ESC to close 3.97 (by 1690 users)pinocchio 피노키오
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized pinocchio
aka pinokio


genres drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 12 Nov, 2014 - 15 Jan, 2015
episodes 20
duration 75 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.97 of 5 by 1690 users
total users 2632
rating 6711
favorites 148



The media lies -- Choe Dal Po is one of the people who have experienced the truth behind this saying, being forced to change his name and part with his family. After years of peaceful life, he decides to become one of the people he hates most -- a journalist. But not soon after, his new coworkers begin complicating his life by researching into things that relate to his past. The only person who remains on his side is Choe In Ha, an aspiring journalist and the granddaughter of the man who saved him previously. The two have to deal with the lies of the media world, with Choe In Ha suffering even more due to her Pinocchio syndrome, a syndrome that prevents her from lying.


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Choe In Ha
Choe Dal Po
Seo Beom Jo
Yun Yu Rae
Hwang Gyo Dong
Choe Gong Pil




30 Apr, 2015
I had heard so much about this drama, and it was on my list of "must watch". Finally, after being able to find time to watch this drama, I am so satisfied with it. The cast of this drama was wonderful. Park Shin Hye really stepped her game up in this drama, and I thought she did an amazing job. Lee Jong Suk obviously without a doubt nailed his character yet again. I truly enjoy watching him as an actor, he always does so well in the roles he's given, and it's always a good time watching him on screen. I must hand it to the actors who played little Ha Myung and little Jae Myung, they did so well. The first few episodes where it told of the family's past really got to me. I didn't expect myself to be tearing up right at the beginning of a drama.

This drama made me feel so many different ways. I got emotional throughout the drama through all the injustice that was shown, I felt happy with all the right amount of comedy and romance shown, and I felt anger towards the injustice.

This drama is not your typical romance drama. There were less romance scenes in this drama, and more action scenes, and i love it. The plot was also very original as well, talking about the media, and what it can do to a person, and just how scary the media can be.

This drama is on my list of recommendations to people FOR SURE. It had the right amount of everything, and the cast was just so wonderful to watch, and the chemistry between each character was awesome. The production team did such an amazing job, and this is probably one of the best dramas of 2014.
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17 Feb, 2015
Pinocchio shows how well something can be when it's well acted throughout, even if the story leaves a bit to be desired.

Having a heroine that can't tell lies is definitely refreshing, because it cuts out a lot of unnecessary angst. The Pinocchio Syndrome forces her to tell the truth, and often quite bluntly, allowing for the story to never drag while allowing for some hilarious beats.

And the acting between all the characters are great. The main family is heartfelt and warm, the rookie reporters' friendships are meaningful an the key romance is sweet and simple. Everyone does their roles well and it shows through all the relationships.

The story however, flounders in many areas. The same key points are repeated, either with the same character or the same scenario applying to multiple characters. There's one big bad that makes the plot a bit weak.

However the directing and acting make for a fun filled story that while a bit flat still tugs at the heart strings. A watch for any fans of the cast.
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21 Aug, 2016
Both are about news reporters seeking the truth and feature strong female leads (stronger in healer). Secondary characters play a prominent role in both. Male lead character development as well as the plot in general is deeper and more interesting in healer however.


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missdrama 07 Nov, 2016
Amazing Story !
Laughed a lot and even cried! I am not the type of Person who cries for a tv show?!?

16 episodes would've be enough but still rating it with 5 Stars :)
ralphina 05 Jun, 2016
ryofanka 27 Apr, 2016
Very overrated drama.
Park Shin Hye acting is annoying. But I need to admit her kissing scene where way better then in other dramas.
The plot was interesting but again it would have been so much better if it was 16 episode drama.
So overall nothing special ;)
nimnz 29 Mar, 2016
I loved it! Enjoyable story and well-chosen cast. All the characters were amazing and had their funny cute moments XD
r0lan 07 Feb, 2016
i guess i enjoyed this a lot more than I thought because Shin Hye's character wasn't pathetic and that this drama didn't rely heavily on romance. The ones who stuck out the most would have to be the tv/reporter crew tho, they were hilariousss !

I actually liked this drama a lot haha :o
ilate 31 Dec, 2015
Yet another utopian drama, which might have been better if finished within 16 episodes.

I really can't understand the overrated excitement about Park Shin Hye. In my opinion her acting is really old school. And while it was considered okay 5 years ago, it can get really annoying nowadays. Not mentioning the fish face during kissing scenes (which, luckily, were much better in "Pinocchio").

And I'm not sure what to think about Jong Suk's acting. Even though I love the "I'm-gonna-eat-you" look in his eyes, I can't clearly state if his acting is very good or very dull. I'm not sure if it's the nature of the characters he has been playing so far, and that all of them are quite similar, or if he really can't differentiate them. Either way, I enjoy watching his dramas (I have the exact same issue with Min Nam Goong and I prefer to think of him being a very good actor so I'm going to apply it to Lee Jong Suk as well).

To sum it all up - enjoyable drama with few flaws.
kiyoshi 07 Nov, 2015
The first episode and the last were the best moment of this drama. The other episodes were kinda boring and I'm so desappointed because it really could be better.
sbiz 18 Oct, 2015
Um ótimo dorama!! Grande atuação do casal e na minha opinião, o melhor papel de Park Shin Hye.
Finalmente ela pegou um papel diferente das personagens patéticas que vivem chorando metade da estória.

Teve uma trama bem desenvolvida e envolvente mas que faltou aquele 'Clímax' no final. Não que tenha sido um final ruim. Longe disso, foi agradável mas faltou aquele 'boom', impacto e o 'gosto de quero mais' que os melhores tem. Mas ganhou um 4/5 bem merecido.