ESC to close 3.22 (by 209 users)choegoui gyeolhon 최고의 결혼
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized choegoui gyeolhon
english Greatest Marriage
aka the greatest wedding, best wedding


genres drama, life, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network CSTV


date 27 Sep, 2014 - 27 Dec, 2014
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 20:30 - 21:40
status released


avg. score 3.22 of 5 by 209 users
total users 495
rating 674
favorites 4



Cha Gi Yeong is a prominent announcer in her late thirties and still single. Knowing that having children later will be difficult, she decides to give up on the idea. However, after meeting Park Tae Yeon, a famous chef, and falling in love, she ends up getting pregnant. Soon enough, meeting his parents changes her mind about the relationship with him and she decides to raise the child on her own while also keeping her job.


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Cha Gi Yeong
Jo Eun Cha
Park Tae Yeon
Hyeon Myeong I
Choe Il Jung
Lee Yu Ri




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allase 17 Nov, 2016
ugh ... 2.5 ⭐️

i mean it had its good moments but with Cha Gi Yeong being the only likable character and other characters completely changing at the end ... cant really call it good

plus horrible acting
weird plots

not worth it really
unknown 24 Apr, 2015
It was SO HARD to finish this one...i wanted to kill like every chracter besides ki young and dan. the ending was awful made as well but at least a 'happy' one. That's why this drama still got 3/5 rating. I hope no min woo's next drama will be better...
jihye 11 Jan, 2015
Apesar de querer bater muito no Tae Yeon por aquela explicação ridicula do pq dele ter feito aquilo,
foi uma boa história até o ep 11 eu tava amando do ep 12 a 15 foi irritante e o final foi muito oi? Nem parecia final em algumas partes. Eu odiei basicamente todos os personagens masculinos, eu tinha como exceção o Pedro mas fala serio colocaram ele daquele jeito no final me decepcionou um pouco.
bluediamonds 09 Jan, 2015
This drama was in some ways good and in some ways bad. There were times were i was annoyed and times were i said this is amazing. The screenwriter lacked in ideas (in some parts) and didn't know how to keep this up. She also didn't know how to join the one part with the other
for example in the part where Hyun Myung Yi said she was pregnant. It showed me that she didn't have another option-or she didn't know of another way to place this girl in the family and then cause all the troubles in the family and to the rest of the drama.

This drama has some interest. It speaks about women's rights and how/why someone can become feminist. It's interesting but i don't know if many people would have the time to see this. It works in a different way than the usual korean dramas do.

As for the ending my exact words were "That was it???" I was a bit confused and disappointed. The ending was weird and made me think that everything i was thinking about the screenwriter (the lack of ideas) was right.

I was between 3 and 4 stars but since it didn't have a 3,5 i decided,In the end, to give it a 4 cause of the actors and for the interesting-in some way-story.
danenws 05 Jan, 2015
wth was that?
invincible 03 Jan, 2015
The ending was weird but i liked this drama
liyirna 02 Jan, 2015
It was all about single mother's plea but ended with swedish family. O.O
KiYoung's change of heart may be disappointing but it's really hard and distressing to raise children.
curi 02 Jan, 2015
I have mixed feelings about the ending, but overall it was a pretty good drama that brought to light a very important issue about the way single moms are treated. 4/5 stars.