ESC to close 2.71 (by 56 users)shen ye qian de wu fen zhong
  • 2014
  • film
  • Japan, China

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romanized shen ye qian de wu fen zhong
english Five Minutes To Tomorrow
literal Five Minutes To Midnight
aka 5 minutes to tomorrow, mayonaka no gofun mae, mayonaka no 5fun mae, sam ye chin dik ng fan jung, 深夜前的五分钟, 真夜中の5分前, 真夜中の五分前

Based On

based on book
title mayonaka no gofun mae
author Honda Takayoshi (本多孝好)


genres drama, mystery, romance


language Japanese, Mandarin


country Japan, China
type real
format film


date 23 Oct, 2014
duration 126 minutes
status released


avg. score 2.71 of 5 by 56 users
total users 173
rating 152



Ruo Lan and Ru Mei are identical twins with a complex relationship. Since they're so similar, it is very hard to tell them apart to the point that the two sisters doubt sometimes if they're even themselves. One day, at the swimming pool, Ruo Lan meets Ryou, a foreigner from Japan who works at a shop that repairs clocks. She asks him out to help her buy a present for her sister who is getting engaged and so, they become friends.


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Ruo Lan
Ru Mei
Tian Lun




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danisensei 07 Feb, 2017
I listed this movie just bc of the comments below. XD
Random chan 20 Mar, 2015
Yup, I agree :o. I really liked how he was realistic like that and just left and even said smth along the lines of -- I'm just too tired of that, they can do whatever they want and I hope they'll have a good life. Was pretty cool ^_^
nsara24 20 Mar, 2015
@Random chan if u cld watch d movie again
chk out tht old guy who is living with haruma , tht poem she reads is d key to dis movie. i wished it end it tht way coz thn it makes more sense, more realistic. person with no memory of self n living life of another person , doesnt hav any meaning to life. so she leaves at d end so she can find herself first. this is how normal people behave. i liked her bf's character alot , when it gets more confusing , he just left. try not to think abt her n her sis anymore coz its more painful for him n somehow he was changing in tht situation to worst which he wanted to avoid
Random chan 18 Mar, 2015
@nsara24 I don't know about Miura, because I'm not a fan of him nor I like his acting, but I must admit he did a better job than he usually does, which surprised me in a good way.

Thanks for the explanation :D! The concept was indeed very neat but I think that it was indeed a bit confusing and I would have wished an ending that was a bit more... resolved? I felt like something was missing for me at the end of the film. I really liked the tension that was all through the film though.
nsara24 18 Mar, 2015
@Random chan its very impressive movie , love d pace , story, acting n direction. specially miura haruma , his expressions were superb. he is brilliant actor.
d one who comes back from Mauritius is Ruo Lan, she is d one with identity disorder, mayb she suffered alot bcoz of her sister in thr childhood. after changing thr roles so many times d one who wanted to b ruo mei is ruo lan coz she thinks whtever belongs to ruo mei is actually her, her career , fiance n personality too so when she wakes up at d hospital she started thinking she is ruo mei n d clock thing if u read her letter again she wants to b in present n not past or future so she sets it correctly , miura haruma knew tht its his gf but he cldnt do anythng coz she doesnt accept herself as ruo lan, at the end when she takes d watch from church , it shows tht she is thr to get her life back , i liked tht concept
Random chan 13 Mar, 2015
Acting by Liu Shi Shi was well done, Miura was also not bad compared to his usual acting :o. Pretty impressive imagery and story is fairly interesting. I must admit that I was a bit confused at the ending though, so if someone is awesome enough to help me understand it, be my guest:

So who was the twin that survived? Was it really Ru Mei and she just had an identity crisis or was it Ruo Lan, like her ex thought? :o