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  • 2010
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized hanamizuki


genres family, life, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 21 Aug, 2010
duration 128 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.5 of 5 by 1052 users
total users 1939
rating 3686
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Sae is an ordinary high school girl with dreams of leaving the small city she lives in, therefore she is a serious student with plans of going to a university in Tokyo. Kouhei, on the other hand, is a fisherman's son with his path set from the start. The two fall in love and when Sae leaves for University, they are determined to make things work even through a long distance relationship. However, this turns out to be harder than they thought and they break up. 10 years later, they are blessed by a miracle...

Based on a song of the same name by Hitoto You.




Hirazawa Sae
Kiuchi Kouhei
Kitami Junichi
Watanabe Ritsuko
Hirazawa Kiyokazu
Endou Makoto


art director


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09 Jul, 2012
Both star Ikuta Touma and are about the protagonist's high school love interest. Both movies follow their love story to see if they live happily ever after (Treating Bokura Ga Ita 1 and 2 as one story).
Both films tell about unexpected love and they have similar atmosphere. Main characters have to face many difficulties if they want their love to be fulfilled.


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kirtil 30 Dec, 2016
I like slow paced movies, but there was so much happening in this one so the slow pace felt like an anchor. To fit all in, they made constant time jumps and after a while I just stopped caring and started waiting for the next time jump. I sort of felt the weight of all the skipped times.

Their lives felt too disconnected.
And this comment is coming from someone who loved the romance stories of people who were living in different timelines, who were different species, who never met and were living in different places all the way to the end.

For the fans of the cast only I think.
iluvlynx 30 Dec, 2016
Good movie. The beginning started too fast and I couldn't believe they got together so quickly (it didn't really show their journey of getting to know each other at first), but the other 3/4 of the movie was well-paced. Not bad acting, thankfully. Basically everyone was pretty believable, and no one was annoying.

The soundtrack was not overdone, although a bit forgettable. It did suit well though. None of that cheesy stuff in many J-movies.

It was average, but I don't regret my time watching the movie. It was directed well for the most part (beyond it being too fast-paced in the beginning). It was sweet, it was a bit touching at times, it was mostly believable. 7/10
tsurumi 13 Oct, 2013
Good one.. Really good... I didn;t expect it to be that good!
Actually i thought it's another typical love movie. But it has something different, something touching.
I love it (:
watashiwachiaki 12 Oct, 2013
Finally!! I managed to watch this film. 3 years late tho, but I'm glad I still enjoyed it.
I dunno how to put it, but I rated it average because supporting characters lack development or should I say screen time?

Nevertheless, I still watched it for Ikuta Toma <3 ................Osamu Mukai & Aragaki Yui are just a plus hehehehehe...
stellybish 23 Jul, 2013
It surely was slow paced, but not boring.
Some parts were really unexpected but it was also lacking in some aspects.
Still, nice scenery and a cute couple :)
Liked the kiss scenes ~
eileen8 20 Sep, 2012
I so enjoyed this movie, I like Ikuta Toma and Aragaki Yui so this was a pleasure to my eyes. I felt so sorry about the main characters, and I have a tears in my eyes until the last scene :D but... I think it's worth to watch till the end.
Beautiful and romantic movie, great for the evening relax ;)
rosette 07 Jul, 2012
Definitely slow-paced, beautifully shot though. I wasn't really sure why the two of them should be together, as they didn't really seem to have anything in common. I was touched more by the struggles they went through than their actual love story. Although now that I've seen Bokura ga Ita (also with Ikuta Toma) I kind of forget which is which.
arimi 04 Mar, 2012
Japanese movies are always slower than western movies, so of course this movie is slow.
But the slow-paced story adds to its beauty, as always happens in the japanese movies.

Really loved it.
Beautiful. Touching. Full of intense feelings.