guess who?)

If you thought IRIS had more romance than it should had compared to action it's worse here. Just my opinion thought. I think the other one - Comrades - is much better for you, flcl. I heard it's really good one, still I'm yet to see it myself. (Lol, that was long.)
nanuklein 16 Feb, 2011
@flcl: If it has to be about just factual war, which dramas generally aren't since that's why they're called dramas, then go watch a docu about road no.1 -- war brings up emotions, destroyed love stories, families, and so it's bound to have some level of emotions involved.