ESC to close 2.97 (by 347 users)strobe edge
  • 2015
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized strobe edge
aka sutorobo ejji

Based On

based on manga
title strobe edge
author Sakisaka Io (咲坂伊緒)


genres romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 14 Mar, 2015
duration 116 minutes
status released


avg. score 2.97 of 5 by 347 users
total users 620
rating 1031
favorites 1



After meeting Ichinose Ren on the train, Kinoshita Ninako falls in love with him. But she already knows that he has a girlfriend, the famous model Mayuka. Despite that, she still decides to tell him that she likes him. Her confession ends up getting heard by Andou Takumi, who is in the same class as Ninako and Ren the next school year, and who later tells the whole class that she got rejected. That doesn't change the fact that Ren and Ninako plan on staying friends. They even spend more and more time together and Ninako thinks everything is fine. If only it weren't for Takumi, who tells her exactly what she's feeling, even though she's trying to hide it. How does he know? He's in the same situation as her and just knows all too well.


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Ichinose Ren
Kinoshita Ninako
Korenaga Daiki
Andou Takumi
Sugimoto Mao


original creator
assistant director


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29 Apr, 2016
Both deal with a heroine who falls in love with a boy but ends up being a third wheel in his relationship with another girl. At the same time, a second boy appears and tries to snatch her heart away. The two are a bit different, with 'heroine shikkaku' being more on the funny side. Nevertheless, they are quite similar, especially in regard to the characters and plot as a whole.


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vanityfull 06 Nov, 2016
Meh, very week. Manga is so much better.
Random chan 25 Apr, 2016
@oyqboyq I haven't read the manga either but found the film to be very bad. I mean, it wasn't terribly bad as many other overacted and badly done films, but it was just so boring and unremarkable, the script was so plain and the characters were unrelateable (and the actors didn't do such a great job at delivering their lines). I can imagine that a fan of the manga would be super disappointed anyway, but even I had literally felt that I was going to fall asleep a few times (and I never do during films XD). Maybe the original material is just as unremarkable and boring, I can't really tell.

Feels a bit like shoujo manga without the doki doki XDD.
oyqboyq 18 Apr, 2016
I am so surprised that this movie has so many negative comments. Maybe it's because I haven't read the manga but I loved it. I can't talk on behalf of people who read the manga, because adaptations usually disappoint me too. But if you haven't read it, you might want to give this a shot. It was lovely.
ahri1 20 Jan, 2016
I always find live action adaptations disappointing, i read the manga and i really liked so this is just an average adaptation, i couldn't feel any chemistry between the leads.
kkaoru 13 Dec, 2015
Watched it because of Fukushi Sota but it was just average. The main couple didn't have chemistry and everything seemed so superficial and rushed. The OST was good, btw.
watashiwachiaki 17 Nov, 2015
yeah it felt rushed and at the same time draggy. dunno how is that possible.
like the ex gf is suddenly the sister of their classmate.... I got confused I thought Ren has another girl LOL. and to be honest it's like watching a boy cheat on his gf. and the other girl is the main character!! what the hell.

And the friendship history of Ren and Ando, is that supposed to be a plot twist? orz
danisensei 25 Oct, 2015
Meh. Although I like Fukushi Souta, I couldn't wait for this movie to end.
suketeru 03 Oct, 2015
Yes, "superficial" was the right, one word to describe the movie ^^; but somehow, many live action adaptations of manga/anime titles I've seen lately all feel like that T^T