ESC to close 3.86 (by 127 users)nanatsu no taizai
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized nanatsu no taizai
english The Seven Deadly Sins (literal)


genres comedy, supernatural, fantasy, adventure


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting System, MBS毎日放送)
by A-1 Pictures (A-1 Pictures)


date 05 Oct, 2014 - 29 Mar, 2015
episodes 24
duration 30 minutes
air day Sunday
at 17:00 - 17:30
status released


avg. score 3.86 of 5 by 127 users
total users 218
rating 490
favorites 7


nanatsu no taizai: seisen no shirushi
2016 TV jp


'The Seven Deadly Sins' are believed to be a group of powerful, evil knights who conspired against the kingdom and then vanished after killing many of the holy knights. Some believe that the members are still alive. One of those believers is Elizabeth, the daughter of the belated king, who had to escape the castle after her father was killed by the holy knights who overthrew the throne. She sets on a mission to find the Seven Deadly Sins to take back her kingdom.








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22 Nov, 2015
Being truthful and honest, I decided to watch nanatsu no tzaizai just on the whim of it.. I had seen it around for quite awhile, but all the while, when I saw it I figured, nah.. why even bother.. it doesnt really look like my type of anime anyways right? then later... I found the anime uploaded onto netflix so I decided, sure why not... I should just give it a shot anyways... I will do my best to keep this review spoilerless..

Elizabeth is the princess in this story, a princess of the kingdom Britannia. with a coup on the castle done by some guards turning against the king, not agreeing with how the king rules the kingdom, she flees from the castle and starts searching for ways she can fix it all. Feeling like she betrayed her father and sisters, she roam endlessly day and night looking for people who are only in a legend ,who are rumoured to be vicious villains. unsecure how to handle the situation if she would indeed meet the sins, she walk into a pub and happens to luck out meeting a special guy and his pet pig. Especially intrigued by her story, learning who she is he finds himself with a desire to help her out on her journey and to help her out. The first sin melodias, an unbelievable pervert yet a good person who cared for her, Elizabeths journey is just beginning, a great adventure unlike any she would have ever imagined venturing upon.

friendships and bonds strengthens in the seven deadly sins as Elizabeth and Meliodas venture upon their journey in search of the sins and wanting to save Elizabeths family and kingdom, what will become of it?...

The anime at first when you begin it, seems just like any other gag anime.. thus it turns you off to the overall story and graphics, however it truly was enjoyable aside from the visual looks and story of it... it unfolded to becoming something truly beautiful. its an anime I found myself watching just on a whiff while I had given it 2nd thoughts for quite awhile, yet worth every minute watching.

Unpredictable, Funny, comes with twists and its a show for every person out there regardless of their tastes. if you can deal with some perverted jokes, and a slow start, episodes going from early on will keep you watching and show you the true power of love, betrayal and sacrifice, did it feel complete, no.. However regardless of the ending Im still voting it masterpiece as it was nothing short of it, it took my breath away and surprised me when I least expected it... its well worth it.
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smilyday 17 Dec, 2018
I watched it much later than expected ! This is a nice anime with good graphics and an interesting plot.
Not the best for me but definitely not the worst at all, I like the feeling that the viewer will discover and understand lots of important things later on.
+1 to @cfaust regarding the soundtrack !
Some repetitive pervy Meliodas moments bored me but that was okay though
jihye 26 Oct, 2017
Olha começou meio hum?! mas me conquistou depois, deu uma enrolada la pelo o episodio 18 o que deu uma desacelerada que me fez querer desistir, mas finalizou bem, vou acompanhar para ver como vão desenrolar o restante da história.
O que mais me incomodou foi a questão do
assédio que o Meliodas pratica com a Elizabeth, eu achei bem forte, fica apertando o peito da menina, a bunda e ainda rouba a calcinha dela quando ela ainda estava vestindo ela.
monjaelisa 24 Jul, 2016
to all fans of this anime!
nanatsu no tzaizai is now officially coming out next month.
its been announced that the anime will recieve a 4 episode worth special!
Psyched!!!! anybody planning on watching? <3

Unzip the spoiler to read the original article :)
cfaust 15 Apr, 2015
It's not a perfect anime, but so much fun to watch!! It has an entertaining and fast-paced storyline, great characters (Hawk, omg) and an awesome soundtrack (also, the kick-ass ops and eds are amazing). I couldn't bring myself to give 4 stars, but it's so much better than expected :)
daisy21 13 Oct, 2014
I love this anime & it's manga