ESC to close 3.7 (by 74 users)jeonseorui manyeo 전설의 마녀
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized jeonseorui manyeo
english The Legendary Witch (literal)
aka 4 legendary witches, witches of legend, the legend of the witch, the witches coven, legendary women


genres drama, family, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 25 Oct, 2014 - 03 Mar, 2015
episodes 40
duration 80 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 21:55 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.7 of 5 by 74 users
total users 205
rating 274
favorites 2



Mun Su In is happily married and her life seems like a fairy tale. However, this idyll does not stay long; after a tragic death of her beloved, she is falsely accused by her father in law and ends up in prison.

Being on the verge of despair and devoid of any hope, Su In is still able to find a new passion thanks to the training in prison and thanks to friends she makes there, namely, baking.


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Sim Bok Nyeo
Son Pung Geum
Mun Su In
Seo Mi O
Chairman Ma
Bok Dan Sim


assistant director


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sial 20 May, 2016
O que dizer desse drama??
Foram 40 episódios intensos, é o drama mais longo que já assisti, mas ele não me cansou, pelo contrario, quando acabava um episódio logo queria assistir o próximo.
Tudo foi ótimo, a OST, a atuaçãos de todo o elenco, a história em si, ou seja, tudo, rs!
Recomendo esse drama a todos, pois apesar de parecer que é só melodrama, tem muita comédia também.
Confesso que me cativou de verdade.
Nota 5/5.
nestor 19 Mar, 2016
I like the drama very much as well as I love Mun Su In (Han Ji Hye). I just can't imagine how is it possible to change the appearance from that in Cloud Stairway to this in The Legendary Witch.
Almost every episode was deep and powerful (except the first five and the last two), but some were explosive like a bomb (intrigue, emotions, acting). I couldn't go to sleep and was watching the last ten episodes one by one until finished in the morning.
watashiwachiaki 09 Nov, 2015
this was a good drama. fun to watch. but I won't recommend it coz it's a very typical kdrama. I just watched it because it's on tv lol
rooomanoooma 05 Apr, 2015
ONE of the BEST & TOP dramas of this year ❤ . ❤
it has all what u wish for except for the sci-fi elements .. long journey with true touches of life magic that will leave us speechless by the end .. love how could this drama create a family of such a harsh level of society which it almost ignored by most of us .. love each idea presented by the writer in a new concept of fighting devilish schemes ^.^
highly recommended ^_______________^ gonna miss all the cast T^T
brunorp 26 Mar, 2015
This drama is good but sometimes I get so tired of watching this and then I need to take a break, but well, it`s good
yokochan 10 Mar, 2015
i have so much to say . . . but at the moment iam just speechless & happy
masterpiece drama <3 *___________*
simona 05 Jan, 2015
this drama is amazing and I love Woo-Seok *ççç*
milisia 20 Dec, 2014
Yeah the Gentelman part is always the best :P also i like how she change a little for the better, even if she still act little like a spoiled kid and high and mighty :P
About love stories: oh god just give me more tension between Mun Su and Nam U, i support them so badly. I hope their romance start around episode 20..just please please, i'm waiting so bad for some confession and lovey dovey moment ha ha ha

And about Ma Family: oh well, i hate them, Ju Ran is little psycho i think :P and i'm so sorry for her husband. But the worst is Chairman and ....Ma Ju Hui. At first i little pity her, she was waiting for Nam U so long, but in other hand, she so bothersome, always looking for pity, even if she saying it's not that...Especially in new episode, i was so mad: i think she somehow, because of her being jelly jelly, she pushed more and more Mun Su and Nam U together.

Also what do you think about Nam U past? somehow i feel that Sim Bok is his biological mother ;o

And about witch: i think the title just mean that Mun Su is seeing as a witch, by Mu family. Like, she putting some spell to people, to taking her side XD and Mun's can't take it XD ha ha ha