ESC to close 3.37 (by 920 users)ingyeogongju 잉여공주
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized ingyeogongju
english The Mermaid
literal The Surplus Princess
aka The Idle Mermaid, Surplus Mermaid Princess, 잉여 인어 공주


genres comedy, drama, romance, fantasy


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 07 Aug, 2014 - 09 Oct, 2014
episodes 10
duration 60 minutes
air day Thursday
at 23:00
status released


avg. score 3.37 of 5 by 920 users
total users 1486
rating 3103
favorites 17



Ha Ni is a young and spirited mermaid, who is fascinated by life outside the ocean. She is especially interested in one person: Si Gyeong, an experienced cook, who, through his perfectionism and high standards, easily discourages people.

Her love for earthly men makes Ha Ni decide to take the brave step and become human. To achieve this, she takes help from An Ma Nyeo, but soon discovers that the price she must pay for the fulfillment of her dreams far surpasses her first predictions.

So what now? What if the price was too high? What if love between two races is not possible? And how to fight cruel destiny?




Kim Ha Ni
Lee Hyeon Myeong
Gwon Si Gyeong
Yun Jin A
An Hye Yeong
Ji Yong




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unknown 16 Jul, 2016
I was so confused with the 2 guys. I didn't knew til the end who the main lead was that will get the girl. But...
..the signs were there, that hyeon myeong will be the one. Si kyeong hat thos typical second lead scenes. Seeing them hug & so on. So i liked it. But the ending was a lil bit...why did she disappear just like that?! I mean he was her true love so why?! & why this damn open ending with "i'll ne back"?!.don't put my hopes up for a second season!
nimwoo 21 May, 2016
I'm very late on this drama, I gotta confess I wanted to watch it since long ago because of Joohyuk but I postponed it always. And because of Song Jaerim in Goodbye Mr. Black, I wanted more of him and decided to watch it.
I can't even say I'm absolutely disappointed because the drama wasn't bad at all thorought the first 8 episodes. It was perfect, I'd say- like a lot of tvN dramas, it had that desire of self-development and moving on your failures, it taught you about partnership, friendship and love. It gave good laughs and it was pretty good, until they decided to make an awkward, rushed and unnecessary love triangle. This was the worst thing I've watched in dramas, I swear. If Hani and Hyunmyung would've stayed as friends, I can't imagine how much I'd have liked it. They had that kind of "neighborhood oppa-dongsaeng" relationship and it was cute. He could've just misunderstood his feelings and realize he didn't like her as a woman, but just he wanted to protect her as a younger sister (although it is never stated who is older). If he had gone back to Jinah, it would've been per-fect. So that Sikyung (MY POOR, BABY SIKYUNG) wouldn't have cried his heart out and Hani could've been happy and wouldn't have disappeared.

Honestly, it was SO random how she just disappeared? Like, all of that she went through to get Sikyung, then she falls in love (because of a d*mn hug) with Hyunmyung, but all of that was pointless because it wasn't even true love? What kind of cr*p was this, holy god. I will never recover of this, I swear. I guess people who watched the drama when it aired thought it would've a second season, because of the "I'll come back," but it's been 2 years now and I really doubt there would be any. I'm just... sigh.
alex3 23 Jan, 2016
it was funny at the beginning but i had to drop it because it wasnt that interesting for me to last all 10 episodes
bluediamonds 05 Jan, 2016
Masterpiece until the 10th episode.

It's really sad that they cut it off, i believe those extra 4 episodes would make things seem more reasonable than rush everything in 60 minutes and finish it on ten episodes
like i read on another comment and i agree, Hani loved Si Gyeong SO MUCH and then out of nowhere she loved Hyun Myung in the speed of light. So instead of cutting this for example they should have made those 4 episodes to at least show us the end of the first "relationship" and the beginning of the new one.

I read, the reason they cut it off was because they wanted to improve the show's quality since it didn't have high ratings. Bad move for me because there are so many bad korean dramas out there that needed to be cut down but instead of this, they had so many episodes that were boring or didn't make sense or anything else, and their problem was this "little" drama...

Anyway, if you want a good laugh, this drama is everything you need! It's amazing seriously! And the chemistry between the actors made it so so soooooo awesome! ♥

What did it meant,
in the 10th episode, by "I will be back.." 0__o
kamilles 12 Aug, 2015
keepingbreath 17 May, 2015
Agree with @taekyul893. Drama was wonderful while it was keeping Disney's fairytale's line until the last episodes.
u-turn in 9-10 episodes was too unfounded. Ha Ni loved ShiKyung so much. And without rhyme or reason she fell in love with Hyeon Myeong in the last two episodes..
Anyway I'm ShiKyung's team.

I am really feeling cheated.
The end also was bullshit.
P.S. Yun Jin A was best evil (annoying) character in K-drama's history.
taekyul893 03 May, 2015
It's such a shame they changed the original Disney-like fairytale into a normal kdrama-story in the last two last episodes... turning out the way I didn't want it to. It would've been so much better if they kept the original flow and HaNi would've gotten what she wanted in the first place...
If they kept the Disney-feeling I would've given this drama 5/5.
taekyul893 03 May, 2015
I'm so f*cking angry she didn't end up with ShiKyung, like WHYYYYY