ESC to close 3.31 (by 644 users)minyeoui tansaeng 미녀의 탄생
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized minyeoui tansaeng
english Birth Of A Beauty (literal)
aka birth of beauty, birth of the beauty


genres comedy, drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 01 Nov, 2014 - 11 Jan, 2015
episodes 21
duration 70 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.31 of 5 by 644 users
total users 1173
rating 2133
favorites 11



Sa Geum Ran is an overweight housewife, living apart from her husband, Lee Gang Jun, for seven years now, yet without any complaints taking care of his family. One day she discovers he is not in the US anymore, but right there in Seoul, having an affair with a beautiful announcer, Gyo Chae Yeon. Soon after Geum Ran supposedly dies in a car accident. In truth she survives and with the help of Han Tae Hui, whom she mistakes for a plastic surgeon, she gets a complete makeover. Now as a beautiful woman with the perfect body, she swears to take revenge on her unfaithful spouse.




Han Tae Hui
Sa Geum Ran
Lee Gang Jun
Gyo Chae Yeon
Han Min Hyeok
Gyo Ji Hun




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01 May, 2015
Birth of a Beauty starts off as a heart-tugging romantic comedy. And while the show falters and has many flaws, it does always manage to retain some of its heart.

The characters are guaranteed to at least get you on their side, with Geum Ran being an honest, hard working woman who married the wrong man. So when she undergoes her transformation, you can't help but cheer for her to succeed. And Tae Hui, as her (somewhat bubbling) helper is as dorky as he is eager and watching the two of them is entertaining.

Unfortunately, the show quickly manages to get caught up in corporate politics, which bog it down. Instead of character moments we get caught in boardrooms.

So while it remains entertaining when it's the emotional beats, the lost potential is disheartening.

Not perfect, but not terrible. An easy watch for a dry spell.
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19 Jun, 2015
Both revolve around a girl who goes through drastic plastic surgery in order to get the love of her life.


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ryofanka 16 Jan, 2018
This drama had so much potential. The first 12 episodes where so good but not sure if it was because they made it in to 21 episodes that the drama started to be predictable and boring at the end :(
ally 30 Jan, 2016
This is sooooo bad. One year watching this. Still can't finish it.
All the characters are so annoying, stupid and don't have any common sense. Everyone's acting are so cringeworthy, they try to be funny and comical but they end up looking ridiculous.
The plot had so much potential but they ruined it.
danicrs1 19 Nov, 2015
I loved this. I admit it would have been better if there were only 16 episodes as towards the end it gets tiring. I skipped a good deal of ep 17, 18 and 19 but by then it got so much better. The ending was beautiful and everyone got what they deserved. Some major technical errors aside, I can say I enjoyed this drama.

PS: The main couple was the cutest ever! Han Tae Hee's so handsome! <3
uknowwho 04 Jul, 2015
This drama had so much potential, at the beginning I thought that it was so interesting and the main couple was so cute. But after 15 episodes it started to be tiring and repetitive. After some cliches that were going to take to long to be resolved I decided to drop.
I couldn't take more than 16 episodes of this. It could have been a 16 episodes drama and ended up in a good way.
Random chan 15 Jun, 2015
maybe not all hair and they had the awesome luck of having some of her actual hair :P.
reinajo 11 Jun, 2015
It was awesome at the beginning and became worse in the end. I really loved this drama but last 10 episodes disappointed me
danisensei 28 May, 2015
akanekensei 12 May, 2015
I still didn't finish watching but there is one technical problem that bothers me.

I don't care about the plastic surgeries that leave no trace or scars after a month. It's a drama reality, I'll get over it.
But why are they using the hair samples to compare DNA (ep15)? Didn't they say she got hair transplant too? I clearly remember they mentioned the transplant specifically. The DNA wouldn't be a match (I googled it, therefore I'm an expert on the subject). :)