ESC to close 2.82 (by 665 users)naegen neomu sarangseureoun geunyeo 내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized naegen neomu sarangseureoun geunyeo
english She's So Lovable
literal The Woman Who's So Lovable To Me
aka My Lovable Girl, My Lovely Girl, Song For You, song po yo, 송포유


genres drama, romance, music


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 17 Sep, 2014 - 06 Nov, 2014
episodes 16
duration 75 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 2.82 of 5 by 665 users
total users 1237
rating 1873
favorites 7



Lee Hyeon Uk once was a famous sought after producer, but when one of his songs causes an accident, in which he helplessly watches his girlfriend die, Hyeon Uk goes into hiding and cuts off all ties to his past. Years later, he gets a call on his ex's cell phone from her sister, Yun Se Na, saying that she needs help.

Yun Se Na is an aspiring producer, but she is in debt because of her family and must live with a friend. Se Na and Hyeon Uk meet by chance when Hyeon Uk's dog is immediately attracted to Se Na. Many coincidences later, Hyeon Uk has to be the temporary president of his father's production company. He discovers Se Na's talent, so he brings her to be a trainee at the company where he begins to see her as more than just his ex's little sister.


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Lee Hyeon Uk
Yun Se Na
Si U
Gang Re Hun
Sin Hae Yun
Seong Jin




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karinchen 10 Nov, 2016
it was realy boring :( there was no chemistry between the two mains. sorry to say...
frannam 10 Feb, 2016
Com toda sinceridade, não sei dizer qual o sentimento principal que tive com esse drama, primeiro corri para baixar porque tinha o Rain (rs), mas acho que possuía expectativas muito elevadas, pois foi mais uma decepção.

Não vi qualquer química nesse casal, não ansiava pelas cenas deles e me era muito mais atrativa a relação do oppa e seu cachorro! Não me arrependo de ter visto o drama, mas com certeza está na minha lista daqueles que não voltarei a ver.
danicrs1 29 Oct, 2015
Boring, boring! The only reason I kept watching was because of Bi and L. Even then, I had to drop it at the 7th ep. I have to say L's character was more suited for Se Na than Bi's character. It all started very good and interesting but then it all goes to the boring and dragging side. I think there were so many flaws in this drama that had much more potential.
beeesseoul 20 Jan, 2015
This got real boring real pointless real quick. Either acting was terrible from Krystal or Sena was a terribly written character. This drama is going on my very short list of incredibly disappointing dramas.
somiboo 17 Jan, 2015
Lol, I don't get all the hate for this drama. I actually liked it. It was light in the right places, emotional enough when needed. Yeah it could have been more dramatic, but seriously not everything needs to be like that. As for chemistry, there was more than enough between the main couple. How can you say there is more chemistry beyween a pair where it's a one sided love...she had no feelings for L's character and it was obvious, so viewers just keep tacking them with the "more chemistry" tag simply because L was their preference. Get over it.

Se Na was a mess, and that's how she was written to be because that's how people actually are at times. They do stupid things and make dumb choices, that's life.

As for the acting, everyone performed as fitting for their role as it was written.
thefreak 14 Dec, 2014
I wonder if the writing produced bad acting or if the acting made the writing worse.....another disappointing K-drama of 2014.

Rain's a good actor but he's not solid enough to carry this drama on his own (as the idol-actors are no help anyway).
sillysym 03 Dec, 2014
So boring

they used the dog to make us cry..argh
hunmoni 24 Nov, 2014
I dropped. No chemistry, bad acting, ridiculous storyline, great dissapointment (Why, Rain, why....???)...only the supporting roles do a good job:P