ESC to close 4.41 (by 1499 users)healer 힐러
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized healer
aka hilleo


genres action, comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 08 Dec, 2014 - 10 Feb, 2015
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 4.41 of 5 by 1499 users
total users 2219
rating 6614
favorites 328



Seo Jeong Hu, also known as 'Healer', is something like an errand boy. He would do anything from stealing to delivering things -- anything aside from murder. Chae Yeong Sin was adopted when she was little and her dream is to be a a reporter who always reveals the truth, much like her reporter idol, Kim Mun Ho, who is a famous reporter loved by the people and hated by the higher ups whose truth he always reveals.

Kim Mun Ho hires the Healer to find an adopted missing girl. As the three of get involved with each other, their pasts that connect them come to light.




Kim Mun Ho
Chae Yeong Sin
Seo Jeong Hu
Jo Min Ja
Gi Yeong Jae
Seo Jun Seok




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12 Feb, 2015
Healer is a show that proves that when the trifecta of a show (acting, directing and story) are at their best, how amazing the end result is.

The show starts off with sleek action, intrigue and characters that are slowly unraveled. The directing plays to all its ques, letting you get submersed. And with it manages to keep the show's quality, and it never loses sense of what it was when you started.

The acting is top notch, with Ji Chang Uk and Park Min Yeong showing off why they're such popular actors. This is definitely Chang Uk's best role to date and Yu Ji Tae proves why he's a leading actor.

And the plot is amazing. The story zooms along, never losing it's pace but never missing the emotional beats. And there are twists galore, enough to keep things interesting without proving to require the viewer to jump through mental hoops to keep up. Misunderstandings are resolved by people talking to each other, can all the angst be resolved by blankly saying a sentence to someone? Then that sentence will be said by the end of the episode, which is frankly refreshing and also allows for the plot to move along, never letting it get bogged down. Secrets are kept when necessary and told when not.

Healer is a must watch not only for fans of action but also for the general drama watcher who wants something to remind them of why they keep watching.
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21 Aug, 2016
Both are about news reporters seeking the truth and feature strong female leads (stronger in healer). Secondary characters play a prominent role in both. Male lead character development as well as the plot in general is deeper and more interesting in healer however.

28 Dec, 2014
Both shows are action-packed drama with a romantic sidestory. Seo Jeong Hu (Healer) as well as Lee Yun Seong (City Hunter) have to hide their true identity to accomplish their goal.


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cocci 04 Jul, 2019
I've finally re-watched Healer with my husband. After 4 years, I actually only remembered really important plot points and it was fun to watch again. The funny thing is that my husband praised Ji Chang Wook’s acting and I don’t even remember the last time he praised any actors. I could do nothing but agree because he’s truly good!

The subtle look in his eyes when he was fooling the Elder cracked me up so much! Not that it made much sense that the Elder trusted him right away with no test or trial but hey, I still love this drama with all it’s flaws.
naath 13 Mar, 2019
Amo ❤️
naath 13 Mar, 2019
Amo ❤️
seoltang 05 Apr, 2018
Tão bom quanto eu lembrava.
nayp 02 Aug, 2017
Ótimas cenas de ação.
kaikohachii 12 Feb, 2017
Meu xodozinho ♡
Nunca vi um personagem tão manhoso onw como o changwook ♡
5/5 ♡
minjung 21 Nov, 2016
It was a nice show for a Korean one lol. It wasn't too tragic and was enjoyable overall.
frannam 18 Nov, 2016
Que saudades dessa história MARAVILHOSA! ♥