ESC to close 4.07 (by 544 users)nappeun nyeoseokdeul 나쁜 녀석들
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized nappeun nyeoseokdeul
english Bad Guys (literal)
aka Bad Boys


genres action, crime, drama


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network OCN


date 04 Oct, 2014 - 13 Dec, 2014
episodes 11
duration 60 minutes
air day Saturday
at 22:00 - 23:00
status released


avg. score 4.07 of 5 by 544 users
total users 1044
rating 2213
favorites 30


nappeun nyeoseokdeul: agui dosi
2017 TV kr
nappeun nyeoseokdeul: the movie
2020 film kr


"Beating up a kind man is violence, but beating up a bad guy, that's justice".

With those words, commissioner Nam Gu Hyeon seeks out dismissed police officer O Gu Tak to ask him for a rather unusual favor: select and put together a team to find a serial killer on the loose, who, among others, murdered the commissioner's son. Everyone involved is more than just shocked when they find out that O Gu Tak's team is a lot more dangerous than the people they're supposed to catch: Park Ung Cheol, a mob boss who overtook Seoul within 25 days, Jeong Tae Su, a contract killer who only got arrested because he suddenly turned himself in, and lastly Lee Jeong Mun, a genius psychopath who murdered fifteen people within eight months.

Soon, this group of 'mad dogs' finds itself as the last way out when the police aren't able to catch the culprit by just sticking to the law.


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O Gu Tak
Park Ung Cheol
Lee Jeong Mun
Jeong Tae Su
Yu Mi Yeong
Nam Gu Hyeon




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13 Jan, 2015
Bad Guys is takes your standard crime drama and ups the ante as much as it possibly can. Dark, gritty and entertaining with lots of twists, the show isn't for everyone, but it's definitely an entertaining watch.

The story is well written and plotted. Not only is it pretty unique - take some of the worst criminals in jail and use them to hunt down the worst of the worst - but it manages to infuse depth into characters who would otherwise be villains.

And despite the episodic format, we see hints of something bigger being laid out. So as the characters develop and bond, we also begin to see the cracks forming. And as the puzzle pieces get put together, it leads to an awesome showdown.

The other two pieces of the trifecta also match up. The directing doesn't shy from gritty scenes or hide that this is a dark show. The colour tones are blue, the scenes darkly lit when needed, and the casting is on point, allowing the acting to shine through.

If you don't mind some gore (shown as necessary) and are willing to go dark, this is a definite watch.
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ellenasabina 17 Sep, 2018
I had hardly finished 2 episodes... then dropped it.
kasumii 19 Jan, 2018
stellybish 31 Jan, 2017
Interesting drama, surely not a masterpiece but a still a rather good one.
The plot... it was kind of predictable, but I liked the bonding between the characters and the message of the drama - that we should never judge the book by its cover.
The action scenes were very well done. Dong Hyuk & Dong Seok were amazing!
KSJ really did go overboard with his tries to act badass and Mi Yeong was kind of annoying.
I don't think the drama needs a second season and it's too late now I guess.
I still can't understand why Tae Soo killed Seon Jeong's husband! He had feelings for her??? WHAT???
I thought somebody had hired him to kill that man...
& really why did no one connect the victims of the serial murders with the fact that someone from their family had committed a crime? Well, that could have been considered as Jeong Mun's motive as well, but anyway... the whole story with the pills, let's say I believe that his memory could have been erased or he had some black outs, but to hipnotize him and make him go to every crime scene? Not so believable.
Haejin did a good job in portraying his character though. Lost and confused, desperate for the truth.
ilate 16 Jan, 2017
Wow, this drama is just masterpiece. Everything about it is freaking amazing. The plot is very fresh, acting is outstanding, and the shots are breathtaking. Everyone did a terrific job, especially Jo Dong Hyuk and, well, Park Hae Jin (but yeah, I'm 100% biased, just look at my profile pic). They all were the right people at the right place, the roles suited them so well. Nothing about this drama was predictable, and that's a big plus. Heartbreaking at times, but overall having this hidden positive message. Highly recommend!
sweetsuga 13 Jan, 2017
Eu penso que as pessoas tem expectativas muito altas com dramas de ação/mistério - e quando não se satisfazem, começam a falar um bocado. Eu li até três páginas de comentários aqui, e achei bem ~mais ou menos~ com relação aos argumentos negativos. Bad Guys foi um bom drama pra mim.
Honestamente, desde metade da série eu não achava que o Lee Jung fosse um psicopata. A não ser que fosse uma espécie de Norman Bates (dava os "apagões" e ele começava a matar). E, sim, eu acreditei que (de alguma forma), aqueles dois criminosos pudessem querer se redimir e sair da vida do crime.
Claro, a trama está cheia de chavões (Han Jeong Hung meio que se repete nos assuntos centrais). Não é espetacular. Mas eu achei o roteiro fechadinho e dei cinco estrelas.
ralphina 05 Dec, 2016
Was swaying between 3,4 and 5 throughout the series, but for once there was a satisfying ending so just for that 5 it is.
alexadm81 15 Jul, 2016
Totally worth to watch! The acting was too good and also the action scenes were more than amazing, since I'm an action movie/drama fan. Hope there will be a second season because I would really be interested in watching it especially if it would be as good as the first one. Indeed, this drama might not be to everyone's taste since there are some bloody and violent scenes.

Overall, 5/5.
somiboo 03 Apr, 2016
@meakoo Pretty much sums it up, If I was to write a review or something I would have said the exact same thing. Loved the acting, Loved the characters, Loved the pace, loved the plot. If there is to be a season 2 I would be all over it.