ESC to close 3.41 (by 310 users)omangwa pyeongyeon 오만과 편견
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized omangwa pyeongyeon
english Pride And Prejudice (literal)
aka a lawless world, mubeopcheonji, 무법천지


genres drama, romance, law


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 27 Oct, 2014 - 13 Jan, 2015
episodes 21
duration 75 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.41 of 5 by 310 users
total users 696
rating 1058
favorites 4



Gu Dong Chi is a prosecutor who is good in catching bad guys but unpopular among higher ups. Soon after creation new prosecutor team, Han Yeol Mu, intern fresh out law school, falls on his shoulders. As if this were not enough, the two also share unfinished business from the past.


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Gu Dong Chi
Han Yeol Mu
Mun Hui Man
Jeong Chang Gi
Lee Jang Won
Yu Dae Gi




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21 Jan, 2015
Starting off as a taunt, well-written story, Pride and Prejudice unfortunately falls into the common vice of having the plot drag once all the major shake ups have happened.

The first half is well written, with reveals happening at a fast enough pace to keep the story moving. However, in the second half it feels like the writer never anticipated so many episodes and so the story starts to drag, and it feels like the same information begins to get rehashed.

The acting is well done, with good inter-team camaraderie and moments where you can see the nuances and hidden feelings underneath. It manages to carry the drawn out plot in what would be an otherwise dull story.

Not the worst show out there and great for fans of the cast, but also not something that will likely make many favourite lists.
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sillysym 20 Mar, 2017
great story but tooooo looong. omg.. (x2)
karinchen 12 Mar, 2017
great story bu tooooo looong. omg... and the end was just so so... to bad - just 3 stars :(
perhilien 29 Mar, 2015
It could be the best. But it was too long.
somiboo 22 Feb, 2015
Loved it. Wasn't so sure about where it would be headed at first, as it seemed it would have been straightforward and as such boring, but no fear as it picked up and everything got complex and entangled and so very interesting.

I see comments about there not being any conclusion to majority of storylines and that makes me wonder what the heck those folks were watching. Everything was tied up to the last minute. If there was anything not specifically spelled out its because you are suppose to follow the characteristics of the show and know exactly, instinctively, what happened. It's automatic.

Anyway, great series. Great acting, though I was hesitant about the female lead until more than halfway in, great sequence of development. I especially loved how Moon was so damn difficult and refused to just be transparent.

Loved it.
superboink 21 Feb, 2015
Very inconsistent and the plot was a mess. Han Yeol Mu's character was so useless. I can't believe it had 21 episodes. Waste of time.
vanityfull 19 Feb, 2015
I was not too satisfied with the ending, athough I didn't think it was bad either. It was a bit rushed. So many storylines without a conclusion.

Jang Won - Gwang Mi = ?
Kang Soo - Chang Gi = ?
Oh Do Jung - ? shouldn't she go to prison as well?

I felt like there was an episode missing between 20th and 21st. Who is that guy that came to check on the team when they were about to disband? Same guy who came to meet with Dae Gi at the parking lot, same guy to appear in court at the back of the room, same guy that
killed Moon Hee Man
. How did Gwan Mi and Jang Won find the recording of Mane Geun's voice that was in the box with Kang Soo's jacket? Kang Soo didn't tell them. Psychic powers. And many other questions.

4/5 - the drama was good, the cast - excellent. Lee Tae Hwan was amazing, can't wait to see more of him!
ilate 30 Jan, 2015
I'm more than a halfway through, and I have to say I enjoy every single bit of it, but one thing. I'm a great fan of Choi Min Soo, but whenever he shows up I'm throwing tantrum. I don't know if it's because I can't stand his acting or the character he's playing.
ellenasabina 29 Jan, 2015
I watched the first three episodes without breathing. Too bad a day has only 24 hours and the drama only 21 eps :(((((((
All I can say: splendid casting+awesome acting+much more+ ...... masterpiece.